Wednesday, November 16, 2011

anarchy club

Well. There was gratuitous violence (RPGs--how much you want to bet the IRA gets irritated that the Sons used their weapons in a cartel war?) that culminated with Kozik stepping on a land mine and getting blown up. That kind of sucked. I remarked to Mr. D during a commercial break that at this rate, there won't be anybody left for the next season.

We get various reactions to Gemma's face--Margaret is concerned, Jax wants to retaliate and tells Clay as much. Wendy shows up--she's clean and functioning and wants to get to know Abel. She visits Tara first--whose reaction is to smash her hand back to smithereens. Not sure where they're going with Tara's storyline, but I'm finding it hard to believe she's going THAT crazy. Especially when Jax is committed to getting her and the boys the heck out of Charming. Gemma's response is to lure Wendy back to the house to "talk." I kind of loved the performance in that scene--a sober Wendy is a much better storyline. Gemma tells her "now is not a good time, I'll be in touch." Uh-huh.

Great scene between Chibs (who I am loving more and more this season) and Juice--Juice confesses half the truth to Chibs who tells him all that matters is paperwork--what's on your birth certificate? Hispanic. Well, there you go. They hug, Juice's phone rings--guess who's checking in? So that's left open, but Chibs thinks all is okay.

Bobby, Opie and Tig visit Georgie because the Asian investors actually put money down on Hale's investment. He claims he had no control over that--Bobby presses him for the skinny on Luann's death and it turns out that the thugs he sent to rough her up got out of control. Bobby slams the trunk shut and nods to Tig and Opie who then blast through it with their guns. So now Georgie's dead. Mashed in there is a little farewell scene between Opie and Lila. A shame, really, but that's over.

Tara's sedated, Clay gets confronted by Tig, Jax and Wayne throughout this episode--his reaction is to slam the door on each of them. And he's still maintaining that one last big deal will go down with the cartel and THEN they'll go back to business as usual. As if anyone, even Clay, believes that's possible.

Potter shows up to negotiate with Otto in prison and Otto agrees to talk--for a price. His price includes his assets sent to Luann's sister, more privileges for Lenny and a face-to-face with Bobby, where he'll tell him HE sold him out. Oh, and a bumped-up execution date and new glasses. This scene was one of my favorites--two of the weirdest characters on TV alone in a room--quite compelling.

Jax is conned by the cartel into thinking he's got the men who hurt Tara, but of course Romeo still has her targeted.

Opie heads out to check on Piney and Wayne follows him--and tries to play him. I think Wayne's an idiot--Opie is NOT the one you want taking down Clay, he's just too fragile and not smart enough. But he's emotional enough to be manipulated. Next week everyone will know that Piney's dead and we'll watch that play out, I'm sure.

Then Gemma shows up at the clubhouse and Tig sees her face. There's a long silence as Clay and Gemma stand across the yard from one another. And Tig hands over his patch to Clay and rides off.


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