Wednesday, September 21, 2011

anarchy club

Season 4, Episode 3

I knew it would end badly when Kozik agrees to play hoops with his neighbor kids...after he loads up a truck with guns, he gets lured to play for money and BAM! About what you'd expect--the kids jump him and steal the truck--and the guns.

Back at Chez Jax, Jax and Clay talk about how to get the club to agree to run drugs AND sell guns. There's a vaguely creepy scene where Clay tries to gauge what Tara knows about his past and he complements her on being so strong for Jax. You can tell by both her silence and her facial expressions that she does NOT trust him.

Back at the clubhouse, Clay and Bobby run an errand--Jax and the rest chase down the stolen truck which leads them to the craziest and funniest house where this Bad-Ass Mama deals in stolen goods and organic vegetables. Her two sons, Luther and Vandross (I laughed out loud) deny knowing anything about guns, she doesn't do guns--she runs them off. A clever chase scene later and we're back at Bad-Ass Mama's where half the gang appears to be enjoying lemonade on her porch and Jax explains yes, you do have my guns and Bad Ass Mama clips Luther and Vandross and I rolled off the bed laughing again. The guns get returned and Bad Ass Mama peels a c-note and hands it to Jax--"For your trouble." I really really hope we see these characters again.

Meanwhile, Clay takes Bobby out to the Reservation where the ammo is being made. Clay tries to bribe Bobby's vote by promising him the president's spot. Bobby's on to him--and learns why Jax voted for running the drugs. (I think Bobby's one of the most loyal of SAMCRO's members--an old timer who believes in a lot more than making money.) Naturally the tribe wants a bigger cut, presuming that Clay's making more selling to the cartel. Clay and Bobby cool their heels while watching a guy get tortured to death. Clay swears the club's NOT making more and Charlie believes him. Bobby watches Clay lie through is teeth and you can read his mind.

Gemma tears apart Tara's office again and we learn after she's gone that Tara's been job hunting--has an offer in another state. She hasn't told anyone but Margaret who truly cares about Tara and wants her safely OUT of Charming and away from SAMCRO. Tara's conflicted. Gemma returns and fesses up a bit about the John/Maureen story. (Was it just me or did you think Gemma was crying crocodile tears? I didn't buy it...)

Opie tells Jax he'll vote with him, totally broke my heart. Opie loves Jax and Jax is totally betraying his trust down the line.

The feds bring Sheriff Roosevelt up to speed and hand over a file on Juice. A fantastic example of why I love this show--they take a minor character like Juice, SAMCRO member who owns a cleansing/weed shop on the side, and bump him up and flesh him out. He's pulled in by the sheriff and we learn that Juice's dad is black. The sheriff puts it out there that SAMCRO veers towards racist--what would happen if they found out? Juice leaves, shaken. Awesome performances in this scene, too.

Piney tells Gemma about the drug running, she confronts Clay and Clay tells her to stay out of club business. I saw real fear in her eyes. I saw fear in Piney's eyes, too. You get a real sense that nothing's going to stop Clay from doing what he wants--between his greed and ambition and the club's alliances falling all over the place, things are becoming rocky.

The club convenes to vote on running the drugs for the cartel and it's 6 to 5--voting nay were Happy, Bobby, Chibs, Juice, and Piney. Juice and Happy's votes were the two that surprised me a little. I think it will become important that Tig sided with Clay and Bobby did not. It's interesting that after promising to make Opie president when he steps down, Clay turns around and offers it to Bobby. Clay's double-dealing everybody and Jax is beginning to follow in his footsteps. Not a real bloody episode, but pivotal in explaining who people trust and revealing everyone's secret alliances and plans.


  1. Can't believe I missed the first couple of a new season?!! I am in the Anarchy Club, definitely. I can't get enough of the delicious characters and "out-there" plot! Or maybe it's not so "out-there."

  2. I loved the Bad Ass Mama scenes too! Especially when someone commented to Jax that Bad Ass makes Gemma look like a wimp. Then Jax said he felt a little less disfunctional after meeting them. Cracked me up!

    I am with you on the crocodile tears. I wasn't buying it either.

    And Ohhh! I totally agree about heartache over the Opie situation. I just love him.

    You are so right about Clay double dealing everyone. Scary stuff. This is not going to end well.

    Although I wasn't surprised about Happy's nay. Wasn't there a reference to him being a recovered addict? He has some history or bad experience with drugs. Maybe the feds said that? Not sure where I'm getting that.

    Speaking of that - how annoying is the Fed guy?! Aye aye aye. He talks so slowly it's like he's going backwards.

    I'm so glad you're a fan too!


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