Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the trouble with being superhuman

In case you're going on Friday, you should probably watch this.

And speaking of being superhuman (like the queen), am I the only one not enthralled by this summer's trio of superheroes offered up by the movie studios? Thor? Green Lantern? Captain America? No, thanks. Is it the casting or the fact that none of these guys were big players in the Justice League of my childhood? I'd be interested to watch AquaMan or Flash, but these other guys make me yawn.

My plate is overflowing, in no small part due to the popular perception that I am superhuman and can handle it all. Like an ornery child I'm pushing things around into different piles, smushing the potatoes into the peas and pretending that it looks finished enough to be excused from the table. How's that working out for me? About how you'd think. It's a matter of time before I'm busted for hiding the brussel sprouts under my napkin ...

Superhuman writer and humorist Jen Lancaster had a few thoughts on "couponing" the other day. I'll leave you laughing while I sneak this piece of roast beef under the table and feed it to Jax--the old "dog ate my homework" trick never fails ...


  1. I'm not too into the superheroes myself. Although I would TOTALLY be in favor of a Wonder Twins movie...

    Hang in there!

  2. I equate my own issues with sweeping dirt under the rug.

  3. Personally--no interest at all in the "super" movies. BUT, my boys--holy smokes it's all they talk about! And why? Are they huge fans of Thor? Nope--marketing marketing marketing--all for a movie that they're too young to go see!

    Loved the coupon article! So true--and scary how nuts our society has gotten! Anything to save a buck---even if it costs you $40 more in the process!

  4. Umm, like... who is Thor? Never even heard of that one.


  5. Hang in there. Also, roasted brussels are good - you shouldn't hide them ;-)

  6. I'll eat my brussels, but I'll never claim to like 'em.

    I HAVE to watch the wedding with my ever more cantankerous and demented, but still amazingly stylish and chic, granny. We will discuss the hats at length while we have seventeen cups of tea and bikkies. I WILL like that!

  7. i'm not planning on watching the wedding.

    there. i said it out loud.

  8. Um, I'm not planning on watching the wedding either --I'll admit it, since someone else did.

    We don't even have cable. We're just totally out of the popular culture loop :-)

  9. I agree. The superheroes are boring. but being one is not. It is aggravating.

  10. I heart WaitWait. Just listened to last week's show this morning while I exercised. I'll listen to this while I make dinner in a few minutes.

    And I'm a little ticked that MY picture didn't end up on the Justice League poster. Maybe I was made by DC Comics? Or Marvel?

    I've read one of Jen Lancaster's books. But never the blog. Thanks for the link-up.

    And finally.... I love the segue-way between the queen and super heroes. Classic. ;)

    (why yes, I DID get up at 4am to watch Princess Di and Prince Charles wed when I was a girl thankyouforasking)

  11. Seriously cannot WAIT to watch the wedding. I'll be plunked on the chair at 3:00 am if you want to join me. I have to get the girls up at 6 to go to work, but I think I'll at least get to see THE dress by then. :)

    i'm totally not kidding. if you see our lights on thru the patio window, come on in. :) just let me know so you don't scare the Sh** out of me by knocking on the patio window. :) you know how I scream when that happens. :)

  12. I heart me some Aquaman. That said, I'm still planning to catch the superhero flicks with my girls in tow this summer.

  13. Iron Man (really Robert Downey, Jr.) is the only superhero for me these days!

  14. Not interested in the superheroes or the superwedding, but I am sitting here with my own plate, pushing those peas into the potatoes.


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