Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yesterday I was helping Mr. T with his social studies homework. He had to write a paragraph describing the Constitution. After asking him to tell me what he knew about the Constitution (pre-writing), I realized he had no idea it was a written document, a plan of government, a roadmap, if you will. He thought the Constitution was an event, not a thing. Love that boy, but I cannot fathom how he's had 2 years of 5th grade social studies and never grasped that basic knowledge. Now I understand why he struggled to understand the Bill of Rights...

I drove him to school quizzing him about the Federalists, Anti-Federalists, amendments and ratification.

Flipped the couch cushions the other day whilst on a tear around my house with the vacuum cleaner attachments. How--HOW do the BOTTOMS of couch cushions become encrusted with crumbs and lint and candy wrappers? HOW do the TOPS of the cushions, the part exposed to human activity and the light of day, stay relatively clean? One of life's great mysteries.

Nine inches of snow. Robins look totally peeved. Snow pants and boots again taken out of storage and made muddy. (This could be a haiku!)

Nine inches of snow.
Robins look totally peeved.
Snow pants and boots wet.


  1. The poor robins. they have been crashing into our family room windows all morning....I think they are trying to break in to get warm. One poor birdie ran into the back window 3 consecutive times.

    And that has been the total entertainment of my day 3 of bedrest so far today. :)

  2. LOL on the couch cushions. About a year ago we found a pacifier that we lost when my oldest was about a week old. Yeah. The deep pit of the couch.

  3. I had the same experience with our cushions! I wish I'd found more money, though. I only scored about 30 cents.

    Love the haiku.

  4. *heehee!! I <3 your spring haiku...April is the cruelest month, dontcha know...that is not in the constitution
    * ; )

    cushion tops are clean
    coins and wrappers fall between
    below: crust of junk

  5. What you don't know Bill of Rights?...he's 2nd cousins with Bob of Wrongs! It cracks me up what my boys come up with...though, most of the time it's my head cracking the wall!

    I'd be miffed with inches of snow---I'm all in a mood after flurries and cold temps ;)

  6. Nine inches?!!! I feel embarrassed to be complaining about our two. I hope it melts fast.

    I think it is fascinating how missing one crucial piece of information can affect our understanding of a concept. I think this often happens in the realm of the political . . .

  7. You need to get the Constitution and Bill part of School House Rock!

    Sorry about your snow. :-(

    Spring is in full swing here.

  8. Poor Mr. T. Is he understanding it better now?

  9. It's because your butt pulls all the stuff OFF the couch as you get up and then you vacuum it off the floor!

  10. There are elves that go around at night picking crumbs off the tops of cushions and putting them on the bottoms. True!

    I got sunburned today, you will be annoyed to hear. Through my hat and sunblock. I know! Dorset, the peculiar!

  11. Ninety degrees here,
    No hope for a later Spring.
    Why do I live here?

    We have a futon couch, and I swear I vacuum about a half pound of crumbs from that futon fold every week...

  12. It was heavy, too. We tried to shovel tonight and gave up after clearing a path on the sidewalk. It's supposed to get up to 56 this weekend; it'll melt.

  13. On my list of things to do (after finishing my master's and getting a single subject English credential) is getting one in Social Studies--I love teaching the Bill of Rights!

  14. I wonder how the crumbs get UNDER the couch. And under the fridge, oven, dresser, etc. I swear there are crumbs from food that we never even owned!

  15. Also, time to introduce Mr. T to Schoolhouse Rock.

    YouTube anything on History Rock. They are awesome and everyone will be singing "I'm just a Bill" and "The Preamble". I use it to teach and when it's test day I have kids singing to themselves under their breath.

  16. Look on the bright side -- your son probably knows more about the Constitution than most adults do these days. We got pelted with quite a bit of snow, too, but it's not sticking around too long.

  17. I love a haiku! But I wish you had some warm weather as much as I wish we had some cool...

    The couch cushion situation must remain one of the mysteries of the universe I think.

  18. LOL! I have no idea about the couch cushion underbelly mystery.

    That haiku is sad. And I mean that in the kindest way. ;)


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