Friday, June 10, 2011

from the desk of Green Girl

Dear Jax,
Stop barking. Your new kennel is very nice. One of the nicest ever built. Nicer than our basement. Accept your new digs.
And stop peeing on my flowers. My perennials are turning brown, totally unacceptable and expensive to replace. Pee freely and with abandon on the 59 acres of unlandscaped turf.
Thank you,
Green Girl

Dear Rain,
Go away. Mr. T has planned a pool party today. All his friends want to play. Go away.
I appreciate your prompt response in this matter.
Green Girl

Dear Mr. D,
Yes, I'm out of sorts. I'm sorry. We need to talk--for longer than short phone conversations. There's a lot going on and we need to stay connected better.
Green Girl

Dear Head Baseball Coach,
Give Mr. D a schedule if you expect him to help. Duh.
Green Girl

Dear New Refrigerator,
I really really really really like you. Your ice dispenser is neat. I like that all of your drawers are stacked together in the bottom of the fridge side. I like the bigger freezer space. I like that you are clean and white and bright. Never change.
Green Girl


  1. Dear Green Girl,

    You are so funny. And thought provoking too. Thank you for your always awesome blog posts.


  2. I don't think my comment went through. Blogger is so driving me batty.

    Just wanted to say I'm jealous of your ice maker that works!

  3. You are so funny. Maybe you should get a plastic fire hydrant or flowers for Jax to use.

  4. Dear Green Girl,

    Just a quick note to let you know you are not alone. I too, am out of sorts. And I too, have a pet that pees where he shouldn't.

    I do not, however, have a new fridge. I want one. Badly.

    Have a good weekend anyway,

  5. You can send rain here. We are on day 14 of +90F heat and haven't seen rain in a long time. Bleh.

    I want your new frig. All I can afford right now is a new chest freezer.

  6. Excellent correspondence. Please let us know what response you get.

    Congrats on the new fridge. When we got ours (17 years ago) we opted not to get an ice-maker at all because when I was a kid the ice in our automatic ice-maker tasted weird. Now I wish we had not only an ice-maker, but an ice dispenser. Enjoy it to the fullest.

    We would like it to stop raining long enough to allow us to have the high school graduation ceremony tonight.

  7. Dear GG,

    I'm sorry for the pity party I randomly invited you to when you called this morning. You caught me at a weak moment and I moped at you when you weren't expecting it. The girls will be in much better moods after their nap and I woke up from a nice hour long nap. Thanks for listening to a hormonal pregnant woman and all of her "woes".

    the Crazy Neighbor

  8. I would like my fridge to break just so I don't have to clean it and can just get a shiny new one.

  9. Dear Green Girl,

    Thanks for such an entertaining and thought provoking blog. Today and every day. Also, maybe a second letter about the rain/cold weather will do the trick??

    :) Teresa

  10. Blogger making me nuts.... comment section always says not available and have to click back in.... it's making me feel out of sorts too!


  11. *sigh* Sounds like one of my weeks. Are you free sometime next week? I can stop out and say hi or we can do the coffee shop thing. You can vent all you like!

  12. Hugs. If the weather ever clears so the rhubarb can grow, I'm bringing some your way!

  13. Hehe. I love this.

    That crazy dog sounds like he is driving you mad. Sassy thing. All those acres of land and he pees where he is not supposed to. Go figure. ;)

    Glad your fridge is making you so happy. It has been two years and my boys are STILL thrilled with the ice/water dispenser on ours. hehe
    It's the little things in life sometimes. :)

    I am out of sorts lately too. Not connecting with the hubby much either. Maybe it is this crappy weather after that lovely patch we had. Hmmm...

  14. i am out of sorts this week, too. it's not been the greatest around here.

    loved your letters.

  15. jealous that you love your fridge. since buying a new one, I have come into a new consciousness that less is MORE, so now I covet a smaller fridge. *sigh* the grass really IS greener on the other side! ;)

  16. Darn dogs. Got the carpet cleaned yesterday and the dog who has not peed on the carpet in months, decided she was ticked off and peed on my carpet.

  17. I would like the new refrigerator best because it would be clean...for like 30 minutes...then my kids would spill lemonade, and the shelves would be all sticky, but for those 30 minutes, I'd be all like, "Dear New Refrigerator, I really really really love yoU!"

  18. :) This is the cutest post!!!! I'm still smiling over here......


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