Thursday, August 18, 2011

best summer sounds

Reader, I could close my eyes and tell you exactly the season any time of year. If my nose doesn't give it away first, my ears pick up the hum and buzz.

Crickets--rhythmically lulling me to sleep. What is cozier than a cricket's chirp?
The slap-bang of screen doors.
The snap of beans pulled free from the vine, the gentle thud as they land in my bucket.
Morning birds, finches, robins, sparrows, swallows, doves--but NOT the crow's jarring caw!
The crack when the bat hits the ball and the slow building roaring cheer when the crowd realizes--then reacts..
Splashing water, the ker-plunk of a cannonball, the sploosh of a dive, the squirt of a water gun's ammunition hitting the mark.
Ice cubes clinking in a glass.
The steady gust from a window fan, the tiny rattle as it vibrates.

Spill it, reader. Your favorite summer sound.


  1. Your list is great... but crickets can totally keep me awake at night and I have to hunt him down with a slipper and thwack him.

    Birds in the morning are my cup of daily tea. They're just so darned happy to be alive.

  2. I, too, love the sound of a ball hitting a bat.. but what is even better..the sound of a ball hitting a catcher's glove.

  3. waves lapping up on shore or against the hull of a boat. I love being by water in the summer.

  4. Oooooo. I LOVE this post. Love.

    The sound of morning doves first thing as I wake. The sound of the swings creaking in the backyard as the kids pump higher and higher. Heat bettles of the warmest of days. Kids' screamings and laughter all throughout the neighborhoods. The waves smashing against the rocks on the lake below us.
    Love summer. Love it.
    Don't want it to end. :(

  5. I love the sound of crickets and the hum of a lawn mower in combination with the smell of freshly cut grass. Especially when I am not the one walking behind it!

  6. This is beautiful!

    Personally, right now my favorite sound is that of the squash of another scorpion. Sorry. We did have a lot of cricket noise but that stopped with the arrival of the scorpions.
    It is very quiet nowadays here in Oklahoma. Very quiet. That could be because the hum of the AC cancels out everything else.
    Okay. I'll respond again in October with happy sounds. :-)

  7. My favorite summer sound: the air conditioner! A summer person I am not. I say, give me a full-blown Wisconsin blizzard any day of the week. Heck, I eat them for breakfast! (<--In my Mad City book, it's the other white meat! LOL!)

  8. Great list! Those are all my favorites too. I even like the sound of an occasional rain or thunder storm in the summer too.

  9. We have little frogs that sound a lot like crickets. Eep eeep eep.

  10. The blender - making those slushy margaritas!!!

    Cheers ;)

  11. sprinklers...big irrigation ones, or ones that go chik-chik-chik-chik-chik...
    ...and summer rainstorms...

  12. I love the early night sounds right now --there are crickets and frogs in it, but the katydids seem to be making the most noise. It's so noisy around 9 p.m. that we can't hear each other talking outside! Those sounds totally lull me to sleep, and I open a window for the sound even if we need the A/C on all night.

  13. That strange thwip noise that kids make spitting watermelon seeds. And the four attempts that the little ones need. Thhh, thhh, pthaa, THHWP. Lookin' good baby!!

  14. I love thunder. We usually have one big storm a day in the summer. It's normally late afternoon and only lasts about 15-30 min.

  15. Sitting in my office right now listening to the cicadas and crickets outside, the whir of the fan desperately trying to bring some cool air in from the main part of the house.

    That said, can't wait for some cool weather sounds.


Spill it, reader.