Monday, April 4, 2011

muttonchop monday

Opening Day found Brewers fans hopeful.

Opening Day found Green Girl ruminating on the unfortunate choices baseball players make.
Green Girl isn't referring to "performance enhancing drugs." Nor is she talking about players fussing with their batting gloves. (Although that makes her as batty as when they chew and spit.)

She's not even going to discuss their unflattering tight pants.

Unflattering tight pants that even the coaches wear.

Baseball is a unique sport in that it's not played against a clock.

It's unique because it's the only sport where the coach wears a team uniform (including those unflattering tight pants).

No, Green Girl made another observation:

Baseball players make uniquely terrible choices about their hair.

Particularly their facial hair.
Muttonchops and knee breeches can be hot.

Players, do your fans a favor.

Take some pages from the Jane Austen playbook.

Jane Austen's heroes makes muttonchops and kneebreeches work.

Study these photos and get thee to a razor.

You're welcome.


  1. Ahhhhh! Colin Firth! My Monday is complete. Thank you thank you thank you!

    (And get those boys a barber! Stat!)

  2. Absolutely!!

    Maybe a group shave would be the team-building experience our Brewers need.

  3. What? All those pictures of facial hair and NOT ONE of tight pants. How is one supposed to make an educated comment?

  4. The Bad Hair Hall of Fame... but at the end there is hope. I do so appreciate constructive criticism with clear suggestions for improvement.

  5. Rollie Fingers for the WIN!

    While homely, he had the curled mustachio down to a science. :)

  6. LOL, interesting baseball observations!

  7. Thank you for educating the baseball players of America. Clearly they need your help.

  8. Oh, Colin Firth --especially fabulous to look at in Jane Austen movies :-)

  9. My husband was commenting on the some unfortunate tattoos that are starting to appear--on your neck, really?!

  10. :)

    but those too tight breeches can be very cute ;)

  11. (I thought the first one was a fake, it looks so bad.) Thanks for the Brit infusion.

  12. And stop spitting! Have you ever seen a basketball player spit? No! So why do baseball players spit?

  13. yes. classic english lit. with the running across the fog smothered moors . . . that's awesome! :)

  14. Well played! I definitely think baseball could do with a touch of manners a la Jane Austen.


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