Thursday, July 21, 2011

a closer analysis of "never"

No, yesterday's "never" wasn't a bucket list by any means, just random stuff I've never done that are kind of common for a lot of people. Will I do any of these things? Read on, reader.

*went on a cruise never gonna happen. Sounds boring, being stuck in one spot for a week. I don't enjoy prepackaged vacations when there are so many better options
* painted my toenails or got a pedicure might happen--neighbor gal has invited me to do this to help celebrate her birthday
* got a tattoo never gonna happen. I love my skin, no need to embellish
* rode a snowmobile probably never gonna happen. See: dangerous, loud, smelly exhaust. I prefer x-c skiing or sledding
* voted a straight ticket could happen, I vote on the person, so this might happen, but not because I planned on it. See: single-issue voters annoy the hell out of me.
* cooked lamb never gonna happen, I ate lamb twice and both times got wicked sick
* turned down a slice of pie seems self-explanatory, no?
* went to an NBA game probably never gonna happen, don't give a rip about the NBA to waste my time, we live 2 hours away from the Bucks
* shopped for a car alone could happen, but circumstantially not probable at said time. See: married, joint checking account
* grew eggplant maybe next year--trouble is, I'm the only one here who would eat it.
* parasailed/skydived/went up in a balloon/bungee jumped probably never gonna happen. See: dangerous, irrational fear of dying from falling
* bought myself an expensive piece of jewelry never gonna happen. I'd rather buy books or plants
* caught the bouquet at a wedding never gonna happen--I'm already married and the single ladies should have dibs
* was a bridesmaid probably never gonna happen, nothing I can control
* read Jane Eyre someday I'll get around to this one
* required eyeglasses or contacts probably will happen, but so far I'm freakishly blessed with good vision
* golfed well not gonna happen anytime soon--no time to practice
* tried one of those ice cream coffee things they serve at Starbucks probably gonna happen--See: neighbor gal's birthday, pedicure
* bought store brand peanut butter never gonna happen, we all have our quirks
* listened to At The Edge, the commercials really creep me out probably never gonna happen, only if I'm in the car and it happens to be on while I'm trolling stations....
* sat through a horror movie without covering my eyes or screaming can't help being scared, can you?
* figured out how to see the image in those 3D pictures not gonna happen, there's a trick to it, but I've given up trying to learn it
* "layered" my scents--heck, I don't even own perfume SMELLS, people! Never gonna happen
* recycled a newspaper without at least skimming it--no matter how many pile up Gonna happen, I don't want to end up on "Hoarders" someday, even though old habits die hard
* got call waiting or caller ID well, technically we have this feature on cell phones, but I'll never employ it on our land line. And yes, I believe in land lines, I'm old-fashioned that way.
* understood NASCAR Probably never will, noisy, smelly cars go fast in circles--what's the big deal?
* played poker ought to learn someday, maybe Team Testosterone and I will learn together so they can hold their own at D's family functions...

Spill it, reader. What's the deal with your "nevers?" Money? Inclination? Strange quirks?


  1. I like a person who knows what she'll do or not do :-)

    Enjoy your pedi and Starbucks ;-)

  2. i have to think of my "nevers" and if they will remain that way, or at some point i'll change my mind.

    i used to say i would never get a tattoo. but now i want a little one :)

    thanks for making me think!!!

  3. I'm glad you're considering the pedi/starbucks morning. :) We'll discuss dates soon! :)

  4. Found your blog via Mrs Hall...

    A few comments...

    No tattoos here either thank youuuu :D

    Lamb is all right actually.

    NBA - I'd sooner watch paint dry (see also NASCAR)

    I envy your vision. Mine sucks.

    Can't stand peanut butter generally.

    As for me ...

    Never had a dusghter. Never will (unless somethimng very weird happens)

  5. I finally got my first pedi this summer. Still holding up pretty good.

    No tattoos for me either.

    I don't drink any coffee, muchless Starbucks. I've never had more than a sip.

  6. I'll never stop getting tattooed. til I'm a zillion-year-old bag-a-bones. *heee hee hee!
    * ; )

    and I'll probly never have the patience to potty-train a puppy myself...I'd like a dog, maybe a dachshund or a corgi or some other littler fellow...

    never eaten chinese cuisine = quirk/ EDNOS

  7. Love it! Pedis + starbucks every once in awhile do a girl good....

    I'll never understand the point of nascar...E.V.E.R!

  8. That's a whole lot of 'nevers'.... a word I try very hard not to use because ya just don't know what life holds in store. I think I may have a couple of nevers but they don't compete with your list. :-))

  9. I like your list; you have a good sense of self and what you like.

  10. This time I'm smiling at the eggplant comment. My daughter (24) and son (19) like eggplant. I do not. Hubs does not. I could plant it for their dining pleasure. I've been buying asparagus because it's one of the only vegetables the entire family will eat!

  11. A few:

    Never going to get a tattoo: not because I don't like them, but because I dislike pain more than I like tattoos.

    Never going to have one of the ice-cream coffee drinks: I don't like sweet stuff in my coffee, thank you.

    Never will watch or care about NASCAR, or any organized sport. To me they are all equally boring to watch, and most of them are boring to play. (Good thing I married a man who feels the same way, and we had a daughter who also seems to feel the same way.)

    Never watch a horror movie again. I don't like being scared; I don't find it entertaining.

    (I would probably cook lamb, because the times I've had it, it's been delicious, but it's hard to find and expensive. Plus, eating it does make me feel kind of guilty.)

  12. Never jumped off a bridge - I'm not totally crazy

    Never flown in a plane that lands on water or a helicopter - I get airsick so I only fly when I need to get somewhere. (Not quirky - just a whimp) I ever got sick on Harry Potter at Universal - big-ole-baby that's me.

  13. I've learned not to say never but it's probable that I won't ever be sporting fingernail art.

    Give in the ped. I have one two to three times a year and they feel good if you don't mind having someone mess with your feet.

  14. I said I never tried caviar or escargot, because everyone knows I'm a picky eater.

    I never had a dog because my Mom hated animals and then I got married to a man who thinks dogs are a PITA. We have had quite a few cats.

  15. I refuse to watch scary movies because I'm easily frightened. I don't eat food that's so spicy that it hurts. I like to think that it's sensible not to jump out of airplanes. Beats me.

    There's not much I'd wanted to do that I haven't gone ahead and done. Y'know, except for that Europe thing...

  16. At the moment what I would never do, would require too much thinking. Never say never?
    If you can afford it, you should get a pedicure every week. Jane Eyre was my favorite book when I was a kid. (Poor Jane) I don't care that much for jewelry either and would much rather have books.
    Oh, I have a never. You will never ever find me going on a cruise. Never!

  17. Love this.

    I would probably ride a snowmobile if they weren't so smelly. Who wants to smell like gasonline? Blech.

    Have a tattoo. Probably will get more.

    Never used to paint my toenails because I hate feet. Then I realized painted toenails make feet look better. BONUS!

    Never went bungee jumping, skydiving, or the like. Always wanted to. Then I became a mom, and changed my mind. Not worth the risk.

    I've never had those starbucks ice cream drinks either. I hear they have something like 2000 calories. ugh.

  18. I have to say I thought I would HATE cruising -- but I actually like it. very relaxing. I can't even come up with a list of nevers.... I love this list.

  19. Jane Eyre is fantastic!! Definitely indulge yourself. Ditto for a pedicure because the foot massage that follows is to die for! Pie? Yes! Don't mind if I do.

  20. I think I can safely go with never on the tattoo as well.

  21. I used to say that I've never had a massage and that I never would, but I finally caved this spring and got one to help loosen up some sore, injured muscles, so I guess it's safer to say that I'll never say never.

  22. I never have gone sky diving. I don't particularly want to. Fear of heights.

    I am encouraged to read in the comments that I am not the only one who won't/can't see a scary movie. I also can't read scary books. If I want a good scare I just look at the front page of the newspaper.

  23. Never going to do any of those skydiving/bungee jumping things either. Can barely make it up 2 flights of an open staircase. I just think of that poor man who got stuck bungee jumping this week. I would have had a coronary.


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