Friday, April 8, 2011

little bits

* Just finished volunteering in Mr. G's Kindergarten classroom. His teacher is so amazing--I need to nominate her for a Kohl fellowship. Every. Single. Day. she brings her A Game. Just impressive as heck.

* Am reading Andre Dubus III's memoir Townie which is compelling and gritty. Am reading Nancy Mitford's Love in a Cold Climate as a palate cleanser before I fall asleep. She's like Jane Austen between the two World Wars. Wickedly witty.

* Could be related, but my dreams are vividly weird lately. Plus I'm awake half the night listening to the sump pump and enduring mild panic attacks about all the things I have to do.

* As a consequence of that, I wake up with puffy eyes. I've tried to remember to use the eye creme Mr. D gave me for Christmas. (The gift package included neck cream. There is a message to be read here, I'm sure of it.) Arbonne helpfully (NOT!) packages the creams and cleansers and toners and serums in similarly shaped and colored bottles, adding to my general confusion about what to use, when to use it and why. I slapped a little cream on my eyes the other night and the stinging! Fifteen minutes later, after soaking my face with cold washcloths and tears, my vision cleared and I looked at the bottle--I'd doused my lids and lashes with the SPF 15 Daytime Moisturizer. A concoction not intended for use near the eyes.
* I've tested some paint on two walls in our living room. I'm not entirely sold--the sample walls look kind of dark and I'm afraid that at night and on overcast days the room will feel too gloomy. Plus we've got Maple trim and it's tricky to balance warm and cool tones. I need to read up on decorating and figure out which walls I should paint darker and which should be lighter.

* Happily, when I went to the store to pick up swatches and a sample, I learned all the gallons are 40% off through the weekend. Lucky me! (If I can reach a decision quickly.)

* And I bought silver dress shoes. I tried on some strappy sandals, I need something to wear with summer dresses--but they showed too much of my ugly feet. I spent 30 minutes mulling over my choices, but after bringing home a pair of pumps and trying them on with 5 different dresses I think I did well. One of my longstanding wardrobe malfunctions has always been footwear. Basically, I need to make an effort. I'm horribly lazy on this count, but I know it and am committed to working through my fashion faux pas(es). (Or is the plural fashion faux pai?)

* I have a staff meeting on Saturday. A staff meeting!

Spill it, reader, in little bits. What's new?


  1. You poor poor eyeballs!

    Shoes? I used to be a shoe hound when my feet didn't hurt constantly. Now anything schleppy and comfy floats my boat.


  2. I just finished Townie--loved it, but think it may be just a bit too contrived near the end for a memoir. A little James Frey methinks.

  3. * Just renewed the lease giving the nice people over in Kansas permission to drill around for oil and gas where I have mineral rights. $$ for me!
    * Need to buy dirt for the ugly areas in the front yard that are supposed to be garden areas. Dirt. I can't believe I'm buying it.
    * Is it too early to put out hummingbird feeders?
    * wind and rain predicted for the weekend, meaning I will be organizing my receipts at some point...
    * blehhh for organizing receipts

  4. i love shoe shopping. love it.

    i'm cleaning my house this afternoon so i can quilt and garden guilt free this weekend!

    D9 is testing for his yellow belt in tae kwon do tonight!! so excited.

  5. I have to work tomorrow too :(
    I was *planning* on buying large quantities of mulch and making my yard look nice, but oh well.

    Shoes, I need shoes. I need spring/summer work shoes.

  6. I had a bad experience with some under-eye cream. The smell was so strong and medicinal I couldn't stand it.

  7. * no one sleeps in my house -- both kids woke me separately in the wee hours this morning.
    * I have more "gardening" to do this weekend, which means that I need to buy more RoundUp.
    * My husband called yesterday and asked what I would think of his flying in an airplane through a hurricane.
    * I don't shoe shop. I buy shoes. I have low black sandals, high black sandals, low brown sandals, good flip-flops, black flats, and two pair of sneakers.
    * At my job, everytime I start talking to myself, I can claim it as a staff meeting. It still doesn't keep people from staring.

  8. Okay, your Arbonne story leads me to relate my unfortunate mix-up. Actually, you can infer what happens you're brushing your teeth and you want to finish up with a nice mouthwash, but an very similar looking bottle of moisturizer is sitting right next to it under the dark bathroom cupboard.

  9. I love Nancy Mitford! Did you read Pursuit of Love, which is a companion novel about an earlier time in their lives? There's also a BBC miniseries of both books.

  10. This weekend we will be either relaxing or
    1) buying/planting a tree
    2) other yard work
    3) cleaning up the kitchen

    I do not like shopping for shoes. I don't know yet if I like shopping for trees.

  11. Oooo. I love new paint! It is so ecxiting to me. It can change the whole room. You'll have to show us what you've decided on! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Here is my news... it is snowing at my house. For the third time this year, and also the third time in 15 years. What is with this weather? I want last week's 80 degrees back.

  13. Yes, nominate the teacher for the Kohl fellowship. A friend of mine won several years ago; she felt so honored. Another was nominated; not winning didn't matter. She kept the letters from kids and parents because they were so uplifting.
    Do it!

  14. We went on a Target run this morning and so we have alot (ALOT) of new things. Target is an evil vortex....i can't escape there without spending a boatload of money. It's almost shameful. :) I luv Target. :)

  15. Would it be wrong of me to point out that we readers reallly, really need to see photos of new shoes? How about if I concede that we don't need photos of your puffy, stingy eyes? Just shoes will do.

  16. Would it be wrong of me to point out that we readers reallly, really need to see photos of new shoes? How about if I concede that we don't need photos of your puffy, stingy eyes? Just shoes will do.

  17. ouch! hope your eyes are okay.

    what's new? I am saying goodbye to my 1971 kitchen cabinets today. I will not miss them.

  18. I have some silver sandals/dress shoes too. I think they make a nice statement.

    I'm fighting against trying to remodel/redesign my whole house now that a few rooms are getting a pick-me-up.

  19. I need color analysis for my walls too! I live in a house full of pastel colors, but my brain is a bold/primary color kinda world. I always feel this urge to just go crazy with something bold...but I'm not sure what will work without having to repaint the entire interior of the house!

  20. One of the many reasons New House was chosen had to do with it being painted by the previous inhabitants in colors that mostly went with all our stuff.

    SPF burns. Incidentally, so does toner.

  21. Hello!
    Waving from Mom's house on brother's computer!

    Townies is on my reading list.

    As much as I hate shoe shopping, I went the other day and discovered in the process of my weight loss I went down a size and a half!


Spill it, reader.