Monday, April 11, 2011


First, let's all raise our glasses to toast the magnificent Cha Cha over at Noodleroux on her wedding this weekend. Here's to years of happiness ahead, lasting contentment with dogs and an adorable new house and My Guy (actually her guy, but that's how she refers to him on her blog). I wish you nothing but bliss, MRS. Cha Cha! I hope every detail of your day went flawlessly, too. Huzzah!

I was at a wedding Saturday night, not Cha Cha's, but one of Mr. D's clients tied the knot. I sat next to the photographer at dinner (which was notable in that the beef tips were superior to the broasted chicken instead of the other way around). She was lovely and wore the most fantastic mustard yellow shirt with the coolest patterned heels I ever saw. She looked like I wish I could look.

Mr. D's team won another game so they're 2 and 1 now, the baseball gods are smiling down on them. Huzzah!

I got a lovely complement from Mr. O at my first staff meeting (notable in that I was twice as old as everyone else present). He'd like me to teach ninjas and basic students this summer, "I want my best staff on the floor to really sell the program" (his words).

It was gloriously HOT and MUGGY Sunday. I got sweaty cleaning the garage and puttering about the yard. We had steaks on the grill, asparagus, and potatoes. It felt like summer. Mr. B and Mr. G ran through the sprinkler in the back yard, birds sang, laundry fluttered in the breeze and all felt perfectly right in the world. Then out of the west a nasty series of storm cells blew through, wreaking havoc and sending Team Testosterone to the basement in terror. The lightning! The wind! The dark clouds! The brunt of the storms missed us, though I missed Upstairs, Downstairs as a result. Even the bit I got to watch was interrupted by announcements from the National Weather Service. Curses! Thank goodness I can watch it online! Huzzah!


  1. That was one wild storm, wasn't it? Daughter was outside taking pictures (of course) when the second siren went off. She came running in saying, "I think it's real this time!" We think the funnel cloud was forming over us and came into full strength over Kaukauna.
    Frightening, indeed.

  2. That is a nice compliment!

    Hooray for online watching!

  3. That's a Lot of Huzzah!

    Be diligent in your ninja training....there's nothing worse than a bunch of nonja's running around (sorry...I've been forced to watch speed racer way too many times..and that's pretty much the only line I like!)

    We had a piddley storm. They hyped us all up for huge terrible storms....the weather channel storm chasers were parked in the wendy's parking lot in the town next to us...opps, ya win some and ya lose some ;)

  4. Teaching ninja's... Now that is a cool thing to have on your resume. We had a little huzzah ourselves this weekend. My girl turned four!

  5. I always knew you had some awe...mazing talents :) teaching Ninjas. What a wonderful way to spend your days :)

  6. Sounds great. Glad to hear you got some nice weather, too.

  7. Huzzah! Humid, warm weather after all that snow. Next up? Watermelon season!!

    (Glad you're okay, even though you missed your show.)

  8. That sounds like a lovely evening. Some of my best memories are of the kids playing long toss after a dinner eaten outside.

  9. We had heat & humidity too, on Sunday. It was glorious!


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