Tuesday, June 14, 2011

we've got plenty of outtakes after one day of filming

In light of last week's drama, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to have karate school movie camp all week, correlating with garden chores, baseball schedules and Team Testosterone's first week of summer school. (No, actually I did NOT think this would be a good week, but Mr. O did, so there you go.) You know how Steven Spielberg talked about what a panic it was with The Goonies? Wrangling 7 child actors into place and dialogue? Imagine amateurs doing so with 26 kids.

My script, Crouching Poodle, Hidden Hamster, is awesome. The lead cameraman, gaffer and production manager is a great guy. The child actors? Let me give you a little taste:

I don't wanna be in the zombie scene. I didn't know about that when I signed up for this.

I don't like chips.

I don't like spiders.

Do I have to do this scene?

I can't think of a kung fu move.

Can I change my color?

Do I have to do a kung fu move?

Can I change my kung fu name?

Interestingly, when I tell kids to look SCARED or HAPPY, they're good at it. The minute I tell them to do these things while the camera is focused on them? Blank stares. I've explained to at least 7 kids that being in a movie means acting which is the same as pretending, they knew that when they signed up for MOVIE CAMP, right? Blank stares.

They did perk up when it was time for ice cream, though. I shuttled all 26 of those squirts from ice cream store to the park where we filmed in the Momvan. I answered the same questions from each group of kids strapped into their seats:

How come there's marker on the back of your seat?

Why is there a Nerf gun back here?

I found a Bey Blade thing back here. Can I have it?

Is your van always so messy?

People, it's going to be a wicked long week.


  1. Hee hee. Crouching poodles. I can see them now...

  2. HA! Glad it's you and not me. LOL


  3. Let me know if I need to send someone over there.

  4. Crouching Poodle, Hidden Hamster? Love it! Can't wait to see the final production. Will Neil Patrick Harris be the MC when you get your Oscar? If you need a hamster stand in, Rhino is currently living with us and he's pretty easy to bribe with seeds. LMK...

  5. Oh my gosh, it sounds like herding cats!
    I bet the finished film will be a riot.

  6. Crouching Poodle, Hidden Hamster made me cackle. Good luck girl!

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  8. You are a brave, brave woman. I admire you.

    Sorry for interrupting your supper tonight. I just wanted to explain our slightly odd behavior.

  9. Oh deary me. Just make sure you get a good night's sleep all week, you'll need it.

  10. Looking forward to seeing the trailer for "Crouching Poodle, Hidden Hamster" soon.

    Now that I'm more awake and reading your post again, I see that the movie camp idea was perhaps foisted on you by an outside, less-involved person. I hope you make it through the week and get to integrally involve Idea Man Mr. O. Certainly for the next ice cream run.

  11. Oh my! YOU are VERY good! I hope we get to see a clip from the movie. IT sounds like a fun group of kids.
    xo jj


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