Thursday, June 2, 2011

profoundly grateful

The 2nd grade class party in our back yard went without a hitch--despite the gusty wind, it was warm and sunny and every kid had a great time. I'm not a natural entertainer, but the effort was worth it when I heard a day later how one of the boys had never been invited to a party before in his life and was so excited to be included. I almost sobbed hearing this. Mr. B has got the biggest heart and includes everybody and this kid felt welcome and included--and he is a really sweet kid, but the kids with Autism don't generally get party invitations (sad to say). Knowing what a class pool party did for this one boy reminded me to try more to do this kind of thing. And it made me proud to have a son who thinks of others.

Lilacs in bloom.

Mr. T was voted "most improved" in his class. This year at the parochial school has been the most amazing blessing. Not only has his confidence grown, he's excelling in a school that matches his learning style. He brought home all A's and B's, something that hasn't happened before. Not a single teacher this year complained to me that they "don't know what to do about Mr. T." All I heard were complements about his effort and his personality. His faith has grown as he learns about Catholicism and how it does and doesn't match up with what I've taught him--the questions he asks are rooting him solid for bigger storms someday. He knows what he believes and why--what a gift!

It's an awesome thing to sit with Mr. D at night and talk about our sons. I feel terribly lucky to have a husband with whom I can natter on and on about our children. No one else loves them like we do, no one else wants to talk about Team Testosterone like the two of us--and we have one another. If I were a single mom or divorced, I'd miss the intimacy we share as we discuss their triumphs and struggles and growth. Their grandmas, my friends, our neighbors don't adore them or know them like we do and it's pretty dang swell to have the conversations Mr. D and I have.

The school year is over. Summer vacation starts at 3:00. Hooray!


  1. You are wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing stories about the amazing kids you're raising. I just appreciate you!

  2. That's sweet Mr. B's party was that boy's first.

  3. Again, I just want to bawl all over this post. It just makes me so happy, and apparently when I'm happy I cry. And I cry when I'm sad. Or any time inbetween. ;)


    I'm so happy to hear how well Mr. B's party went and how it made that boy feel. God bless Mr. B for his kind hearted ways. Nothing better than a compassionate boy. :)
    And YAY and double YAY for Mr. T this school year. What a triumph! I hope he is sufficiently proud of himself. :)

    Yippee for summer break! We still have another 6 days left of school. Boo. ;)

  4. OH shoot!

    I forgot...

    I also wanted to comment on you and Mr. D. That was such a beautiful way to express what I've thought about so many times. When my sister got divorced and something amazing (or scary or hilarious or sad) happened with one of her girls I thought how awful it must be not to have her husband with her to share it with. Because no one can appreciate those stories with you like the other parent can. And it creates such a bond. Thank you for expressing that so well. :)

  5. What great kids.

    What a great mom.

    Thanks for sharing - it gave me a nice warm feeling.

    It's in the upper 90's already here....

  6. Wow, I love that your son included the boy who had not been invited to a party before. Your son has a big heart, and I know mom and dad are influencing him too. Great that parochial school is so supportive for your older son. I agree about our dear hubbys being so important.

  7. Thanks for sharing the great things about your boys. I miss reading your blog when you are too busy to post!!

  8. It's great how interacting with a different faith can make us both more tolerant of different faiths, and also help us understand what we appreciate so much about our own. True for adults as well as kids. :-)

  9. what an awesome post! luckily for us (and Isaiah) he's in a small enough school system that he's not been left out of too much. he's also so innocent that he doesn't realize when he's not. i pray that does not change.

    you have awesome kids! enjoy the summer.

  10. Hip hip hooray!

    I like Mr. B's story. My son had a similar experience with an autistic classmate, who for years afterwards called Ernest his best friend.

  11. I love Team Testosterone. You are raising some good humans there!

    It makes my heart so happy to hear that the school year was so successful for Mr T.

    I once told a public school teacher that public schools are not a great place for the kids who aren't cut with the same "cookie cutter" as most of her class. She was a little bit insulted, but sometimes a kid just needs a different environment.

  12. That is SO neat! Every year that Little Guy was in high school we invited the entire transitions class along with staff to a restaurant for an afternoon party for his birthday. We squared it with the school and made it into a 2-3 hour field trip and they provided all the special (oh how I hate that word!) transportation needed.

    The local restaurants over the years were fantastically accomodating and let us have menus ahead of time so everybody could pre-order what they wanted by name. That way, there wasn't any last-minute confusion or allergy issues.

    Oh, I miss that! LOL

  13. We already adore the Team (especially their Girlfriend, Kitty), but hearing this news about B and T makes them even more loveable. G....always great, of course! :)

    Well done on raising wonderful boys!

  14. My sister told me that the hardest thing about raising two boys by herself is not being able to share the good and the bad. I am and always will be very grateful that I can do just that.

    You have a wonderful family. I love that Mr. B invited everyone in his class. It so important to be included.

    And our news house has the biggest lilac!

  15. Oh, the story about the boy who got invited to his first party made me tear up. You and Team Testosterone have done good! :)


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