Thursday, September 8, 2011

a buddy for jax

I'm not a dog person. That being said, Jax is a good dog. He's figured out our property boundaries so I don't have to chase him a country mile and drag him back home. He appreciates that he has to sometimes go in his kennel, but mostly does not. He ignores the fabulous dog house we built him and sleeps in a burrowed out spot beneath our bedroom window. Because he poops in the tall grass and weeds preventing us from cleaning up after him, I'm not even mad that he dug up the daffodils in his sleeping spot.

Jax follows me around the yard while I'm working and up the driveway to get the mail and paper. He paws me when I sit, demanding that I pet him. Once a week I really dig in with my fingers and work out the loose fur and scratch and scratch him free of that burden. He loves being in the Momvan, he loves chasing the boys, he gently allows the neighbor girl to pat him and run away squealing.

He's a chubby (seriously--Mr. G fed him a whole box of dog treats the other week--the boys are always feeding him) and content. Like his predecessor, Violet the semi-stray cat, Jax does not bark or nip or growl or in any way act aggressive. He's just a friendly beast with a mellow vibe.

Mr. D keeps feeding me this line about how Jax will be this fantastic watch dog. He'll let you know if someone's coming up the drive--when you're home alone during the day, he'll keep you safe. True story: we have this wonderful man who fixes our small engines (ATV, chainsaw, etc.). We had a dead battery and I called him, he dropped by one afternoon to take a look and helped himself to the open garage. I joined him after he'd been here for maybe 5 minutes and he chuckled and told me he didn't know we had a dog. Apparently he was looking at the guts of the ATV and reached down for a screwdriver and touched a wet nose. That fantastic watch dog? Hadn't made a sound. When M looked down at him, Jax wagged his tail and smiled.

Usually if a car pulls in the driveway, Jax will come check it out, but he'll stand back. Imagine my surprise when I stood at the kitchen window yesterday doing dishes and saw Jax act completely out of character. A rumble down the drive sent Jax running full-tilt to greet the UPS truck. I've never seen him go at a vehicle like that. You know those stereotypes about dogs and mailmen? I figured we had a situation like that on our hands. I dried off while keeping an eye on the dog and truck. Jax stood at the edge of the truck, tail wagging with excitement. A moment later the UPS guy tossed him a treat.

Aha! That's why Jax got all revved up about the UPS truck. Treats! Later Team Testosterone informed me that "The UPS guy always gives Jax a treat. They're friends." Whether that UPS guy does this for all dogs or just Jax doesn't matter, Jax loveslovesloves him.

There's only one way to end a story about a dog these days.



  1. Jax sounds like our dog - never met a stranger! My guys keep trying to convince me he needs a doggie friend to keep him company. I've solved that dilemma by letting the neighbor dog come over for play dates as often as his family wants to plop him over the fence.

  2. When I worked at a place where you could bring your dog to work, the UPS guy always had treats with him. They know how to schmooze a dog...

  3. Yep lots of UPS drivers keep treats for that make friends with the dogs.

  4. Our UPS guy gives treats too. My dog actually climbs up the steps of the truck to get them. So much for a watch dog.

  5. Our mailman gave our dogs treats, back when we had a dog. Our dog was also very friendly to everyone.

    I'm more of a cat-person, but Jax sounds like a wonderful companion. And that pooping-in-the-prairie stuff? That's a fabulous trait!

  6. Ha-super cute story. I love Jax too now!

    I love that the UPS guy is so smart. Is he single?

  7. too cute! i bet jax looks forward to those treats. hehehe!

  8. I totally agree with Common Household Mom! That is one smart UPS guy! :)

  9. Good post. I stopped being a dog person a long time ago, but ours is about the sweetest one you can find and perhaps I should start appreciating that.

  10. Our dog was supposed to be a watch dog, too. Any dog that came near us, she'd go after like she was going to kill it. Any human came near us, she'd welcome them, bring them inside, show them all our stuff.

  11. Awwwww. He sounds like the BEST dog ever! Love him! He may not chase the mice away (or anyone else, for that matter) but he is a Good Dog! :)
    LOVE the UP reference. :)


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