Tuesday, June 21, 2011

musing on the news

As if I needed another reason to never shop at Wal-Mart, right?

Mr. D is back safe and sound from Omaha. He lived the dream, breathing baseball the entire weekend. He was also amazed at the flooding in that area, a news story getting much less press than news stories about wieners and weenies. It's tragic to see all those farms, all those homes under water. I cannot imagine the horror those poor people are experiencing as they evacuate their homes, businesses and lives along the Missouri and Mississippi.

This logic has me chuckling:

Some Republican White House hopefuls — notably Rep. Michele Bachman of Minnesota — question the scientific consensus that greenhouse gases are likely a leading cause of climate change.

"Carbon dioxide is natural. It occurs in earth," Bachman said during a 2009 floor speech, as the House was considering cap and trade legislation. "Carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas. It is a harmless gas."

Let's examine that for a moment, shall we?

"Snake venom/poison ivy/arsenic is natural. It occurs in earth." Therefore: "Snake venom/poison ivy/arsenic is not harmful."

Why should Sarah Palin be the only idiot woman (goodness knows there are plenty of idiot men) vying for political power? Not to generalize GOP frontrunners or anything ...

Finally, I'm really conflicted about this. On the one hand, I agree with the point they're making. On the other hand, I do feel there's something to be said about how one presents their body--your image is selling a message, whether you like it or not. If you sell the message that you're sexually available, it shouldn't come as a shock that others view you as a sexual object (although the way women are objectified does not result from mere wardrobe choices, it's an ingrained cultural value perpetrated in a myriad of ways--a more complicated issue than wearing a midriff top or showing butt cleavage with low rise jeans). Frankly, I wish the Slutwalkers wouldn't try to replace Take Back the Night. The bigger issue is empowering women, and dressing (or in this case, undressing) doesn't strike me as helpful.

Spill it, reader. What news has you musing?


  1. I'm still musing the "should she take him back?" questions that the current Weiner (heh heh heh...Weiner...) scandal has been raising. I just find myself asking...what would I do? And to be honest...I don't know....

  2. It kills me that people think there is no such thing as global warming. Ugh.

  3. I'm conflicted too. Walmart is one of the very few affordable stores in my little town, and the only large store that carries most things in this town. It's already shut down a couple of local family-owned stores. I don't like shopping there, but it's a basic necessity. However, when I go to the city, I NEVER shop at Walmart because there are actual alternatives.

    I have to dismiss my conflicted feelings about the slut-walk and just agree with them: women shouldn't be assaulted, period, regardless of what they're wearing.

    I'm musing a bit still about the local lower elementary Catholic school that I ALMOST enrolled my son in. He was unsure about the whole praying-to-Mary and doing the sign of the cross, and when I told him (in the classroom at the orientation) "It's okay; you don't have to do that," a teacher piped up "Oh yes he does! It's the rule." And then the principal remarked to me that she has some concerns regarding my attitude about the religious aspect and didn't think "it's a good fit". All I want is a topnotch education for him, and Catholic schools have a reputation around here of having high standards and offer a great education.

  4. Sarah Palin & her ilk make me beyond nauseous - let's not go there.

    I'm sick about the Walmart thing and women. I read the casefile when it was originally filed, and these women suffered discrimination, and this discrimination was systemic at Walmart. Also makes me sick. I despise Walmart and do not shop there. read this: http://www.slate.com/id/2297364/

    Oh, yeah - no global warming. Obviously these people live in cold climates.

  5. Hey, did you see this cartoon? "Wiener Schnitzeled"!

    Lots to muse on, and I'm also a bit conflicted about the Slut Walk. I like the way "Take Back the Night" feels. Although, having worked as a volunteer advocate for our local rape center, I also know that the women who are raped most often are those who were sexually abused as children, which is one reason they might not understand how dressing a certain way might create more of a problem. They just don't develop the natural boundaries as the rest of us.

    So many problems in this world could be solved if we could eradicate child abuse.

  6. This stuff just drives me crazy---I loathe walmart (almost as much as I can't stand seeing all of these stupid butt cracks every time I turn around...seriously, if the pants don't cover your crack try a different style or size!)

    As far as how you dress gets you raped, that's pretty rotten. I think instead of protesting our rights to look like tramps, maybe we should be teaching young girls that their value is more than just their sexuality.

    How do these yahoos get elected? Petty, yes..but I probably wouldn't vote for someone named weiner....too much like a 13 yr old boy joke if you ask me! And where do they find these women?!? Are there no intelligent women to be found that support the GOP?

  7. I heard a scientist talk for an hour last night and he is predicting that our sun is going to go in to a cooling period starting in a year or so, that will produce global cooling. A previous "quiet" period for the sun produced the last ice age in Europe. Just sayin', it may be global cooling ahead.
    Oh, I have never been in a Walmart, I am happy to say.

  8. I've called parents when their darling children wear inappropriate slogans on their clothing. Imagine a 9-year-old girl in a miniskirt and shirt that proclaims "I'm good at being bad." Ahem. Not cute, not funny.
    As for Weiner, I've heard he wanted to join the Miller Park sausage races. Sorry, Congressman, we already have a hot dog.

  9. Do you want there to be MORE idiot women running for president? ;)

    I saw the headlines about Wal-mart but couldn't bring myself to read the full story because it's too depressing.

    The Weiner scandal was boring five minutes after it broke. Why can't Sarah Palin broadcast naughty pictures of herself?

  10. I have been musing about all the flooding, because it's part of my work to try to guess grain acreage. I feel terrible about all the destruction that the floods are causing.

    My policy is not to pay attention to the presidential election campaign until the actual year of the actual election. But I do want to pay attention to climate change, and the ridiculous things some people say about it. Oy vey, Michelle Bachman.

    And I had never heard of the slut walk until I read your blog. So I don't know what I think about it, but I know when I went to get a dress for a fancy event, there was nothing for sale with sleeves or that wouldn't reveal my entire chest area. The styles are thrust upon us, in a weiner-like manner.

  11. First, your peonies are magnificent!

    All of those stories make my head spin. Walmart - disgusting. The flooding - incredibly sad. Just hard to imagine. Bachman - frightening. Slutwalkers - I don't know. If I were to walk for something, not sure that would be my cause.

    The people who are lining up for miles to sit in the Casey Anthony courtroom have me musing.

  12. Well...all I can think about at the moment is how JEALOUS I am of Mr. D!! I live an hour away, I am crazy for the College World Series (I am watching it right now), but I haven't made it to a game yet. My plan is to head for Omaha on Saturday if they have to play games that day. I am glad to hear Mr. D. had a wonderful time!

  13. I feel the same way about the slutwalkers, myself. And I have close friends who will say, "Sure, the earth's getting warmer; but it's NOT global warming!"

    Go figure...

  14. I don't have to click to know you're talking about SlutWalk. I'm conflicted to--just because it's not an invitation to rape doesn't make it a good idea.

  15. I lived in Omaha for about 9 years -- I loved the CWS week(s) -- many folks came every year and enjoyed the city,spent their money, had a fabulous time and went home :). I'm glad your boys had a good time!


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