Wednesday, October 26, 2011

anarchy club

First, a little business. I threw on the comment moderator because the spam in the comment box has gotten out of hand. The doctor told me I have tennis elbow and a sprained ankle. I now have a brace for my arm, advice to take Alleve for the next 10 days, and an appointment with a sports medicine doctor which will likely lead to physical therapy for my foot/ankle.

Now, on to our show:

This episode was considerably less bloody--more focus on the relationships with some key scenes between characters. The performances were all so compelling--honestly, if you're not watching SOA, you're missing some of the best television around these days. These characters are so conflicted (except for Clay, who I now believe has zero conscience left in his soul) and their reality has become so warped, yet they remain human in the midst of it.

No big shock that Juice fell out of the tree. He untangles himself from the chain in time to find Chibs and Tig rounding him up for the Big Vote. There's also a nice scene between Opie and Piney. Piney and Opie will vote together, Opie is disillusioned with the club. Also good conversation between Opie and Jax who share their concerns. At the table, we get to hear Tig's vote (to stay with Clay--I admit to being a bit surprised). Before Chibs can declare a vote for Clay or Bobby as club president, a hailstorm of bullets rains down on the compound.

The prospects take out one of the shooters, the rest flee and the Sons discover a bunch of heads have been tossed into their laps--including Armando's. WHO is Armando? No clue. Suspect he's one of the Mayans. Anyway, the Sons finally comprehend they're in the middle of a full-blown drug war and try to lure the other cartel into a trap. They come to a temporary understanding. Meanwhile, there's a bit of humor with some chili (kind of like in Fried Green Tomatoes--"the secret's in the sauce." Only in this case it's an "old family recipe"). Tara, Clay, Gemma & Tig attend the Garden Benefit that Sheriff Roosevelt's wife is throwing. Clay makes a huge show of "saving the town" with his donation--along with Oswald. It's kind of a lame scene, the poor sheriff's caught in the middle of saving old Charming and Hale, Gemma seems to think everything's just dandy.

KILLER scene between Jax and Piney--Jax goes by to check on him while Opie checks on his kids. Piney talks to him about JT, Jax declares his loyalty at the end of the day is ONLY to his family, NOT the club. This was about the best acting I've seen in ages on TV. A necessary and cathartic scene played out quite well.

The trap doesn't go down as the Sons plan--instead they end up with the bodies that go with the heads tossed in their laps.

Back at home, Tara tells Jax she's O-U-T. He agrees that's best for now. Another great performance at their kitchen table. Two exhausted people with few options and little hope. She'll take the kids and the job offer in Washington. He'll remain in Charming and try to clean up the big mess that SAMCRO's in.

Chibs realizes that Juice is suicidal. All along he's been worried about him. Their scene together is pretty powerful. Gemma and Tig share a scene where she confesses some of her doubts, too. (I do think they'll end up together again here--anyone else?)

Finally, Clay drops by Piney's cabin. Piney knows it's coming, and even though he's got his guns loaded and cocked, the conclusion is forgone, right? (another terrific scene, I held my breath the entire time--for a brief moment I even believed Clay would walk away and Piney would give him more time.) It wasn't going to end any other way, except there is a painful realization on Piney's part that now Tara is next on Clay's hit list. I also think Gemma's going to know Clay killed Piney--I bet she tries to hide that realization from him out of fear She and Unser will get dragged in deeper, even though Clay's secret is safe (for now), one wonders how much intimidation factor will come out of Piney's death. Or will the most loyal Sons crave justice?


  1. Still haven't seen it - gonna hafta make an effort.

    Glad to hear your ailments aren't too serious :) feel better.

  2. I have no idea who Armando is. I had the same question.

    I just want Clay dead now. Enough. I love Piney. I can't believe they killed him off. How pissed is Opie gonna be?

    You are never going to believe this, but I am a DirecTv customer and due to some ridiculous dispute, they are supposedly dropping FX and a whole bunch of other FOX channels on Nov. 1. That would mean NO MORE SOA for me.

    I'm NOT happy.

  3. Prayin' for ya sweetie and sendin' healin' hugs your way.

    Sorry I don't watch it but I may have to start now! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a remarkable day sweetie!!!

  4. Ack! Can't read! Can't read!

    (Hope to catch up on this show -- my friend Mary ADORES it, and you know I can't have her talking about stuff I don't know anything about!)


    p.s. Kisses for your boo-boos. Ouch.


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