Wednesday, October 12, 2011

anarchy club

Season 4, Episode 6

This episode reminded me how it's the little things that make this show so awesome--the complexities.

We open with the discovery of the porn star at the clubhouse. Gemma and Tara are PISSED and she gets cocky (pun intended, people). What struck me was how Piney takes the baby and shelters him when the gun gets pulled. And how Tig immediately interferes on Gemma & Tara's behalf. And how Gemma instinctively tries to protect Lila and Tara plays along. And the sheer grief when Lila realizes it was Opie that screwed the porn star.

And then--when Opie returns to the clubhouse, Piney decks him with so much authority. Damn. Tara kindly patches him up, Gemma explains to Jax how she's experiencing his betrayal all over again and he tries to make amends. And just when you think it's calm--a taxi drops off Margox (with an X) and Gemma tries to keep her at bay--we learn this is Tig's daughter. (She calls Gemma "Momma"--this episode really played up Gemma's maternal role in this club.) (Awesome dialogue here between Tig and Gemma: "Which one?" "Crazy one" "Which one?" "Yeah, I know.") We learn a bit more about Tig's past--he's got an ex and two daughters--and even though he learns via Bobby and Gemma that she's scamming him for money ($12K!), he pays out just to be able to see her again. Totally sweet. (Final note on Gemma moments--she puts clean sheets on Opie's bed and stops short of giving him a lecture for his bad behavior.)

I predict an unhappy ending for Opie and Lila. Neither seems to care enough now, she fesses up to the abortion and he moves into the clubhouse.

Wayne's following Tara and Clay confronts him--it won't be enough, Wayne knows Tara's in trouble and personally delivers this news to Sheriff Roosevelt. He's such a good guy at heart, he wants her to be safe and he knows Clay is Up To No Good, too. At the end of the show we see him go even further to try to protect her. I think if it came down to it, he'd take a bullet to keep her safe and be willing to defy Clay. Gemma knows nothing--she thinks Clay knows squat and that Tara's safe.

Far away, on the reservation, the new patches get grilled and drilled by Happy, Chibs and Jax about the missing brick of coke. Juice is sweating this out--the new patches protest their innocence but somebody took it. Jax vouches for Juice, so nobody questions him further--Clay's convinced it's a new patch and they should die--the cartel will want a body. While the new patches (both of whom I kind of like) are sweating it out, Juice and Chibs talk a bit--Juice brings up the "black thing" in the charter's rules (which I didn't know but explains a little of the whole Juice storyline) and asks Chibs if he ever wants to push back. (Chibs's old lady is black, and he seems like one of the more thoughtful members of SAMCRO). Chibs replies that if you start questioning rules, when do you start? Besides, start picking and choosing which rules to follow and the whole thing falls apart. Juice nods--he's jumpy as hell and Chibs is totally noticing. He doesn't say a word, but you can see the cogs moving.

Right before everyone convenes at the reservation, Juice is in the woods trying to grab the brick of coke, with the intention it seems of slipping it back into place. Miles catches him in the act and in a horribly graphic and violent moment, Juice dodges a bullet and Miles dies. Naturally Juice pegs the whole thing on him, but he's wounded in the leg. Clay and company take this in and assign the new patches the dirty work of burying Miles. (Poor Miles! Wrong spot at the wrong time and now he's buried in disgrace.)

The cartel collects all of its coke, Clay privately asks Romeo to have Tara whacked (bastard!) and a moment later is hugging Jax, all buddy-buddy. Oh the turmoil!

The closing sequence was really excellent--Jax heads over to pay the porn star a visit and I thought he was cheating on Tara--who is busy stitching up Juice on her kitchen table while Chibs watches. Piney's looking at old photographs, Tig's saying goodbye to his daughter, the new patches are burying Miles and we cut back to Jax who enters the dressing room behind the porn star and then he slams her into the table and mirror, tells her to keep her rancid ***** away from his club and hocks a lugie into her face. Total awesomeness.

And now we wait another week with everybody even more knotted up than before. I remain firmly on Team Tara/Jax and would love to see Wayne bring Clay down before Tara gets killed, but I don't think he's got the finesse. Big heart, yes, but not sure he's got the brains to outsmart Clay and stay alive. I wonder how tragically this season can end. Right now the only people who seem safe (in the sense that members of a biker club running drugs and guns) are Bobby, Gemma, Tig, Chibs and Happy.


  1. I'm two weeks behind but I still love reading your wrap-ups. I miss so much and spend half the show asking Tom "what did he say?" and "what just happened?". It's a good thing we DVR the show so we can rewind and see what I missed!

  2. Good grief, you've got me wanting to plug the TV back in!!


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