Thursday, June 9, 2011


Saw the first dragonfly of summer last night while lying on the grass watching Mr. T's soccer game.
Got a new fridge and Team Testosterone seems especially pleased that the ice dispenser works (our old one had been broken for years). Everyone is drinking ice water, bellying up to the tap like frat boys at a beer keg. If they start dumping ice water through rubber tubes while yelling "Chug! Chug!" we might have to hold an intervention.
What's LinkedIn? I keep getting invited to join... I'm not inclined to become a new member of anything these days, so I delete the invitations. Is this like FaceBook and I'm not really missing anything great? Reassure me, readers...
At lunch today I remarked that a whole hour had passed without any drama or anything breaking down. Then Speedy and I headed to the back yard to build the pergola I'd ordered. Of course the entire hardware package was missing from the box.
T-3 hours until Bumble Book Club. This mama needs a stiff drink and an injection of estrogen time.


  1. facebook is awesome!!

    you are so missing out.

    just saying!

  2. I like facebook for keeping in touch with the lives of friends who live far away. When I read their status updates, or they respond to mine, it's like we live next door, and were able to chat for a moment. I really like that.

    LinkedIn is a professional/job network. Since I work in academia, I've never used it --we don't really "network" the way people in the business world seem to.

    I love the image of your boys "bellying up" to the ice-maker. :-)

  3. Between Facebook and LinkedIn (I'm on both), I'd say that you definitely need to do Facebook, but can pass on LinkedIn. Whenever you're ready to take the plunge, I'd be happy to talk you through Facebook. I actually just taught a newbie's seminar to a local college department and made it a pretty painless process for them.

  4. What kinda fridge didja get, GG? I'm gonna need one soon...!

    PSA if you think you love facebook, please consider viewing the film The Social Network. And, as always, be aware of what you share...

  5. I miss book club! I agree with Mrs. Hall. You should definitely be on FB.

  6. I dunno, Green Girl ... if you teach your boys to do keg stands with ice water, they might not be drawn to them as college kids ... just sayin'.

  7. LinkedIn is more of a business networking thing. I got talked into joining both, but can't be bothered with either one. I always feel like there's something better I could be doing.

    A new fridge sounds great. I need one, but gotta hope ours hangs in there a little longer!

  8. Boys, what can you say?!? Our 3 had a little contest in the backyard...who can hold their mouth over the hose the longest--#3 was so proud "Water Came Out My Nose!" (shaking head and rolling these momma eyes!).

    Have a great time drinking and reading!

    Shelly :)

  9. book club.
    a stiff drink.
    other women.

    I'm with you (in spirit), sister.

  10. I refuse to use Facebook. Flat out no bones about it, refuse.

    I do, however, use LinkedIn. It's great for connecting professionally. It's not silly or chatty. I'm a techie, so gotta show what I know.

    Getting a new chest freezer on Saturday.

  11. Laughed out loud at the boys having a "kegger" in your kitchen!

  12. I'm not sure about Linkedin, I signed up after an invite a long time ago but lost the memo about what the exact point was... but Facebook, that will help you put the "pro" in procrastinate... go for it!

  13. We had a water dispenser related flood once, so we are strictly a no dispenser family.

    I don't do LinkedIn either--though I keep getting the invites, too.

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love dragon flies :)

    Plus, love the new little purple crocus :)

  15. LinkedIn is super for business purposes, and I use it a lot as a small business owner. To keep up with your friends though, blogging (or FB) is much more useful!

    Super image of the boys lining up to chug their water - a new fridge sounds like fun and just in time for summer!

  16. I'm on both. Linkedin is really a business group type thing - although there are other groups on there, but its not chatty or 'fun' like FB. I don't really use linkedin, but I guess if you were actively looking for a position, it would be practical.

  17. Daughter is on LinkedIn so she can post her resume, including links to her photo work. I've been invited, too, and I keep resisting.

  18. Linkedin is nothing much, unless you need to make connections for your international marketing business.

    I keep in touch with my faraway family on facebook, AND get news from good sites like TED and local groups and journalistic stuff. You have to keep your 'friends' to a serious minimum though, have regular culls. Anyone boring gets cut off, and they don't seem to notice most of the time. If they do, you just say 'Oh my goodness, really? How strange!' and re-friend them and click 'hide' so you don't have to see their daily report of what they are thinking of having for breakfast and how their cat is feeling and what their mom said.

    With facebook, YOU decide what you get out of it. You don't have to play games and chat inanely. Ask someone savvy to help you with settings so you can be private and invisible and whatnot.

  19. I received a few Linkedin invitations too but deleted them when I couldn't figure out what it was. ;)
    I'm on Facebook, but I hardly ever use it. I find it terribly annoying how much some people use it and some of the mundain comments they make. Ugh.


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