Tuesday, August 23, 2011

really wonderful

Three boys + three friends + no fighting = general merriment.
Orange is the New Black--a compelling memoir about life in a women's prison. Go. Click the link and get yourself a copy.
Tomatoes fresh off the vine.
A professional request for one of my manuscripts (oooh! oooh! pleasepleaseplease publish it!).
A surprise visit from a couple of the T Sisters. The five T Sisters babysat my sons, beginning when Mr. T was a newborn ... now they're all grown up--the youngest is completing her senior year of college. One is grad school bound. One is back from a year in Iraq as a chaplain's assistant. One is teaching preschool at a naval base in Japan. One is married with boys of her own. Two T Sisters were on a bike ride and decided Chez Green Girl was a good destination. I'm glad they came by--we laughed and reminisced and caught up on so many things. Now I feel quite old, of course, but we had a lovely time.
Finding just the right gift for two people I love.

Spill it, reader. What's really wonderful in your world?


  1. Fingers crossed on your manuscript - that's so cool!

  2. That I could buy the book you recommended on my Nook before I even commented on your post!

  3. First, congratulations on the manuscript request. Here's hoping you get published soon!

    I went over to the "Orange is the New Black" site and come pay day hope to buy the book. It's a sad situation the number of people we keep in prisons.

  4. Nothing truly wonderful here.. just an earthquake today that grabbed my attention. LOL

  5. Congrats on the manuscript request!! So exciting!

    My kids doing homework unassisted -- so very wonderful.

    D9 helping me make pizza for dinner. Also very wonderful.

  6. What's wonderful? I'm taking a trip with my husband and won't have to cook for 5 days!

  7. It's sunny, fresh guac and sliced watermelon is on the counter, and I have an evening with no responsibilites other than reading and writing.

    Good luck with that manuscript request. Sending acceptance mojo your way!!!!!

  8. I find it wonderful that you got a professional request for one of your manuscripts!

  9. Congrats on the manuscript request~~~fingers and toes crossed~~~
    Fresh Black Cherry Jam on fresh baked bread~
    Watching excitement in my Grandloves faces~
    A quiet evening with just my hublove~
    A homegrown fresh tomato sandwich~
    A rainbow, sunrise and sunset~
    all the rest of God's Blessings

  10. Well, Ron had a great hemoglobin A1C today at the doctor's office. For a diabetic in good control, it needs to be under 7.0; normal limits is under 6.0. Ron's was 5.5!!! That, in my world, is amazing!

  11. Great news on the manuscripts!!! How neat to see these girls accomplishing so much with their lives :)

  12. just got back from a whole day at the cottage...no timelines, no cows to milk tonight, no clocks to watch....perfect day!

  13. Vegging out on a float in the pool.
    Yummy salmon for dinner.
    17 days until vacation.

  14. Wow. Those are realy wonderful things. The T Sisters sound amazing.

    What's wonderful is that I have absolutely NO complaints.

    Good luck with the mannie. :)


Spill it, reader.