Friday, September 9, 2011

on the fringe of mr. rodgers' neighborhood

Yesterday I did my Target run super early because I knew game day traffic would be nuts. We live off a major shortcut to Lambeau (we're 20 minutes away from the stadium) and I heard cars going by all day long while I worked in the garden. Twice I had to head out--once to get Mr. T from Robotics Club and again to bring him to soccer practice--both times the cars were 7-10 deep at our tiny intersection in town--game traffic.

Mr. D was at the game and attested to the crush of people. His ears were still ringing this morning from the noise. We could hear the fireworks, see the flyby and feel the excitement from our house. Seriously. The boys and I watched it all from our TV at home, cheering wildly as the Pack showed why they are World Champions. Mr. G and Mr. B wore their team jerseys (Finley and Matthews, respectively) and belly bumped after every touchdown.

What a season opener--the Packers lost nothing in the off-season and proved they'll be contenders again this year. Drew Brees is no slouch as a quarterback, the Saints played a tough game, but little things like that touchdown by Cobb (he flipped and landed on his feet!) added up. And the final play after the pass interference? Mr. D couldn't see it from his spot in the end zone, but the Packers defense sprang up and under like a well-oiled machine and stuck that ball. I kid you not--they actually pushed it back a yard. It was amazing to watch.

Mr. D held up a blue sign during the anthem (part of the flag surrounding the stadium) and held a gold sign at the end of the first quarter. He said the crowd started out mad when Cobb began running the punt return, then began to cheer and erupted when he made it across. We've been to a lot of games, but Mr. D said this was more amped up than any he's attended.

And in a funny side note, there was this big free pre-game concert--Kid Rock, Maroon 5 and Lady Antebellum that brought in even more people than a regular game would. (No joke--Green Bay sent their kids home from school at noon yesterday.) I know so many people wanted to go, including my neighbor gal, J. Well, Mr. D saw it, he was there.

Mr. D: I couldn't believe how many people were there for the concert. They were backed up to 4 rows in front of where we tailgate.

Me: S's sister was there. She's a huge Kid Rock fan.

Mr. D: Yeah, a lot of people were in front of the stage to watch Kid Rock.

Me: He's quite popular.

Mr. D: I don't get the big deal--he's just really loud.

Me: I said he was popular, not talented.

But it's true, that gritty, greasy, long-haired bad boy type has certain appeal.


  1. I got to see the Packers live last week for the first time ever! It was awesome. Yesterday's game we watched on TV. Ryan wearing his 'Nelson' jersey and me dropping hints I wanted one for my birthday.

  2. I am so happy that they showed the game here in California on tv; that run by Cobb was incredible! Great game and my Packers won.

  3. "I said he was popular, not talented."

    Ha! Truer words...

    That's actually a good way to describe a lot of different people. I'll probably paraphrase that one a lot while my girls are in middle school: "She's popular, not nice..."

  4. Actually I kind of like Kid Rock.
    I know I'm behind the times, but what is the belly bumping thing all about? I just do not get what grown men enjoy about throwing themselves on to each other. ah well...

  5. What an amazing game from start to finish. The opening with Sparks doing such a GORGEOUS job singing the anthem while the entire crowd held up the red, white, and blue just put such a lump in my throat. Makes me so proud to be an American (and Wisconsinite). Then the flyover. Awesome. Always gives me chills. Just so cool.

    THEN, the game. My word! Could it be anymore exciting??? The Saints' offense was TOUGH too. Whew. Had me real nervous at points and my hubby had to actually go walk outside to cool down and not freak out a few times. hehe
    Cobb's run was AMAZING! I had to rewind it about 15 times. THEN THE LAST TWO PLAYS OF THE GAME!!! I thought Hawk had an AMAZING play. He didn't even TOUCH the guy! One play left with zero seconds on the clock and we stopped 'em. OMG!!!! So good.
    I could barely sleep last night.

    LOVE, this post, by the way. I think it sums up Packer fans quite nicely. :)

  6. I thought of you while I watched the game!! I live in Steeler country....maybe there will be a re-match??? :)

  7. When Mr. D was up visitng Farmer earlier this week, he couldn't understand my irrational attraction to Kid Rock. At least he now sees that I'm not the only female who finds his oddly attractive.

    I, unfortunately, fell asleep during the game. The couch was so comfy...but my students filled me in right away this AM about the amazing last play.

  8. We cheered for the Packers last night cuz Greg Jennings is our hometown boy. (Though we never give up hope that our Lions will make a comeback some day...)

  9. Oh, the Robotics boys! Our Teenager is a Robotics guy, too. He joined his high school's team his freshman year and has really loved it. He's a senior now, does all the animation for the team and has newly been appointed the media lead, which means videos and press releases galore! Hope your Mr. T has fun with it!

  10. I drove that route when we went to the preseason game last week! I wore my pink Packers polo this time. Most of my Green Bay gear is geared for winter.
    And... La Petite yelled so loud at the TV in her apartment that she scared her rabbit. Amigo organized a Packer Game Party at the school for the blind. Yep, they're my kids alright!

  11. I love his song "All Summer Long."

    It all sounds like fun.

  12. Is Kid Rock a member of the Anarchy Club? :)

    I've never been to a pro football game--sounds like it's something that needs to be experienced. :)


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