Tuesday, October 25, 2011

devious plans

Your comments were SO funny yesterday--honestly, people. And now I'm sorely tempted to get this summer's manny to dress up in a big furry costume and scare the begeezus out of a pack of little boys this Saturday morning. Mr. D has a huge fake fur coat from way back in the day--it would work to great effect on overactive imaginations. Or I could just go out in the woods wearing my bathing suit--I have't grown a full winter coat of hair on my legs yet, but if I don't shave for the rest of the week I would resemble my Sasquatchian ancestry from a distance ... Thanks for the brilliant idea, Shelly!

Today I'm off to the doctor's office to finally get these injuries checked out. It's probably a bad thing when the pain begins radiating to areas outside of the original injury. Plus, I like to make sure I have full prescriptions for my asthma meds before all the holiday traveling. Heck, if I can get my pap smeared and my mammos grammed while I'm there, I should be good to go for another 7,000 miles.

In other news, I'm continuing to whittle away at the stuff bogging me down. On the physical end, I have a goal of culling one pile of stuff per week. We have all these random corners filled with things of no use or value. Old catalogs, books I've read but will never read again, missing parts to defunct toys and games--the kind of clutter that impairs my quest for serenity. Today I dug around the edges of our bedroom and chucked a good-sized pile of junk. I know I go through life unaware of these things, they aren't pressing matters, but I do believe they subconsciously register as "One More Thing To Do." By clearing those piles and putting things where they belong (gone, in drawers, wherever), I get more mental clarity.

I've also deleted a few websites that I used to read daily. Eliminating that sort of mental clutter is good--it gives me more quality time and reduces the amount of negative or useless information I'm packing into my brain.

I went grocery shopping without the boys yesterday and bought a lot of good, healthy food. I'm making an honest attempt at eating more vegetables and fruits, more whole grains, less dairy and meat. Not a radical change, but if I eat better, I tend to feel less sluggish and more positive.

Spill it, reader. What devious plans do you have up your sleeve today?


  1. It sounds like high time to get those injuries checked out. I'm the same with you with the diet and am trying to be more healthy.

    Have a good one!

  2. You're so right that the little piles of useless stuff in the corners are a drain on one's serenity.

  3. The deliberate "clean" you're bringing to your days makes the brain and the body feel different, so good for you.

    I'm in the process of cleaning out my office so a new hire can use it...speaking of facing random accumulations that weigh one down. Today, my hubs is coming along to help me move out an extra table, take down my big tapestry, etc. Then we'll fill a rolling suitcase with yet another load of books and a backpack with yet another load of manila file folders...bringing it all home to dump into tubs in the basement (ready for me, one day, to have an office on campus again, when I'm not teaching all online). The carrying around of crap, moving it from one spot to another, certainly does eat up significant parts of my adult life.

  4. Glad you're taking care of yourself!

    Question: what do you do with the books you'll never read again. Online stores aren't buying what I'm selling, and since my book piles proliferate like zucchini I have started leaving anonymous bags of reading material on people's porches.
    In other news, the donation van is coming next friday, so I have a cleaning-out-the-corners deadline. Yay!

  5. If you do it, make sure to be hiding in the trees taking pictures ;)!

    Oh Diet...we spent way to much time in WI this weekend...drank way too many beers that we can't get in our southern desolation! Hitting the gym hard this week...so far 3 for 3...

  6. I have a 5-day weekend starting tomorrow so I hope to do some deeper cleaning and just get caught up on things around here. The boys are off school too so we'll have some fun.

  7. I swear, it does not matter how much stuff I donate, recycle, and throw away, there's always more. The piles multiply like fruit flies.

  8. I completely agree with you about getting the clutter out. I can't relax when there are piles. It just makes me feel antsy. When they get bad enough, I just get a trash bag and start filling. And then the guilt of not recycling properly gets me feeling guilty. So, it's better just to stay on top of it all!

    Pap smeared and mammos grammed... I love it!

  9. I snuck and ate a Snickers - not at all on my die...t but it was oh sooooo yummy.

    I am a clutter queen so I should add that to my devious plans to declutter, dechaos and de...something

    but I hate throwing things away. I'm such a hoarder.

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  11. Good for you on making some healthy changes. I find the junk on the Internet can definitely clutter the old brain.

    I went veggie about 3 years ago if you need any good veggie/whole grain ideas!

  12. Hmmm... if you and the manny were both to be sighted the Rumors of a Yeti could take on the proportions of Legend.

  13. Yes, there are a lot of websites I used to read daily that I quite when I stopped working full time (lol).

  14. "Get my pap smeared..." Ha! When I refer to that procedure, I can't help myself from saying "schmear". Not totally sure why...

    I plan to declutter this weekend too. And the refrigerator seriously needs a clean out! Not so devious at all. :)

  15. I am finishing up the kitchen cabinet paint job. I am so close to being done, I can smell it. Just in time for my birthday, too.

    I have recently taken up freezer cooking. Not necessarily a wise move because I have a very small freezer. If Ryan shoots a deer this year, I get a deep freezer. In the meantime, I cram as much as I can in the itty bitty one and for the next two weeks, we will be eating healthy food. I am very pleased.

    Also, I signed up for college. Very exited about this. I start in January.

    When i write it all down like this, I feel that I have spent my internet absence well.


Spill it, reader.