Sunday, June 19, 2011

header up, heading out

Peonies are so extravagant. How can one resist putting them on a header when they're smack-dab in the center of the front yard?

Where have I been? I could regale you with horror stories of movie boot camp or tenting it overnight with Boy Scout troop 145 or flying solo all weekend while Mr. D lived out a lifetime dream of going to Omaha to watch the NCAA World Series. I could moan about my to-do list, wax philosophical about the magic of fireflies or post pictures of cute boys.

What the heck, that last idea sounds pretty good.

Mr. G and Jax. I like the dog better now that he's outdoors where he belongs. A lot less hair to sweep up. A lot less smell. A happier mutt who sleeps more because he's constantly getting played with or walked.

Speaking of walks, let's head out.

More flowering shrubbery.

The stately iris blooms all over the yard. I have a nice battalion of irises growing in the front.

These yellow flowers thrive, but I have no idea what they are. I really like the variegated ones mixed in there.

Coral bells! Shocking pink, aren't they?

And electric blue salvia.

I'm coaxing the lupines along...

And tidying up this little spot. It's getting there, no? Speedy and I have our work cut out for the rest of the month back here.

Grassy paths beckon.

It's 10 degrees cooler in the woods and surprisingly dry to stomp about. I slapped a few 'skeeters nibbling behind my knees and neck, but ahhhh, that smell. And the silence.

The green shades of June are so hopeful, aren't they?


  1. Love the new header with flowers. Your yard must be so beautiful this time of the year and with all the rain that we had. Joe want to go to those games in Omah some time soon.

  2. your property is gorgeous!

    it kind of amazes me that with all the testosterone in your home, you spend your leisure time with...MORE BOYS!

  3. Summer is shaping up quite nicely in your neck of the woods!

  4. Peonies are so gorgeous! We went for a walk in the neighborhood last night and saw lots of peonies blooming. Flowers blooming, kids playing outside - it's summer.

  5. All the growing things look great, including the dog and boy!

  6. What a wonderful place to just alone...B.E.A.utiful!

  7. Just love the virtual walk. What a beautiful, green paradise you have!

  8. So nice! My yard is still barren, so it's nice to see your blooms. :) Wonderful peonies!

  9. Pretty! The shades of June are much preferable to the shades of January. :-)

  10. so pretty!!! I love our peonies too. But the huge ants in them drive me nuts. Especially b/c the peonies are next to our french doors and those ants decide to just ramble inside (and we have a big enough issue with sugar ants).

    I think you need to come and help me out with my garden!

    (PS: love the new header!)

  11. GG, I love the season changes because I get to see your new headers. Beautiful yard that both makes me jealous and inspires me! Good luck to you and Speedy as you tackle your summer chores. Keep the awesome pics coming!

  12. great pictures! your peonies are beautiful. mine have already bloomed and dropped off. i know nothing about flowers (these were here already) so i don't have a clue what to do with them. guess i need to do some research.

  13. Love the new header. And thank you for the glimpses around Green Girl Land.

  14. I soooooooo love peonies and your new banner is super cute!!

  15. Kitty loves it when we can hear Jax when we play on the swingset...she's always yelling "I hear Jax!"

    It's a bad case of true puppy love.

  16. We are smack dab in the middle of a ridiculous heat wave. Love all your flowers -- especially the peonies. I'm afraid to try them here in the south -- they are very hard to grow down here.

  17. Pretty puppy, looks like my Flat-Coat Retriever. Mine is so happy to walk, and walk, and run, and chase varmint smells - but is SO happy to keep the floorboards from floating away in between times!


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