Wednesday, November 9, 2011

anarchy club

A number of you have asked to see pictures of my library. I didn't take any "before," but as soon as I find our camera (which has disappeared into thin air), I'll take some "after" to give you the gist of where things now stand.

At the very beginning we see Jax and Tara every bit the happy couple, singing to the boys in the car, carefree and happy. Back at the clubhouse, Gemma tells Clay that Jax has gone with Tara to Oregon and he freezes for a half-second before walking on. En route to Oregon, there's this stunning little scene where they stop to get gas and you see Jax trying on the lifestyle when a police officer makes small talk with him. I honestly believe he wants this, a guilt-free existence where you can talk bikes and engines without checking over your shoulder. It's heartbreaking because you know their happiness is going to get cut short.

Clay tries to stop the hit, but Romeo tells him his "independent contractor" won't be in contact until the job's done. He's also busy keeping Opie away from the cabin--another episode goes by and no one knows he's dead yet. Clay, Tig (sigh) and Bobby head to talk to Romeo in person.

The van pulls along side Tara as she's buckling the boys into the car and Jax is tossing their trash into a bin a little distance away. She fights back, hard. He runs--takes a second to check on his sons and shoots at the van. She gets out--but not until after the door slams on her hand. HER HAND. Brilliant plotting--her death would be too easy a resolution, there's much more drama in a surgeon losing her right hand.

She's taken back to Charming while the friendly police officer pieces together their identity and Jax resigns himself to being who he is--SAMCRO. At the hospital everyone gathers and shows their support. Even Sheriff Roosevelt (who has two good scenes, one where he confronts Lincoln and another where he apologizes to Juice--I really like his character) tries to lend sympathy to their group.

Tara unleashes all her fear and fury on Jax--I think some of the best performances of the season come in this episode. She's calling it fate, he can't leave, won't leave, and losing her hand means she's stuck, too. An Old Lady for life. Her rage hurts Jax worse than anything and he is in the waiting area shaken when SAMCRO comes by to see him. When they leave, he pulls Opie aside and tells him "one more deal and I'm getting out." Opie's pissed, Jax made him stay when he wanted to leave. Jax gets it, he knows he's betraying his best friend, but his family means more.

There's a muddied scene where SAMCRO heads to the Niners clubhouse and bullets fly. I didn't follow all of it, except to gather that tensions between all the factions are rising. Clay, Bobby and Tig visit Romeo--Clay gets a refund for the botched hit and Romeo promises he'll take care of Tara personally. Clay asks him to just call it off, Jax will keep close to her. Oh, Clay, you started something you can't stop--a seasoned cartel leader won't let you have a change of heart, especially not when you've told him Tara knows all about their business. Romeo promises he'll have her killed and Clay is finally faced with the reality that he's not pulling any strings.

Back home, he finds Gemma who has done the math and knows Clay arranged the hit on Tara. The ensuing scene is so shocking, really beyond what I expected. Clay is a wounded animal and he strikes out at Gemma with ferocity. I honestly expected him to appeal to her, I thought she was his only truth left, too, but this scene reveals that Clay's only truth is himself. Interesting to learn his perspective on JT--he feels that Gemma pulled his strings and is ultimately responsible for killing JT.

The episode ends with Clay walking into the clubhouse with his duffel bag and everyone's watching and wondering. Gemma's at the house with Wayne, telling him that Jax will destroy Clay. Even when she's been pummeled to a new low, Gemma's conniving and scheming, and she's deluded enough to believe she's still pulling strings, too.

Predictions anyone? Just four episodes left this season.


  1. Oh fun. I could totally go for some library pictures! :-)

  2. I agree with you. That scene at the gas station where Jax was just a civilian was HEARTBREAKING. As was the scene at the park where he and Tara are so excited about their new life.

    And her HAND. Oh. Just awful.

    I'm not sure Clay really believes Gemma caused JT's death. I think he was trying to manipulate her - let her know that if she accused him, he would make it look like she had JT killed. And also to make her feel like everything is HER fault.

    I was screaming at the television during what followed. That scene was shocking and horrific.

    Remember the weird kiss with Unser you mentioned last week? Did you notice how they highlighted it in the scenes from last week? Are they going to run with some kind of love story between them? Seems kind of tough to buy.

    And I like Roosevelt's character too. I'm hoping he and Juice will join forces to undermine what's his name - the Federal guy. Why can I never remember his name?!

    You do a great recap, by the way. :)

  3. I agree with everything Suzanne said. I have a hard time believing Gemma would really go for Unser, though, he's just not hardcore enough for her. I can see the kiss as manipulation and if something did develop I think it would just be a rebound.

    Vincent and I watched it last night and were yelling at the tv. Clay has to die!!!

    Of you haven't seen Deadwood, I highly recommend it. Unser, the federal guy and whatshername from Ireland are all in it.


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