Thursday, September 1, 2011

officially, fall

This morning Team Testosterone headed off to their first day of school. Mr. D accompanied them to the end of the driveway where they all waited for a bus! (Green Girl has taken this shot of every child on their first day of school--it shows how they've grown as they walk beside their dad, walking away from her and towards the year ahead.)

Camera in hand, Green Girl decided September 1st was a great day to take a photo for her fall blog header. She was wearing a brand-new apron and looking quite dapper.

Then it occurred to her to take readers on a garden walk. The sunflowers beckoned her to the vegetable gardens.

Green Girl ignored the vegetables because she'll be grubbing around in there later, picking tomatoes, onions, peppers and basil. Veering left, she tromped towards the domestic end of the garden where she planted zinnias,

tall red lilies,
black-eyed Susans, Russian sage,

prolific amounts of coneflowers,

and sedum about to bloom.

The prairie is brilliant this time of year.

Fields of gold surround Green Girl. She twirled around a little bit like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music before continuing down the path.

She loves finding dew-drenched webs.

Further along you'll see she and her neighbors planted some pumpkins.

Just a few...

For carving
and decorating.


  1. I love your garden! Perhaps next year I can take you on a tour of mine...

    I am still thinking about Lola's first day of school picture. I have until Wednesday to make up my mind. This is important because I'll be stuck with it for the next fourteen years at least.

    Happy Fall!

  2. pretty day, pretty gardens, pretty apron,
    have a wonderful day in your vegtables.

  3. I wish I could walk with you in your garden. My Appleton BFF wants me to come for a visit but I can't find an affordable airfare. :-(

    I'm guessing the school year will be easier with all the boys at the same school.

  4. A bus?? To a private school?! Lucky!

    I love the brown-eyed-susan and russian sage combination. What a lovely misty morning to be allowed to wander child-free :-)

  5. Beautiful pics, and love the new header :-)

  6. That's almost too beautiful to believe. I miss having sedum in the garden.

    (The view of three boys' heineys headed off to the school bus is pretty dazzling, too -- enjoy your time!)

  7. It is so gorgeous! I think you truly enjoy the seasons more than anyone I've ever met. It's contagious!

  8. First of all, your boys look SO GROWN UP! Amazing.
    Second, I LOVE that apron. :)
    Third, that third pic you took looks unreal. It looks like it is a painting of a fairy garden or something. I mean, WOW. It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  9. It definitely feels like fall in your misty morning pictures. Is it also a little chilly?

    Thank you for the garden tour, it was a treat to see!

  10. I love the back to school picture...they look so grown up with their shirts tucked in and khaki shorts....

    Also...where did you get that apron? I need to get me one of those! :)

  11. It doesn't look like fall there - though I bet you can feel it coming. Still hot here, but I can start to see the light changing... a sure sign that leaves will be turning soon. Enjoy your fall garden - it is just beautiful!

  12. The new blog header is great. Even better is the photo of your four men heading off to catch the bus.


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