Friday, April 15, 2011

of paint and praise and pride

I chose paint colors for our living room and bathroom, bought the paint and have begun prepping the bathroom that started this whole business. Our master bathroom has bred mold on the walls and ceilings since we built it. I suspect an inadequate covering of paint over the plaster combined with the poor choice to not use mildew-resistant paint started the whole problem. This morning I donned white underpants & tank top, rubber gloves, a rain poncho and goggles and got to work with a bucket of bleach water and a scrub brush. Up the ladder. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Down the ladder. Move the ladder. Up the ladder. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Down the ladder. Move the ladder. Lather, rinse, repeat. My shoulders are killing me. My lungs are wheezy. The bathroom looks much better. It's almost ready for TWO fresh coats of mildew-resistant paint. What. A. Job.

The painter will be here in two weeks and I can hardly wait.

Green Girl rocks the official Cubbies leader uniform. Mr. B looks strange because he has a sty in his eye. Otherwise, that's a pretty accurate image of her and her tribe.

This week we wrapped up another year of AWANA (yes, evangelical Christian websites are about 20 years behind current trends--it pains me to see how they cling to the 80's for style tips in all their media--music, hair, clothes)--the boys and I had our annual photo taken together--Mr. T is DONE with the program and moving on to middle school stuff, Mr. B is moving on to TNT and all three boys got book awards and felt pretty darn proud of themselves. The awards program was awesome. Our church has had AWANA for 20 years and the director (an old friend of mine from elementary school) took it over when it was only 2 years old. Her goal was 150 kids and leaders. There are over 180 leaders today. Over 600 kids. God has grown the program beyond K's wildest imaginings. During this past year our club has sponsored clubs in Lima, Peru. Our goal was to send 400 kids to club (there's a waiting list of 1,000) at the cost of $10 per kid. By the end of the year they were about $1,000 short of the goal so they passed buckets through the rows super-fast. In under a minute they collected almost $1,300 to exceed their goal. Between my boys earning their awards, Mr. D showing up to watch and seeing God at work in such mighty ways I felt absolutely choked up.

The arctic blast has sent the Box Elder Bugs scurrying into hiding for now.

I'm close to the end of the movie script.

No one has stepped up to lead Happyland Elementary's PTA since I tendered my resignation as president.

My sister is moving to town over the weekend.

(How's that for a cliffhanger ending?)


  1. Love the pic. Don't envy the painting.

    Your sister?!?

  2. I can't ponder your cliffhanger because I'm still hung up on the image of you in underwear, a tank top, a poncho, and rubber gloves. Are you sure that you and Mr. D. aren't into some fetish-y stuff? ;-)

  3. That's just amazing about Peru! What great stuff you're doing :-)

  4. Hope you and your sis are as close as me and mine...

    Plus what a cute pic! Love those little munchkin faces ahhhh.dorable.

  5. Hmmmm.... where's the rest of the story?!

  6. so jealous... wish I had a sister. Anywhere. But especially close to me.

  7. The Hub was an AWANA leader for a couple of years when J was a baby...I'll never forget this little girl singing Hail to the AWANA flag (so loud, so off key..she's all grown up and I still sing it just to crack Jim up!). That's so awesome how your program has grown--and that the kids can see the difference they make in the world!

  8. Good for you serving a term at pres. of PTA. Hopefully someone else will step up and take a turn.

    Hard to find people willing to step up. My hubs has been on the phone all month getting managers in place for baseball teams. He's the pres. of T-ball and Commissioner of Rookie ball. We don't even have kids in t-ball anymore but no one would do it this year. He's done w/ t-ball next year.

  9. Don't blink on the no-new leader thing. Don't blink!

  10. Sisters! Mine is 8 years younger than me... a whole generation, really, since she grew up with MTV and stuff. We were never close, because she was a pest and I left home before she got interesting, and then she moved to the UK and that was that.

    Now, I live in the UK too, and my grownup sister is awesome. I love her, and my boys adore her and her husband. She babysat the boys abd gran when I went on holiday last month. Now she's going to have a BABY! I hope you and your sister have a similar bonding-as-grownups experience. It's good. You just have to put all of the irritating, spoiled little sister stuff out of your mind and take her as she comes.

  11. I picked out possible paint for the Boy's room. Mold should be added to the loathsome things list.

    Love the AWANAS program, and the photo!

    Sister... moving to town. Is this a good thing?

  12. Life never ends! At least the challenges never end. As for your sister - is this a good thing, having her in town? I hope so!

  13. What? your sister? really?


  14. I am left wondering why you didn't wear pants for the painting.
    When we moved in to our house, it had mildew in the bathroom because there was no exhaust fan. We had to have one installed.

  15. That is a great picture! We hardly EVER get to see you in pics, and you're so pretty!

    I BET no one stepped up for the role of president after you. Pretty big shoes to fill, don't you think? I bet the PTA is FREAKING OUT.

    Yay for your sister!!!!!! :) You must be thrilled!

  16. Very cool pic! And how fun to have to remove mold. It could be worse though, you could have to move! :-)

    You must be thrilled to have your sister move to your neck of the woods. I truly wish I could say the same.


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