Wednesday, October 5, 2011

anarchy club

This episode was really about the women, don't you think? We've got Opie, feeling betrayed because Lila won't quit being a porn star until she's pregnant and he finds her birth control pills. His solution? Boff another porn star. (I loved the turn-around when Jax walks in on HIM and gives him a dressing down.)

Jax returns from the "bike show" and gives Tara a souvenir: two huge stacks of money. Oh yeah, I totally nudged Mr. D and asked why he only brings home coffee mugs when he's on a trip. His answer? "Because I don't trust you." Ha! He instructs her to talk to Gemma about how to deposit it. Back at the clubhouse, everyone gets their cut and Piney remains behind to confront Clay. He tells him he's read JT's letters and knows he had JT killed. He offers Clay this deal: get out of the drug business with the cartel or he's bringing the letters to the club. I totally adore Piney, I loved how he stuck to his guns in this scene. It was definitely a different side of him--convicted and tough, not the "old man" he's been in previous episodes.

Naturally Clay doesn't want to let go of the drug deal, but Gemma doesn't want Tara hurt. Gemma says she'll get the letters. Separately the two go to Wayne and they each take a turn double-crossing the other. I think the only one who really believes they're doing the right thing is Gemma, Wayne's stuck in the middle and Clay's pissing me off with his greed. I understand his motives, but he's not thinking about anyone else. By the end, they've all read the letters, though they believe no one else has and it looks like Clay's convinced Wayne to do something to Tara as he's tailing her. On a side note, Clay and Gemma's house is gorgeous, no?

Gemma visits Otto in prison and learns about the "sheriff's visit" (neither knows it's not really Roosevelt who visited Otto) and the accusation against Bobby. Without telling the rest of the club, Jax and Clay agree to bring in the man they believe killed Luann. This leads us to a pretty funny scene in a porn warehouse with David Hasselhoff as a former porn star now running the show. He's all for avenging Luann's death (seriously--she was his mentor, he says). They bring in a guy played by Tom Arnold and just before they whack him, he leaks that he's got rich Japanese connections. In a far-fetched conclusion, Clay and Jax decide to let him live so they can use the Japanese to create puppet investors for Hale's properties and then pull the rug out at the last minute, destroying Hale. Seems too easy, right?

Bobby visits Otto in jail, confesses to having an affair with Luann, but lies about Tom Arnold's character being taken care of. I don't know why he lied, it bothered me. Now no one in this show is without secrets it seems. Except maybe Chibs, Tig and Kozik.

Roosevelt leans on Juice, I don't know why Juice is buying his line, but he steals a bag of the cartel's coke with the intention of taking a sample for Roosevelt to "trace back to the source." In reality, it's a test to see if Juice will be an informant, big shocker here--Lincoln's double-dealing Juice AND Roosevelt. Juice can't get the sample out, takes an entire package and ends up sleeping in the woods. The next morning the cartel shows up for their drugs and everyone discovers a package is missing. Draw your own conclusions about this, right? I have no idea why Juice is being so stupid--there is no good end to this storyline--he ends up dead however it plays out.

My prediction? The body count is going to rise in the next two episodes--and my money's on Piney, Juice and/or Tara being in the count.


  1. I don't think they can kill off Tara, do you? At least not now. Maybe at the season's end, like Donna. But she seems to be way too big of a character now.

    I agree with you, Piney was awesome. And Juice is being dumb. I think if he just told the club what was going on they'd be cool about it. You're right. He will get killed either way.

    And Clay is pissing me off too! I'm starting to seriously detest him. Which just makes me feel awful for Gemma.

    Oh the drama!!!

  2. I don't watch, although it sounds like something I should, doesn't it?!

    My friend Mary is a HUGE fan -- and a serious biker, and she keeps telling me about it...



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