Monday, June 27, 2011

3 wishes

Completely random, but true things in my deeply secret bucket list:
1. create a Japanese-style garden, full of equal parts yin and yang
2. have an old shed or barn on our property
3. learn how to surf

Spill it, reader. What are three wishes you never tell people you have?


  1. 1. A family trip to Hawaii
    2. To make a pie from scratch all by myself
    3. Spend the day with Bruce Springsteen!

  2. OH, I would LOVE to have a Japanese garden!

  3. 1. To walk/hike the Great Wall of China.

    2. To have a Monet-esque bridge over a dry stream/rock bed in my yard.

    3. To know how to dance, really dance -- mambo, samba, tango, etc.

  4. I picture you as a really good surfer. I'm not quite sure why - it just seems like a good fit.

    My three wishes?
    1. I want to be interviewed about lava, just so I can be quoted as saying, "Lava? That's some hot shit."
    2. I want to zipline.
    3. I want to be an effortless hostess - the one whose door is always open and who never seems stressed about it. B/c right now? That shit stresses me out. More than lava.

  5. now, if i told you they wouldn't be three wishes i never tell people i have. LOL!

    i would have to really think about three wishes i'd like for myself. things that i might wish for are so unrealistic that i can't even think about dwelling on them.

    1. to have the money - and the time - to travel all the places that my ancestors originated from.

    2. to be able to create really beautiful things that people wanted to buy.

    3. ron's health restored.

  6. 1) To enjoy a family vacation without having to schedule it around EVERY. LITTLE. THING.
    2) To start and finish my masters degree.
    3) To run another marathon.

  7. 1. Visit Barbados.
    2. Experience the part of a skydive *after* the parachute opens. I cannot abide the feeling of falling but I want to experience the floating part. Haven't quite figured out the logistics of this one. Parasailing might be an adequate substitute.
    3. Be somebody's mother.

  8. I love your three wishes!

    I don't think I have three secret wishes. Clearly, I'm pretty open about things. ;)

  9. I try very hard not to wish but rather to do. Seems to make more things happen for me and off the Bucket List. But I do like Jen's Great Wall of China wish! Oh, and your old barn/shed item too!


  10. I wish I could knit

    I wish I could take my family to Disney

  11. 1. I wish I didn't have an arthritic hip that's making even walking hard.

    2. I wish I had more time to focus on things I enjoy that require lots of contemplative time before being done --drawing/painting is one of them. I miss it, but I can't fit the entire process into an hour of quiet time here and there.

    3. I wish someone would invent the transporter, so I could "beam" over to see my family for afternoon coffee once a week.

    Good questions --really made me think.

  12. 1. Quit my day job
    2. Learn web design
    3. Open a B&B

    I like some of the other wishes, too. Especially spending the day with Bruce Springsteen! Can I do four?

  13. 1. to qualify for the Boston marathon
    2. to raise 3 earth-conscious boys
    3. to revisit Zion, Utah for backpacking one day

  14. To take an Alaskan cruise and see icebergs and whales and glaciers. I do tell people this from time to time, so it's not REALLY a secret!

    To go visit Trinidad for the WHOLE month of the Summer holidays. Not happening this year :(

    Surfing is lovely. You should definitely do it, even if you only go on teeny waves!

  15. I would love:

    1) a greenhouse
    2) a charm braclet
    3) more time ;)

  16. Mine isn't so secret: I want to drive Route 66. Amigo does, too. He can't share the driving, though, so I still need to convince Husband or daughter to come along.

  17. Well I can tell you that I'd totally love a Japanese garden. I was completely entranced by the one in Portland, OR.

    I'd love to have a mini-orchard. Apples or peaches, I think.

    I'd love to be able to create my own recipes.

  18. We need to do a Women's Colony surf camp!

    Spend a year living somewhere else--a small village in England perhaps?

    Take my future grandkids on a river-rafting trip.

    Learn to surf.

  19. 1. Have one of my photographs published.
    2. Walk on the beaches of Australia
    3. More love and understanding of the brains of pre-teens.

  20. These are great wishes - actually REALLY attainable wishes!!!

    1. Quit my job and work at a nonprofit doing wonderful work and getting paid less than I deserve.

    2. Travel europe and stay in hostels and wander off the beaten path and mingle with the natives, listening to them tell stories of days long ago.

    3. Have something published. A photo, a story...anything more than a letter to the editor (which I have never done but don't really get excited about anyway.

  21. Three wishes that I never tell anybody? That I want before I die?
    1. I wish I could take my kids to Arches National Park.
    2. I wish I could hire a private eco-friendly gardener to get rid of all the weeds in the yard without using nasty chemicals. This gardener would also fend off all the rabbits, deer, and chipmunks so that we could have home-grown tomatoes.
    3. I want to have the sinus surgery so I never get vertigo again. This last one might render the bucket list useless, as it might cause me to kick that bucket.

  22. 1. To start over, at mid-life, living in a "Women's Colony" every description of it as described in Derfwad Manor's blog . . .

    2. To have my 2 young adult son's treat me with respect, the way a son should treat his mama. that would mean husband is out of the picture, entirely. Yeah, this could be my #1 wish. . .

    3. To travel Europe on a frequent enough basis that it would not tarnish the romantic image that has been burned in my brain for 8 years now . . . and to not have to think about finding the money to do this. Ever.

  23. 1. To live in Derfwad Manor's description of a Women's Colony, every single word of it.

    2. To have my 2 young adult sons treat me with respect, due to a mama. That would mean that their father, my husband, would be completely and forever out of the picture. . . yep. that would do it.

    3. To travel Europe, frequently enough to satisfy my yearning, yet not often enough to take away my romantic viewpoint of it all . . . and to have enough money to never have to worry or think about doing this. Ever.

  24. Stupid wishes:
    1. Cure my daughter's autism.
    2. Get in shape to go rock climbing (and lose enough weight that people don't gasp in horror from below)
    3. Play guitar like Andres Segovia.

    Bucket list:
    1. Raise chickens
    2. Play lovely guitar.
    3. See my kids graduate college -- both of them.


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