Thursday, July 14, 2011

oh, baby

you aren't really a baby anymore. For the longest time we called you "baby G" or "the baby." We finally quit when your brothers never referred to you by name, but rather by these nicknames. But you are the baby, and baby? You are seven.


Out of kindergarten, strictly into boyworld now. In honor of your special day, here are seven things special about you, Mr. G:

1. You are loud. Reallyreallyreally loud. Whether asking a question or singing a song or telling a story, you have awesome lung power.

2. Early to bed and early to rise. Rarely able to stay awake past 9:00, your smiling face is one of the first things I see each day--sometimes as early as 5:30 a.m. But it's not so bad since you're kind of snuggly first thing.

3. Testosterone oozes off every pore. You're our athlete, anxious to watch football and basketball and baseball. You throw, swim, run, hit, shoot, catch and have excellent coordination in everything you do. You love dinosaurs, animals, superheroes, guns, trains, cars, balls and going fast. To get you going, I'll threaten you with pink things, Barbie dolls and pretty ponies--it's a surefire way to make you scream.

4. When you're not being loud, it's probably because you're busy chewing. I never knew any kid to eat like you. Breakfast, second breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Consequently, you grow like a weed.

5. You have the most specific habits. You will wear the same outfit for days in a row, refuse underpants, hoard boxes in your room ("that's my favorite box!"), leave all things messy and if it's clean, make a fresh mess. You like things done your way, sometimes being a bit of a brat about it. You're particular about what you watch on TV (mainly Curious George and Wild Kratts), you don't like it when people fudge on rules when playing a game. You're incredibly tactile, needing to touch something all the time, a blanket, a hand, a stuffed animal. You sight read instead of sounding out words using phonics. You can switch hit, belch on a whim and make the most terrific gun noises.

6. Show-off, attention hoard, class clown--kid, you command and demand a LOT of attention. If no one is paying attention to you as you wish, you'll immediately commence somersaulting across the room or acting silly. You want all eyes on you and you'll compete until you're blue in the face to get everyone to look.

7. You have a tender, sweet heart. You've befriended our neighbors, two elderly people who you adore. You voluntarily head over to shovel their driveway, you follow them around the yard, you shower them with affection. You are gentle with the little neighbor girl and patient wYou feel concerned about Jax when there's a thunderstorm, you worry about a classmate who went home from school with a stomach ache. You are generous with hugs, smiles, thoughtful words and kind gestures.

It's easy to celebrate you today, Mr. G. Happy birthday.


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  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. G! You've got the best smile!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. G!

    #4 reminds me of hobbits: 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, tea, dinner, supper, and that doesn't even include snacks!

  4. ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~ Mr. G !!!!!!

    7 is a great number to be!! And I am so glad you like that box I sent - I don't know if it is worthy of your collection. And I hope you like Twizzlers.
    * = D

    I really like your skull-and-bones hat in that one picture too.

    what kind of cake are you having?

    big huggs from Aunt B-for-Birthday!

  5. Your son is a treasure and a credit to you :) Number 7 and the older couple is very touching, and the whole idea of his tender nurturing heart. I see a career path there. Minister, veterinarian, physical therapist or maybe on the Packers football team!

  6. Happy Birthday Neighbor Dude. We all hope it was a great day! Kitty and Birdie send lots of hugs your way.

  7. Happy birthday Mr. G. It seems like just yesterday that you were having your 4th birthday.

  8. You don't know me Mr. G but I think you are one heck of an awesome guy! Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy! (Don't they grow up fast :)

  10. Happy 7th B-day Mr. G! He sounds like a cross between both of my boys. Lots of great qualities.

  11. Happy Birthday Mr. G!!! 7 is an awesome year!

  12. Happy Birthday to both of you!

    He and Danger Boy have so much in common it's a little weird!

  13. Happy Birthday, Mr. G! And hats off to Mom, raising a testosterone oozing boy who is compassionate.

  14. Happy Bday to Mr. G and Mamma 2!

  15. Happy 7rh, Mr. G!

    Ditto what Yogurt said. Perfect combo.

  16. Awww. What an awesome lil man. A boy, through and through.
    Happy Birthday to your "baby". :)

  17. Happy Birthday Mr. G. There's just something about those youngest children that make them special!

  18. Awww. What a great kid. Save this. He'll love it when he's 30!


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