Monday, April 25, 2011

brought to you by the letter C

Charming--Cardigans on little girls dressed in their Easter best.
Cunning--a jar of fresh-Cut daffodils on the table
Confounding--the whole Couponing Craze--I don't get it, it seems wasteful and unnecessary, not thrifty and wise.
Complicated--working between two laptop Computers--one has speed and the latest version of Word, but the mouse is a piece of crap; one is slow and out of date but comfortable to use and simple to navigate.
Cute--surprisingly, Hop (ably supported by James Marsden's smile).
Complete--a movie script, May's karate school newsletter, my faith in Christ, prepping for the painter
Color--soon to Cover the last of our white walls
Craving--furniture for the patio, a trellis for a flower garden and those ruffled tank tops all the stylish gals seem to be wearing these days.
Cantankerous--Mr. G.
Considering--a spot in the front yard for Jax's kennel, baking a cake for supper tonight and replacing the porch swing.


  1. Extreme Couponing turns my stomach in the same way that competitive eating does--- it does seem wasteful. Who needs 40 bottles of mustard?! (No, I do not care that it never expires.)
    Oh... and C is definitely for chocolate. There's a herd of Chocolate bunnies and their Reester eggs currently housed in the fridge.

  2. Those Extreme Coupon people freak me out. In fact that show and a couple of other reality shows (like Hoarders, and Wives of whoever) are why I'm taking a week of TV. At least a week. I think people are being exploited and I think it's wrong to watch that stuff.

    We liked Hop too.....

  3. That's a lot of C's!
    I don't get the whole crazy couponing thing either. I cut coupons for items I actually use. But where on EARTH do they keep all the stuff they buy? So weird.

    At least the weather has warmed a bit. At this point I just want to go straight to summer. :)

  4. *haha! Why the kerfuffle over "couponing"? Except for the fact that someone has once again turned a perfectly innocent noun into another verb...
    It's just mass-consumption...everyone would eventually have bought all those things anyway...if they do not have the storage space for their purchases, that's its own problem. (hoarding)

    C is for Courteous young men at the nursery, oh, hello! when I went to get a few hen-and-chicks the other!

  5. Movie script? Makes me hope you follow up with the Letter D (aka "Details"). Sorry if my sporadic blog visiting has me out of the loop!

    Fun premise!

  6. Crazy--yesterday. I have to figure out how to blog about it. I'm mulling password protection.

  7. Nice!
    Do you mean like clipping coupons, or the new Groupon/LivingSocial craze?

  8. Suggestion: instead of being frustrated with the mouse, learn the keyboard commands. Control S to save, Control C to copy, Alt F4 to close an application... you get the idea. As you work more keyboard commands into your routine, you'll find you go much faster because your hands never leave the keyboard to reach for the (frustrating, nonworking) mouse.

  9. C is for Carrot Cake. My Mom's neighbor sent some over last night.

  10. Today it's Carb overload here! Ugh, homemade rolls..jello...grandma's strawberry pie...someone just shoot me!!!

  11. Putting on my dev hat to say - try an external mouse on your fast laptop, you'll like it so much better!

    Daffodils and little girl cardigans help make spring my favorite season, I so agree.

  12. I don't get the couponing craze either.

  13. comatose -- how my pancreas is feeling after yesterday's candy binge. ;)

  14. Cringing is how I feel today.

  15. Crazy excited: Royal wedding in T-3 Days! Planning on going to bed at 8:30 on Thursday so i can get up at 3 to watch! (Actually 2:30 so I can shower and get ready for work before I sit and watch.)

  16. Lots of C's :)
    One C is enough for me!!

  17. I'm with Holly on Chocolate!! I love couponing. I've been a fanatic for a few years. But those Extreme Coupon people are ruining it for me b/c now everyone has been clearing the shelves and leaving me nothing. Ugh.

  18. Corduroy! (My mother e-mails, from two hours' north of the Cities, that it is snowing...)



  19. "ably supported by James Marsden's smile" :)

    I could have used a cake for dinner...

    And I too love those little girl cardigans.


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