Thursday, May 5, 2011

my heart melted

The other morning Mr. G woke up really early and wanted to paint. He rustled around in the kitchen getting his supplies together, squirted poster paint onto the lid of an old ice cream bucket and began creating masterpieces at the table. I went about my morning routine of showering, making coffee, prepping breakfast and waking up his brothers. Later, after Team Testosterone had headed off to school, I walked through my bedroom and saw a picture on my pillow with "Happy Mother's Day Mom" painted across the top. The letters were neatly painted and the words were all spelled correctly, so I suspected one of the older boys of taking advantage of the art supplies on the table.

Funny, I don't remember Mr. B painting and I know Mr. T was buried in a book all morning.

I went about my day and after school mentioned to Mr. B, "You left something pretty special on my pillow today."

He gave me a blank stare. Okay, I'll go along with the anonymous surprise. He'd given his teacher an anonymous card for Teacher Appreciation Week, he obviously prefers to remain a man of mystery.

When I next went to my room, the picture was gone.

Much later that night, when Mr. D returned from coaching another baseball game and we'd put the boys to bed, he said, "That Mr. G, he's really something. You know what he did?"


"He made me a Mother's Day card."

"He did?" That's odd, I'm his mother, not Mr. D...

"Yeah, he said, 'Dad, I know you're really busy so I made you a card to give to mom on Mother's Day so you don't have to worry about it."


  1. That is a truly special son you are growing there, GG. Wonderful stories like that will follow him.

  2. Oh My Goodness (clutching heart as i type!!!) Be sure to sneak in extra smooches tonight! You're raising some awfully thoughtful young men !

  3. AWWWW!

    What a sweet kid! Warms the cockles of my heart just thinking about that.

    I have one son who worries because the girls at school are pretty superficial and only want the HOT boys. But they like him as a friend because he's nice. And I tell him kind and nice goes a lot longer than looks. Looks fade. Sweetness of character - that lasts forever. and in the end THAT'S what people want.

    Mr. G will go far.

  4. What a super cool child you have!

  5. Maybe we can get my daughter together with Mr. G when they're older . . .


  6. So very sweet. Makes me weepy.

    I Definitely think Mr. G and Kitty are going to hook up one day. I think we can make that happen. :)

  7. Well, is that awesome or what! What a fabulous child you have there.


  8. Catholics sure do things different. We were at my nephew's 1st Communion last year and my boys asked tons of questions too. They didn't think it was fair that he got to make his in 2nd grade and they have to wait.

    I seem to get injured everytime I go to a Catholic church. Once the guy next to me pulled the kneeler out right on my foot. I wasn't expecting that but apparently they all knew the exact moment to pull them out. Another time they flung holy H20 right in my eye. My mom was Catholic and said you're not supposed to look right at them when they do that. How would I know?

  9. Awww. What a little sweetie!

    One of my boys should do that for my hubby cuz he always forgets. Ha! Stinker.


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