Wednesday, September 28, 2011

anarchy club

We begin with Clay trying to make amends with Gemma and Tara telling Jax she wants to know nothing more than "he's out of town for a bike show." Much is made of Clay getting injections in his hand and they ride to Arizona--to the border where another SOA charter is supposed to watch their backs while the gun/coke trade with the Cartel goes down. Trouble is, the AZ charter is cooking meth and Clay has a problem with that. The club member's photos on the wall are significant here--one is hung upside-down, the other crossed with black tape. One dead, one excommunicated. A premonition?

Interesting how Clay claims the moral high ground on SELLING drugs, but MULING is fine, right? Bobby points this out and you can tell the club is uncomfortable still with their new status with the cartel. They lose a tail with the AZ charter's help and then start nosing around in the meth business. Turns out a member got killed and another member lost his patch just before a 5-4 vote to cook meth. Sound familiar? Meanwhile, back in Charming, Piney's in Tara's office wanting to discuss JT and a similar situation right before SAMCRO began dealing in guns with the Irish.

Clay and Jax and company try to pull rank, (this is a long and convoluted side plot--I really don't think it'll come up again, so I'm skipping most of the details) and the AZ charter votes again--this time unanimously--to keep up their meth business. Apparently money is a strong motivator. Amiright, Clay? Hmmm?

Clay and Co. do business with the cartel, under heavy guard, and the cartel speeds off with their guns, leaving SAMCRO with a huge container of coke. Bobby refuses to even touch it--walks away. Juice looks especially twitchy--in the previews for next week's episode, we see he steals a bag--WHY????

Back in Charming, Gemma visits Sheriff Roosevelt's wife at her flower shop. She is just as compelling and upstanding a character as her husband and she calls Gemma's bull to the shit. Totally dig her. Plus, I like how the women do business in this show just as much as the men do. Anyway, there's some chatter about a garden club trying to save some property from Hale's development plans and Gemma tries to get Tara to pony up for it. Tara won't, so Gemma donates 5K to the cause in Tara's name, behind Tara's back. Not certain what Gemma plans to get out of this, but I DO know that Gemma wants 2 things: her family and the club intact and keeping Tara close to her side is one way to achieve both.

Piney tries to dig into what Tara knows about JT, Gemma gets in his face, but it's clear he's on a mission to restore the club and he'll go against Clay if that's what it takes. His loyalty runs like Bobby's, so I imagine a deeper alliance will develop there.

A Potter fakes being on Charming's zoning committee and tosses Gemma a fake name, not sure why. He figures out that SAMCRO is dealing with the cartel because his surveillance team gets a photo of Romeo's right hand man talking with them, so he's all jacked up. Then he visits Big Otto in solitary at prison, tossing out another fake name and claiming to be investigating his wife's death--telling him Bobby's responsible and leaving behind pretty ghastly photos of her corpse. Not sure what Potter plans to achieve by dredging up the past with a guy in solitary confinement. He's a weirdo with strange methods.

So we sit with a club divided and each person's motives running counter to the other's--stay, leave, protect the club, destroy the club, protect oneself, take another man down.


  1. I actually had to go straight to the comments....I haven't watched this week's episode yet!

  2. Well it certainly sounds like an entertaining show!

  3. About that visit to Otto and the accusation that Bobby's DNA was found on LuAnne. Were Bobby and LuAnne having an affair? I don't remember that storyline. Or is the DA guy just trying to pit Otto against Bobby?


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