Thursday, April 14, 2011

martial arts & crafts

People, you come up with awesome loathsome stuff. Seriously. The comments had me nodding until my head almost bobbled off my neck.

I took photos of Team Testosterone--something I almost never do lately. They are passing "cute" and all boyish now. Where has the time gone?

And I learned a little tai chi last night which looks so lovely and poetic. Yet when I learned what the moves would actually do in a combat situation, I was horrified at their violence. Something so beautiful and so deadly. Crazy stuff. My Velocity form is looking fierce, too, which pleases me because there's a lot of jumping around. I got a complement from a parent watching class--they wanted to know how old I was. Then they didn't believe me--that old? And you can do the form like that? Uh-huh. And I strutted out of the dojo feeling like I was all that.

Addicted to Pineterest and I keep finding charming little things I could do or make for my house. This whole painting project has me inspired to do more on that front--like painting the inside of all my boring clear glass vases. And making more pennant banners for the bathroom and upstairs. I'm going to take the empty paint cans from the painting project and convert them into flower pots. With a hot glue gun, brushes and imagination I can make my house beautiful!

Mr. D and I are going to see the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet on Saturday--very excited because I own CDs by them and have been a fan for a long time.


  1. Well. Who would've known that martial arts and crafts tied so well together in a post! :-) Happy crafting!

  2. My gluegun goes with me, where ever I end up temporarily moving to!

  3. Cool about the complement! Have fun at the concert.

  4. You lost me at paint--it is just not something I do. But I'm sure you'll be great at it!

  5. Go you! :)

    And Pinterest...I KNOW! I could spend hours and hours. When it says 'fetching pins' I just think, "There's more???"

  6. We have a date this weekend too...I'm buying Harry Potter #7.1 tonight after work and Farmer and I are plunking down on the couch at exactly 8:30 with popcorn to watch it! we dind't make it to the theater to see it so I'm way excited. Have fun seeing the guitar players! :)


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