Wednesday, July 13, 2011

this just in

Ah, I feel better after my whiny rant yesterday. All of the kind, encouraging comments made me feel like less of a failure on the home front. It's good to commiserate, to know I'm not the only mom frustrated by the constant chaos, demands, cleaning and feeding. Now that I got things off my chest, we can return to our regular programming...

So much strawberry jam--I left the jars on the counter for days because they made me so proud.

Mr. B's team took 2nd in a baseball tournament and they have another one this weekend.

Mr. T is safely ensconced at Bible Camp. He was headed out to fish when I bid him adieu.

The Bumbles will be(e) here tonight. Photos to come. I have the most darling little gifts for my book club. For those of you who care, we read Jean Thompson's The Year We Left Home which in my view is superior to Jonathan Franzen's Freedom in so many ways.

Raspberries, peas, zucchini. Lots of them.

A pile of weeds dug out where zinnia seeds didn't grow. I tore out a forest of volunteer dill. The smell was positively overwhelming. Consequently, I took advantage of the great deals at my favorite greenhouse up the road and replanted it with perennials.

The prairie is in full bloom.

The boys are done with summer school tomorrow and soccer on Saturday.

We have so many hopping frogs.

And mice. I miss Violet. Jax is a miserable mouser.

Mr. G turns 7 tomorrow.

My kitchen is finally clean.


  1. Sounds like a good summer to me! And when soccer and summer school are over hopefully it will feel more relaxing too.
    So glad you are feeling better. We all need a good rant once in a while. :)

  2. OK, how pretty does food look after canning? I leave mine out forever too. Because it's a lot of work and yeah, I'm proud of it!

  3. Rants are good---out with the bad in with the good :) Our garden was a huge fail this year. Congrats on birthdays, summer school and jam!

  4. One nice thing about blogs is we can rant or be silly or whatever, because it is our very own platform
    I am jealous to think of a forest of dill, I love that scent but it doesn't grow for me! Tell us a bit about the book your book club read, if you care to.

  5. Missing Violet?
    ....did your box from the 505 arrive...? It should wwwaayyy have been there by now!

  6. I can't wait to hear why Home was better than Freedom. I liked Freedom better.

    Save that conversation until I get there, pretty please. :)

  7. Strawberry jam! I like to leave mine out for a few days, too. I'm still pretty darn proud that I can provide for my family this way.
    Are your raspberries rotting on the vine? If so, I'll be happy to help you "dispose" of them. (shameless hinting)

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I would love to have a forest of dill. That is my favorite herb evahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mr. G.!

  10. sounds like an awesome summer! happy birthday to your little man.

    canned fruits and veggies look so good - leave them out for days if you want. heck, decorate with them. put 'em here and there and then they'll be close at hand when you want to use them, easily replaced by another jar. (hehehe! j/k)

  11. Happy b-day Mr. G!

    Congrats on 2nd place, Mr. B!

  12. I enjoyed this sweet summer update. :) Hello again! It's been about four years since I started blogging and "met" you. I returned to some old posts to recognize those who were read my blog when so few did! :) Thanks for your support back in those early days. I'm glad to see you're still blogging, too! I'll be back (and it won't be in four years!haha)

  13. You have a busy, busy, fruitful summer going on up there! I would be proud of that strawberry jam too...not to mention a clean kitchen!

    Happy Birthday to Mr. G tomorrow!!


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