Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 loathsome things

1. Licorice. The smell, the taste--it makes me nauseous. When I was young we would take LONG trips in the car (I'm talking driving through whole western states, reader). My mom and sister would pass around the licorice whips and I'd have my nose pressed against my cracked window, the smell suffocating in the stuffy, sun-saturated back seat of the car.

2. Shopping. Makes me crabby. I'll go whole years without setting foot in a mall. I'd rather clean bathrooms than go shopping.

3. "News" programs like 20/20 or Dateline. They suck people in for hours at a shot, making them stay tuned through cliffhanging commercial breaks and perpetrate weird fear and paranoia. I never watch them. Nor do I watch contests like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. I prefer to be entertained by professional script writers and actors who have spent hours rehearsing before filming. A half hour in front of Modern Family or How I Met Your Mother is about the only kind of TV I like.

4. Box Elder Bugs. They have invaded my house again in epic numbers. I vacuum up 50 at a time. They don't eat anything, but for crying out loud they're creepy and crawly and uninvited.

5. Politicians. 'Nuff said.

Spill it, reader. What do you find loathsome?


  1. 1. Moving (with a passion!)
    2. Mold (my new thing)
    3. Tics (I was just informed they're back)
    4. Vacuuming
    5. Working out on the elliptical machine (but I do it anyway)

    You can just pass the licorice on to me, I LOVE the stuff.

  2. 1. You read my last post, so you know that I am finding second graders rather loathsome right now.
    2. Cleaning the cat box.
    3. Politics for sure.
    4. The snails that are eating my tomato plant.

  3. Licorice jelly beans go straight in my trash.
    The thought of moving makes me nauseous.
    Health insurance. Ugh.
    "Reality" shows.
    Junk mail.

  4. 1.boxelder bugs--gross, they're are Everywhere!!! Can't stand them!

    2. Local News--especially the people they interview for subjects like gas prices and superindents...I don't know where they find them, but whew, lately they've been doozies!

    3. The nasty whatever that our dog keeps rubbing in...gag!

    4. Boxelder bugs..did I mention that I hate them?!?

  5. We are twins. I loathe all those things as well.

  6. Me likey licorice... mostly red licorice.

    Things I dislike are: drumroll please.

    1. The word hate.
    2. Snakes in my yard or anywhere else.
    3. Stink bugs because they truly do invade everything.
    4. Cats because they are just way sneaky
    5. Cooking because after you do it, you just have to do it all over again in a few hours.


  7. Cigarette smoke
    Unrepentent Selfishness

  8. I can't stand licorice either--but my husband loves it so I buy it for him.

    Right now I'm so with you on the politicians. What's the word on the street in Wisconsin about the "lost" votes?

  9. I'm disgusted by politicians right now. Our true elected representatives, those who are working to make good laws, are good people. The rest - well, I'm working on a post I might never put up.

  10. 1. getting that last little bit out of the shampoo bottle
    2. crumbs on a freshly swept floor
    3. when my tummy rumbles and someone else hears it
    4. fish
    5. saying no to other people's children. I can tell my own no without a care. But other kids? I'd give them anything.

  11. That's a good hate list. I hate bananas. And having to stop for gas. And my teeny tiny overly abused bladder. Are stinkbugs the same as box elder bugs? Because I REALLY hate stinkbugs and vacuum up 50 of them a day, year round. I'd better stop now before I put myself in a bad mood ;-) Plus - I've got a poopy diaper to change.

  12. 1. Politicians
    2. People who cause conflict because they want to avoid conflict.
    3. Compassion without action
    4. Car Repairs
    5. Helicopter parents

  13. First --your list. I hate all those things too, although the ladybugs are worse than boxelder bugs here.

    In addition to hating shopping, I also hate the assumption that just because you're female you will love shopping.

    I hate my arthritis.

    I hate this particular kid who's driving my kid nuts at school. I want my happy kid back.

    And I totally agree with Snappy Di about cooking.

  14. 1. Swimsuit Shopping
    2. Law School Finals
    3. Bad Manners
    4. Terrible Drivers
    5. Texting while on a date

    (I honestly could think of so many more...yikes--I need to make a love list to counteract that)!

  15. 1. Arrogant, competitive Uber-Moms. (My kids would be SO much better adjusted if they were being raised by better moms.)

    2. Pious people who don't want to care for the poor.

    3. All carnivorous insects -- mosquitoes, noseeums, fleas, ticks.

    4. Most anything on FOX "News".


  16. 5. Small people who interrupt me while I'm posting -- in my only quiet half hour a day.

  17. 1. Water in our basement.
    2. Mold because of #1.
    3. Dealing with insurance/mortgage companies because of #1.
    4. Moving because of #1.
    5. Headaches because of #1.

  18. Ooo. This is a great question.

    1. Politicians (I'm with you.)
    2. Hypocrites
    3. Liars (Oh wait, doesn't #1 cover all of these?)
    4. Cleaning bathrooms - I'd much rather shop
    5. Aphids and any other bugs that attack my plants

  19. 1. Ditto yours.
    2. Ditto again.
    3. June bugs. Someone told me they don't inhabit Nebraska. I hopehopehope that's true.
    4. Hearing people smack their lips and chew loudly.
    5. Washing dishes.

  20. "I'd rather clean bathrooms than go shopping" -- best one liner I've read all day. I'm actually having trouble coming up with things I loathe. Maybe I'm having a good day. Oh, I have one after all: cleaning out moldy food from cans or glass. I feel morally obliged to recycle these containers, but the smell of moldy anything makes me feel so sick.

    Also, I'm not a big fan of unnecessary noise. This includes motorcycle guy who is too cool for a muffler and sets off car alarms as he zips by every morning, car alarms, fighting neighbors, leaf blowers, and chainsaws. Time to move out of the suburbs, I think.


Spill it, reader.