Wednesday, July 20, 2011

well, I never

* went on a cruise
* painted my toenails or got a pedicure
* got a tattoo
* rode a snowmobile
* voted a straight ticket
* cooked lamb
* turned down a slice of pie
* went to an NBA game
* shopped for a car alone
* grew eggplant
* parasailed/skydived/went up in a balloon/bungee jumped
* bought myself an expensive piece of jewelry
* caught the bouquet at a wedding
* was a bridesmaid
* read Jane Eyre
* required eyeglasses or contacts
* golfed well
* tried one of those ice cream coffee things they serve at Starbucks
* bought store brand peanut butter
* listened to At The Edge, the commercials really creep me out
* sat through a horror movie without covering my eyes or screaming
* figured out how to see the image in those 3D pictures
* "layered" my scents--heck, I don't even own perfume
* recycled a newspaper without at least skimming it--no matter how many pile up
* got call waiting or caller ID
* understood NASCAR
* played poker

Spill it, reader. What have you never?


  1. I've never smoked an illegal substance, owned a cat, or played been on stage.

  2. Hmmm. Some of these are really surprising to me. Like the snowmobile one. Weren't you saying how some kids ride snowmobiles to school in your neck of the woods? Do you have a snowmobile and just never hoped on? For the record, I never rode a snowmobile either. ;)

  3. Well. You gonna do any of those things at some point? ;-) You might end up liking it!

  4. I have never:
    a) wrecked a motorcycle
    b) ridden a snowmobile or skied
    c) cooked a full holiday meal

  5. Great list... do the hot air balloon thing. You won't be sorry. :-))

  6. And Green Girl: you've never had call-waiting or caller ID...? Does this don't have cell phones

    * : o


    but I held out til about 2004 as well.

  7. Ohhhh. This is such a good line of questioning! You are a genius! I'm so caught up in playing Questions that I never thought to play "I Never."

    I repeat, GENIUS.

  8. hmmm... i've never done a lot of things.

    snow ski
    been to europe
    been to canada
    been on a cruise

    too many to list...

    you need to put some of those on your bucket list.

  9. Some "nevers" I would like to accomplish, like go on a cruise.

    Other "nevers" can stay that way: been arrested, played poker, been divorced.

  10. I'll have to think about this one. It might be a post all its own. However, I recommend Jane Eyre. After you read it, then read The Eyre Affair. Funny.

  11. My list is pretty much the same as yours with the exception of just a few things! :)

  12. I've never had a dog, tried caviar or escargot.

  13. Let's go to starbucks together some Tues/thurs morning and try one of those drinks. Then I'll take you for a pedicure, since I can't reach my own toenails anymore without getting a cramp, so there will be two things off your list! ;) My birthday is coming would be a great morning out!

    let me know....

  14. I've never ridden in a helicopter - but my husband has.

    I've never gone bridge jumping - but my husband has.

    I've never ridden in a plane that landed on water - but my husband has.

    I've never seen the alps - but my husband has.

    Man, I'm one boring lady - at least I'm married to a fascinating man ;)he's truly my better-half

  15. Get thee to a Starbucks and try a frozen coffe thing--delish!

  16. I'm recommending the pedi and the frappacinno -- ASAP.

  17. I've never been to a Yankees game even though I'm the biggest fan! Hoping to mark that off my list someday soon!

  18. I've never smoked tobacco.

    I've never cross-country skiied (too much work; see "downhill")

    I've never lived with a dog (see: carnivore indoors)

    I've never been to Europe. (Oh, boo-hoo!)

    I've never read anything written by Dickens. (My bad.)

    I've never jumped into clear air from any vehicle or structure, not even on fire, nor have I ever dangled from a cliff.

    I'm really pretty boring. ;)

  19. Never painted your toes??? Funny, in my view that's the most shocking item on your list! My toes never go naked, not even in the dead of winter when I am the only person to see them un-socked.


Spill it, reader.