Friday, September 2, 2011

nuts, nutless and nutty

Since I'm "acting" president of Happyland Elementary PTA for one more meeting, I had to concoct some sort of agenda. Apparently the school went nut-free this year, which caused me to laugh out loud while I contemplated how to phrase this in the agenda. "Nutless?" That sounded about right to me. "Happyland Elementary is nutless." Heh. A day later I got the first phone call from an angry parent--Why did the school go nut-free? How many kids does this affect? My daughter will not eat meat, nuts are a major part of her diet. And while I agreed that no, I've never read of anyone keeling over of a nut reaction, I do know other districts have gone nut-free, but gee, lady, this isn't my issue because I've pulled Team Testosterone and am sending them to the parochial school down the road. Talk about nuts, right?

Meanwhile, I got an email from my friend Lauren, in Baltimore. Her power finally went on post-Irene. I reflected on the damn inconvenience of no power and went ahead making big plans for Day 2 of school. I had laundry running, tomatoes simmering, the laptop booted up and then this mom called me. Forty minutes later I hung up (finally!) to wrap up the mess in my kitchen so I could tackle the rest of my list. That's when the alert sounded on the radio. I pulled in my wash, kenneled Jax and battened down the hatches. I'd just returned to the kitchen when everything went black.

Day 2 of school and there I sat until 1:30 without power, all of my plans down the toilet. Only now I couldn't even flush my toilet. No electricity. No internet. No stove. No washing machine. The wind raged, the rain poured, the dog howled a little. I watched my sunflowers crash flat to the ground, crushing the tomato plants. I watched the pergola slide across the patio and topple into the pool. I tried to read by candlelight and worried about the poor teachers stuck in their classrooms with all of those children but no lights. I felt whole new empathy for those folks on the east coast whose power went out for days. My inconvenience really seems paltry by comparison.

I ate Nutella on bread (no toaster) and wished I could have hot coffee (oh, the hardship!). I read. I texted with my BFF Sarah who was stuck in her classroom while snow plows cleared the roads of downed trees and power lines. I took a little nap and read a lot. Bored on the second day of the school year. That's a new record. That's nuts.


  1. Wow--It sounds like quite a storm. My daughter is camping near Milwaukee--I'll have to see if they got hit.That may be really far away from you--totally not up on my Wisconsin geography!

  2. No nut allergies here, but people do die from them. That woman is lucky you spent any time on the phone with her--that business when people can think only in terms of how it affects them exasperates me.

    Also? Your kid could skip lunch every day and still not die--but I'd wager that there's got to be a cheese stick, a yogurt or some other protein-containing food source the child can eat--she can get her nuts at home.

  3. Wow, I didn't know you guys had gotten such a severe storm up there. Thoughts of a pergola sliding into a pool is enough to send me into a panic attack. I think I'd have to just turn around and pretend I didn't see it until my husband got home.

    My daughter is allergic to peanuts and tree-nuts. We have an epi-pen for her at school, and she often feels left out of school activities. I've never advocated for a nut-free school, but I sure appreciate it when other parents show some compassion for the fact that my daughter COULD DIE from a smear of peanut butter left on a table after lunch. Sheesh.

  4. Have you read Don't Kill The Birthday Girl? The author has severe food allergies and explains the whole peanut allergy issue really well

    We lost power for 10 days after Hurricane Bob in 1991!

  5. There will always be plenty of nuts in schools, of the human kind, I am sure. I read a couple weeks ago about a school that had a strict nut-less policy and brought in a nut sniffing dog. A lot of parents were upset about the strictness.
    Boy, your hours without power show how much we depend upon it.

  6. wow! that sounds like a rough storm. we've had a few storms around this summer but nothing like that.

    nutless... that's rough. i like peanut butter sandwiches.

  7. Holy buckets! We missed that one. Thank goodness.

    Happy to read you have your power back.

  8. I took a nap. Our power was out from around 10:30 until some time between 5 and 6. My big adventure? Stacking firewood so I could stand on it and climb through the garage window to open the garage manually. When we rebuild this garage, there will be a people door. Seriously.

  9. Laura is a vegetarian and went to a nut-free school. And the 5th grade trip last year was a week of no nuts. *restrains self from making nut jokes* Anyway, my point, and I do have one, is that vegetarians can easily skip nuts five meals a week and survive. Obv.

    Also, I really must ask: Can't you toast the bread over a candle so you can have Nutella toast? How long would that really take? Because Nutella toast is so yummy. ;-)


  10. My son's day care is nut free and it is annoying at times as little Leo has no problem with nuts but such is point in getting my knickers in a twist over it and can't see why others do......

    It sucks when you have no power

  11. Wow. That storms sounds nuts! Crazy that you get an alarm on the radio and then boom! It happens.

    It's so crazy how different climates are across this country.

    And as for the electricity, my family and friends were without for six days. Most of them with little kids.

    I'm counting my blessings every day.

  12. Nut allergies are scary, but it seems like there could be some alternative solution. Like maybe just ban the more commonly allergic peanuts, and that way kids could still use almond butter in their sandwiches.

  13. They're all going to the same school now? Cool!

  14. I'd say the first person to complain about ANYTHING can be president!

    I'm not sure if we lost power or not because we were up north. I was just at the mall and one of the cashiers said she still don't have power.

  15. I loved the tags for this post!

    I hope you get your power back soon--that is NOT FUN! At least you had your could have been nutless... ;)

  16. Wow. We didn't get that crazy storm. We got a bunch of rain and that was about it. Sheesh! Sounds crazy!

    I don't think I would be too keen on my kids' school going nutfree. My kids are obsessed with their pb&j sandwiches for lunch. Such dilemas! ;)


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