Monday, October 24, 2011

a tale of yeti sightings in the back 40

Long-time readers know two facts about life at Chez Green Girl:
1) we live on about 60 acres, mostly uncultivated space for running wild and free in nature
2) we have imaginations that also run wild and free.

Bearing these facts in mind, none of you should be too shocked by the story I'm about to divulge.

Mr. B and Mr. G are in a Saturday morning flag football league that takes place on Happyland Elementary's playground, adjacent to our property. Mr. G's league plays first, and afterwards he and a bunch of his cronies amuse themselves running around the trails and in the woods on our property while their older brothers play in Mr. B's league. Mr. T participates, but his main job is to keep a bunch of 1st grade boys out of my house while I watch Mr. B play. There's really nothing to get hurt on or get in trouble with--it's nature. They shout, run and shoot Nerf guns, general boy fun.The worst thing I've seen come out of their Saturday morning romps is their clothes--muddy and full of brambles and burrs. In my world, that's okay because Saturdays are for getting messed up while playing outside. I don't ask too many questions because I feel pretty strongly about letting kids have freedom to creatively play without a bunch of nosy grown ups bugging them about it.

Cue to a couple weekends ago when a buddy asked Mr. G to go home with him for a play date after flag football. Off he went, I returned home to finish washing dishes for 10 minutes before returning to the field to watch Mr. B play his game. The doorbell rang and I answered it--to discover a posse of boys on my front porch wanting Mr. G.

Aw, guys, I'm sorry--he went over to M's today after the game. You'll have to come over and play next week.

What about your other son?

He's busy playing football right now.

What about your other son--the oldest?

He's got some Boy Scout stuff going on today. Gosh, guys, I'm really sorry.

But we want to hunt for the yeti in your woods.

Ah. The yeti. That's trademark Team Testosterone--making up a storyline to add to their adventures in the woods. And that explains what they're doing every Saturday--and why the ranks of boys back there each week keeps increasing.

Yeah, we need to hunt for him and Mr. G knows where to go. We've seen his tracks.


Is it true that Mr. B has seen the yeti 10 times? that what they told you?
These kids know my sons are making this up, right?

Is it true that he's been living back there for a hundred years?

That seems to be the story...
Part of me wants to perpetuate the myth and verify Team Testosterone's story, but I'm starting to worry that these kids are pretty gullible.

Is it true there was once a bear back in your woods?

Well, our neighbor thought so--he saw some scat.

Is there really a secret hideout where the yeti lives?

Is it true that the yeti is 8 feet tall?

Then one boy lowers his voice and looks at me with solemn eyes. Is it true that you had another son and when he was a baby he wandered into the woods and the yeti ate him?

I can't help laughing. Oh, honey, you know my boys are just making that up. Right? RIGHT?

We'll be back next week. Mr. G will be here, right? Then we can hunt for the yeti again.

And they were.

What really tickled me is when another mother told me how much fun her kids have at our place, hunting for a yeti. I didn't think I needed to tell her the yeti was only a legend ...

But still, I can't help asking her, "Did your sons tell you how the yeti ate my other son?"


  1. Love it! Whatever brings them together in harmony... ;)

  2. When I was a kid, it was rumored (by my best friend's older brother) that there was a monster living in the creek. Perhaps it was a yeti? I live on that creek today and still hear strange sounds at night...

  3. I think this could be useful . . .

    "If you don't clear your dishes, I'll let the Yeti eat you .. ."


  4. Maybe it's the Yeti I see casting shadows on my windows...I swear sometimes someone (or apparently...something) is trying to peek in our family room windows some night.

  5. That's a riot! You should ask the boys to draw pictures of the Yeti.

  6. This and your other post on circumcision have me speechless with laughter!

    The kids should make a movie about the Yeti.

  7. Hmmm...are you sure it's a Yeti?

  8. This country needs more kids playing just like that!

  9. Now that is a classic moment in family history. Another son? Eaten by the yeti in the backyard woods? Wonderful.

  10. What a hoot! I can't wait to tell my girls this story -- the older one is obsessed with yetis lately.

    I like Cassi's idea: "If you don't make your bed/do your homework/put away your laundry..."

  11. Oh my need to hire one of your pool boys to dress up one saturday!!! Priceless ;)

  12. Yeti are make believe - but now the Sasquatch... he's for real. Of course you'll have to come visit me in the Pacific Northwest to go hunting for him ;)

  13. I'm back to tell you that I told this to Pete and the girls last night and we all laughed until we were breathless. The girls want to know what name the boys gave their fourth brother.

  14. I remember the fun of making up scary stories as a kid. And I love that they call it a yeti, not Bigfoot. Like they're anthropologists or something. :) I miss playing like that.

    I did a report on yeti in elementary achool and used a Chewbaca doll in my display.

  15. Your boys need to rent the movie Trollhunter. They could probably get some really great ideas. The hubby and I watched it about a month ago - surprisingly a decent film!

  16. Beautiful. Seriously. I love that kind of stuff.

    I totally would have added to the story, though, when talking to the kids, and created a whole yeti family and a cave and...

  17. Hahaha!!! I LOVE that! My kids just watched Harry and the Hendersons for the first time a few weeks ago and LOVED it. When we went up north it was dark when we were getting to the cabin (and it is surrounded by woods so your drive up under a canopy of trees) and I had all I could do to keep from "acting" like I saw a Yeti. ;) My hubby kept warning me not to do it or they'd never get over it. I still want to do it. hehe I'm evil like that.

    How priceless is it that the boys play like that. I want to live on 60 acres of woods too! That is the BEST! What lucky boys!!!

  18. GG: Whenever you're ready to trek to the Pac NW - let me know. I've got a big old house, plenty of rooms.


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