Wednesday, September 7, 2011

green girl sees red

Reading Conservatives Step Up Attacks on Birth Control made Green Girl's blood churn and boil. It's preposterous--the same political party that wants to strip funding from public schools, day cares, preschools, free health care clinics for all thinks birth control is too expensive to fund. Hello? Have you looked at the price of raising a kid these days? Trust Green Girl, pal. Birth control is a hell of a lot cheaper.

And that jab comparing birth control pills to manicures? Green Girl had a whole string of words reacting to that remark. None of them are publishable here, but they made a truck driver overhearing her blush. If a person can view "preventative medicine" for birth control as unnecessary, then pregnancy seems equally so--a preventable condition that health care coverage shouldn't cover. By that standard would you deny women coverage for prenatal care and delivery?

And the whole argument about cheap birth control creating a promiscuous population? Particularly ridiculous. Have you ever met a person who
didn't have sex because birth control cost too much? Conversely, have you ever met a person who had more sex because birth control was free or cheap? Sex is a lot of things--yes, it's a behavior, but it's also a biological urge. There's science and emotion involved in sex. But Green Girl prefers to believe most people plan their families and babies these days and are capable of enjoying monogamous intimacy without the stress of worrying about birth control. Promiscuity is the result of a lot of factors--low self-esteem, poor boundaries, emotional trauma, socialization and conditioning. It's not the result of having condoms at hand. Ask any teenaged boy who packed a Trojan in their wallet for all four years of high school if you don't believe Green Girl--they'll tell you: being equipped does not mean you'll see any action.

Then Green Girl considers the argument that people will just
stop having babies if they have free/reduced birth control. That's as stupid as comparing birth control to manicures. People have babies. People plan to have babies. People spend millions on fertility treatments to have babies. People wait to have babies. People can't wait to have babies. People who should, have babies. People who maybe should not, have babies. No one is stopping people from having babies if that's what they want--and population studies demonstrate that most people still want to have babies. Maybe better access to birth control will mean people have fewer babies, but Green Girl would argue that's not an entirely bad thing in bad economic times.

Having coverage for birth control does not mean people
have to use it. If you're opposed to birth control, Steve King, Sandy Rios, Jeffrey Kuhner, Marjorie Dannenfelser and Helen Alvare, then don't use it. But shame on you for wanting to deny access for the rest of us.
Sex is a gift God gave to us to enjoy--and to procreate with, but a close study of Genesis reveals sex was first a gift to enjoy with our spouse. Continuing to layer sex with shame by denying people the tools they require to enjoy it seems pretty intrusive. Green Girl thinks that people who believe in less government should stay out of other people's bedrooms.

That's enough ranting today, poor reader. Here's an appropriately funny clip on the topic to leave you laughing. Green Girl will be back tomorrow full of positive thoughts and goodwill towards all people:


  1. Oh I love you so much right now!!!! I'm nodding to myself in my office.


  2. Well said Green Girl!
    Do they really believe the crap they say?

  3. I am so with you.

    The people that say that kind of S%&^ can pay for everything they need. They think poor folks DESERVE to be born poor, stay poor. OOOOO - it makes me spitting mad!


  4. All very good arguments. I had a close friend in high school attempt to give herself an abortion with a coat hanger (her mom was an alcoholic, and she had no parental support and no one she could count on to help find resources). Anyhow, as a result, I've long been an advocate of easily accessed birth control.

  5. I agree with you point for point. Very well said.

  6. BRAVO!!
    I want politicians to stay out of a woman's uterus!!

  7. Hear hear! What is wrong with these people? Have they no common sense? Obviously, they have no shame...

  8. Well said. Have you ever heard the Cheryl Wheeler song "Makes Good Sense to Me"? I can't find a video, but here's a link to the lyrics:

    "But as soon as that little tike draws air
    We can wash our hands of the whole affair
    Makes good sense to me"

  9. Here's one thing that study after study proves, incontrovertibly: the earlier and more specifically a parent discusses sex with his/her children, the healthier those children grow up to be, sexually. Fewer STD's, fewer unwanted pregnancies, less abuse, less everything bad. Why the fear? Why let false fear be the thing that defines the public conception of "morals"?

  10. I completely agree with Jocelyn. Knowledge is power! Those same people who make sex shameful and dirty will have kids who try to get the info elsewhere with not so desirable results.

  11. Ohhhhhh myyyyy. I love the family trees in that video.

    It's like the idiocracy family tree multiplying is a metaphor for our government's idiocracy tree multiplying.

    When will all this absurdity shift?!

  12. I'm dumbfounded by the rhetoric and actions taken by those who don't think. Enjoyed the rant.

  13. LMAO at this video. Thanks for sharing... LOL

  14. "people who believe in less government should stay out of other people's bedrooms"

    ...and out of the doctor's office
    ...and away from the ultra-sound machines
    ...and out of stem cell laboratories

    That video is priceless. The idiocracy includes those who think society and tax payers would be better off without funding birth control.


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