Thursday, March 17, 2011

green things

On St. Patrick's Day it seems fitting to make a short list of green things I love:

* asparagus * "Green" living * spinach * pistachios * turtles * lizards *Key Lime pie * John Deere Green * Green Bay Packers * clover * grass *trees
* soft, fresh, new leaves in springtime * peas--straight out of the pod while standing in the garden

* mint chocolate chip ice cream * lily pads * Godzilla

* tadpoles * frogs * baby grasshoppers * beans * cactus (cacti?)
* the first shoots coming out of the ground in spring * Spring Green!

But never, not ever do I drink green beer. The only green drink I love is a margarita on the rocks, salt on the rim.

Spill it, reader. What green things do you love?


  1. I'll take that margarita, please! :D

    I forgot to wear green, today. Too much going on. I'll do better next year.... I promise!

  2. So glad to see key lime pie on your list!

  3. Beer has never been something I place at the top of the menu... even on St. Pat's Day. I do love pistachio pudding cake though. YUMMERS!

  4. Spinach salad
    Granny Smith apples
    Mint ice cream
    tiny green leaves in the spring
    the smell of fresh mown green grass
    The green light of the sun coming through the leaves in the forest

    I do not drink green things.

    Green Jelly Beans!

  5. make mine a ~frozen~ margarita!
    green buds of reefer
    green eyes of a cat
    emeralds, peridots, and green rocks
    a golf course, fresh-cut...the smell as you ride along in your cart!! !

  6. Ohhhh ~ have you tried Skinny Girl margaritas yet? Mmmmm!

  7. Love your green list! I could eat asparagus every single day. Yummy!

  8. I love my new green spring jacket. I got it in green of course because it is my favorite color.

  9. everything is turning green here. it's spring! love everything green i see outside.

  10. The green of the tree outside my bedroom window and the soft sage of the bedroom walls. I do love my bedroom!

  11. Definitely the pale green buds of spring. The pale green sweater my daughter wore on her third Easter. Pale green peas, fresh from the garden. The "dill" green color on my kids' bathroom walls.

    I'd take purple over green most days, but there are so many delicious shades of green...

  12. Fresh asparagus and English peas eaten raw while standing in the garden.

    Also, green shoes. I just ordered a cute pair of green patent ballet flats. Let's hope they're as darling in real life as they are online.

    Happy St. Patty's Day to Melissa O'greengirl, love Jen McOntheedge

  13. Great post and Happy St. Patrick's Day, although a day late. As for what green things I like ...

    pine trees
    lime Jello
    green cat eyes

  14. Middle Child's Eyes * Key Lime Pie * Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream * Green Beans * Sugar Snap Peas * Romaine Lettuce * Bell Peppers * Ivy *

  15. A day (or four) late and a dollar short but that's okay. Green is my favorite color. I pretty love everything green!


Spill it, reader.