Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Nuts. Especially these wasabi & soy sauce almonds. Savory, salty, satisfying.
Cooking. No fooling! I've made 3 casseroles, jambalaya, cornbread, chocolate cake and a banana cream pie in the last week--and that's just what I can think of off the top of my head.
Carrots and apples. So crunchy and sweet.
I have two new recipes to try this week: Marsala Pork Chops and Blue Cheese-Onion Steak Bites. (Note to self: go to butcher shop.)
Aw heck, I'm just into eating, aren't I?
Reading and watching a little television.
Wearing my hair down.
Necklaces, suddenly.
Mod Cloth. After browsing their site for months, I finally bought 2 dresses and a coat. Caution: the sizes run small. Next time I'll order Medium. Or stop eating so much.
The Book of Summer.
Revisions on an old manuscript that I haven't looked at in seven years.

Spill it, reader. What are you into lately?


  1. Still into my obsession with crossword puzzles, blueberries (in my yogurt and on my waffles) apples, mahjong online, 3 mile walks and 100 calorie packs of microwave popcorn (love the portion control).

  2. Featurecast (check soundcloud.com)
    sunset sherbet colors for spring
    prepping the yard for work
    teaching The Cat to hop on my shoulder;not my back
    Visualizing Good Things for Others

  3. I'm into eating too! Haha!

    I keep telling myself I plan menus to save time/money but it's really because I'm just so excited to eat every night!

  4. Been lurking here enjoying your posts. Fun blog. Now I'm going to have to try those wasabi and soy sauce almonds. Maybe they will get me out of my end-of winter funk and back to cooking more than cold cereal.

  5. Cheesecake for me this week. With strawberries on top. Mmmm. I don't make cheesecakes very often but they are soooo good.

  6. oh i LOVE modcloth!!! still haven't bought anything yet, but love love love.

  7. You have such a cute shape--anything on that site would look great on you.

    I'm into trying to find a job.

  8. I just picked up 'Light on Snow' Anita Shreve and its really good so far.

    I don't know why I'm so into Teen Mom 2 but I'm actually looking forward to a new episode tonight.

  9. I feel this urge to play with beads slowly bubbling up inside me. It hasn't happened yet but soon, real soon!

  10. going to bed early. last night: 8:30 pm. glorious.

    Chicken and a biskit crackers....so nasty for you, but oh so good.

    sitting lazily in my la-z-boy. I'm in a winter funk....I need spring to come soon so I can get my creative juices flowing!

  11. I'm into nuts too.

    Also loving dark chocolate covered coffee beans. Only three or four of those little treats satisfy my chocolate cravings.

    I'm also into reading the classics, mixed in with some travel books.

  12. I am into relishing the fact that the snow has melted and I can see my lawn again. I am into theological doubt, Girl Scout cookies, making meals in my crockpot, and making excuses for not finishing a 1,016 page book.

  13. I'm into:

    WORK! (Hooray for work!!!)
    The recipe for blue cheese and onion steak bites. (Please? It sounds so yummy!)
    Food. Tons of it. Mostly things I shouldn't eat like Lays potato chips and ice cream.
    Maybe borrowing your question for my question tomorrow (and of course linking to you)? It's a great question!

  14. Sounds like a lot of fun. Not sure if I'm into anything new right now. Just trying to stay sane with the old stuff, I guess.

  15. I've been thinking of ordering from ModCloth too!

    I'm into spring! :)


Spill it, reader.