Monday, October 3, 2011

glorious fall

Picked and packed and posing: Mr. T, Green Girl & Mr. G.

I've quit hating on fall--I blame the awesome weather we've been having since Saturday. Absolutely gorgeous and sunshine-y and mild. I grubbed in the garden. I watched Wisconsin teams DOMINATE over their opponents all weekend (seriously--no other state in the Union is cheering like we are--our Monday sports section in the newspaper is twice as thick now with all the reporting of Badgers and Packers and Brewers). I ran a sensational 26:37 for my 3 mile candidate training run. (Actually, that last bit is both good and bad--that was my goal for my final run time and now I have to beat it for two more weekends--is that even possible? I asked Mr. O if he was fudging my run time and he laughed at me--guess not.) Our neighbors had fireworks, Team Testosterone (plus Mr. B's BFF Mr. A) played hard and long outside and we picked the pumpkin patch.

Mr. B, convicted truant, biting into an apple.

The boys played flag football, we ordered take-out pizza on Saturday and grilled a big ol' tenderloin on Sunday--ate it with a side of salad, green beans, potato salad and butterscotch brownies warm from the oven.

Loading the bags in a sunny orchard.

How can a person be grumpy with so many blessings? Asters in bloom, a new propane tank and contract (saving us a lot of money), apples--so many apples! I bought one of those nifty corer-peeler gadgets and things have gotten pretty saucy around here.

C'mere you little rascals, mama wants to give you big hugs.

Turns out a little fresh air and sunshine is exactly what this Green Girl needed. Spill it, reader.


  1. Your weekend sounds heavenly! Delicious fresh apples, sunshine, sports, playtime, family, love.

    That's winning all around!

  2. We got the pool closed this weekend, but I'm not even going to whine about the work because we had such gorgeous weather for it. And no wind to blow the cover off before we got it tied down --miraculous!

    Emma spent all weekend outside as well, creating an obstacle course in the woods. I hope this great weather continues for a month or two!

  3. That last photo is sooooo cute! That is great time for 3 miles. Maybe? you can do better? All we can do is give it our best and not give up.

  4. What a wonderful weekend. And the photos are great!

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend of fun and good eats! Always loved picking apples and eating them right off the tree when I was little.

  6. It is wonderful outside, isn't it? I should be painting the kitchen but I played outside in the yard all day long.

  7. It's sunny and warm here too!!!! Yay! But we have plans to go to Devon for the weekend and the weather has plans to pour with rain then. Drat. We will go for walks anyway, all rainproofed. Your boys are so gorgeous!

  8. your weekend sounds like it was just wonderful. the crisp fall air is so nice. it's been nice and cool here in the mornings and evenings, but still getting quite warm during the day.

  9. oh... hit enter before i was ready.

    love the pictures, especially the last one.

  10. It sounds amazing. Sometimes being a SAHM rocks, does it not?!

  11. FUN!

    I got one of those Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer gadgets from William-Sonoma. I think it's made of cast iron. It is going to change my life. I did enough apples to make a pie in about 4 minutes.


Spill it, reader.