Friday, July 29, 2011

one grande java chip frappuccino with a side of toenail polish

You know I never did some stuff (see: post from last week) and naturally some people took that to mean I'd created some sort of funky bucket list that involved following NASCAR and knocking down wedding guests so I could catch a bridal bouquet. Au contraire. Nevertheless, prodding came from all corners to quit being a fuddy duddy about my toenails. My neighbor gal, J, invited me out for ice cream-coffee drinks and pedicures to help celebrate her birthday. "Go! You must go!" everyone encouraged.

Well, here you go, readers.

I began the day with reasonably clean feet and picked up J after lunch.

toes in the buff

We arrived at Starbucks and J explained the different drink categories. After much discussion while studying at the menu board, I decided to copy my friend Sarah's daughter and order something called "Java Chip." Totally copying J, I ordered a "grande java chip frappuccino." Naturally this led to the barista asking more questions--"Whole milk? 2 percent? Skim? Soy?" "Whipped Cream?" Obligating with the "routine" of a Starbucks counter, I filled in the blanks, including, I think, my blood type, athletic shoe brand preference and marital status.

Eventually this arrived:

Smooth, creamy, I confess I should've gone with another flavor because those little java chips kept lodging in my throat like tiny pills. It was yummy, but not unlike a chocolate milkshake. People, the jury is out. I like coffee and I like ice cream, but they don't need to be mixed together for any particular benefit that I can fathom.

After sitting at an outside table and enjoying our cups o' frothy sweetness, we headed toward the beauty school where our side-by-side chairs awaited us.

The chairs had massage features (nice!) and the hot bath felt pretty relaxing on my feet. The photo above is of J's feet. Note her pedicurist's long blonde hair--it was really remarkable hair. My pedicurist (M, a nice gal from North Carolina who was seeking a career change from her gig as a CNA at a nursing home) was only in the nails program, her hair was nothing to get excited about.

Here's the little tub for my feet. Yes, those are my Germanic calves framing the shot, lending the entire photo a p*rnographic quality I just now notice.

The view from our chairs was really nice.

After much soaking and exfoliating and disinfecting, some clipping and filing took place. I thought the sloughing with the big file would feel worse than it did--really wasn't an unpleasant sensation. My cuticles (I have them on my toes? I had no idea!) were softened, pushed back and trimmed. Massaging, rubbing, scraping and polishing took place. My feet never looked quite so clean and pink before.

Then the pedicurist painted them.

I confess, every time I look down, my toes make me smile. Kind of like when you see a monkey wearing a dress. It's unexpected, you never thought the monkey looked naked before, but now with a dress it looks sort of cute.

I have cute toes.

Cute, robin's egg blue toes. On Green Girl feet.

My verdict? A pedicure is a relaxing treat and, unlike getting a facial or massage, you get to actually see the results which in my view adds bang for your buck. Will I get another? I imagine I will. Will I always paint my toes? Highly unlikely. Am I glad I did this? Yes, I am. Thanks, J, for a fun afternoon--and happy birthday!

(J's toes look elegant--she opted for OPI Red.)


  1. Fun! I like the color you chose. Very pretty.

  2. So pretty! I love blue on toes. :)

  3. Love the blue! Mocha chip chunks are not super high on my list---stopped in last night to SB's with a friend and triple checked that there'd be no weird floaters in my drink!

    Glad that you had fun!!!

    Shelly :)

  4. I had a wonderful time...thanks neighbor! Farmer commented that my feet looked decent again....he's not a fan of my feet. :)

    That pedicurist's hair was amazing...I just wish her social skills were as impressive as her hair. Poor thing...not much for conversation.

  5. Great post. I've never had a pedicure or a manicure in my entire lifetime. I am so weird. But, I do keep my toenails painted and right now they're a dark blue. I like your robin egg blue color! LOL @ the coffee story. They make it sound so confusing and if you don't know what you're ordering it's even worse.

  6. Yeah, coffee and ice-cream really don't require mixing :-) If I want a shake, I'll order a shake.

    Your toes look relaxed and pretty. After the previous days, they probably deserved a little luxury. I've never painted my toes, but my daughter does now, and I think it looks very nice on her. I just can't fit it into my busy schedule.

  7. I'm a pedicure virgin. I think I should change that.

  8. Hee heee,,, I used to get manicures and fake nails but gave that up a few years back. Never had a pedi though... bet it would feel nice!

  9. That's exactly why I paint my toes! I've been doing it since I was 12 years old and it STILL makes me happy whenever I see them. Which is a lot because I live in open-toed shoes.

    If you give the Frappuccino another shot, go for the caramel. I don't like the chunks in the Java Chip either.

  10. Well congrats for adding to you "have tried" list :-) Sounds like overall decent experiences. I like the blue!

  11. The nurse in me (along with a few choice news articles on some pretty nasty bacterial infections can get out of control from nail salons) has never allowed the thought of a pedicure for moi.

    A few friends said I should just suck it up, ask about disinfecting procedures at whatever salon I chose, and even buying and bringing my own nail tools, but by then? I would have just done the job myself. Yeah, I'm awesome that way. Uh, no.

    I'm talking some REALLY nasty infections on ladies toes, legs and such. Big expose' here in Northern CA. So, I guess it's homegrown pedi's, or not at all for me.

    Unless. . . I could bring my own footbath. by then it would be just paying for the labor of working over my feet and toenails, and that? I might possibly do.

  12. I so dig a pedicure. I get one once a month. So worth it!

    I go for deep metallic coral. Reds look BAD on me.

  13. Sounds like fun! You're on your feet and outdoors so much, the pedicure probably felt great. Polish or no polish, it'll be fun to do again.

  14. ~ Nice one!!!~ & *HAA that one photo is pretty funny...I was thinking they put you in a VERY tiny room at first...omg!
    * ; )'s fun to choose a few times a year and go, if you're not a 'regular'!

  15. Glad you enjoyed it. It is suchbabtreat to get a pedicure. I love it. :)

  16. Pedicures are one of my favorite things to do--so totally relaxing!

  17. I love pedicures. I've even given my husband a coupon treat like this for V-day ;)

  18. I was a little put-off last time I went to Starbucks when the barista asked me to bend over and cough. It seemed like a bit much.

  19. I'm so glad you got your toes done! You deserve toes that make you smile. :)

  20. what an amazing color choice for your first pedi! I'm impressed. I do love a good pedicure. :)

  21. Excellent choice of color! As it happens I also had a pedicure on Friday (my wonderful husband had made an appointment at the salon for me to get my hair and toes done) but I went for a drab brown. Funky blue is much better.

  22. Lovely! I've only ever had two pedicures (both via gift certificate), and my favorite part both times was the massage. :)

    I liked your pornographic pic. ;)

    Excellent color choice too!

  23. My friends and I call them party toes. Glad you finally got to experience it.


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