Wednesday, November 30, 2011

anarchy club

I took last week off, but let's hash both out, shall we?

Opie shot Clay. Opie, who has no stomach for death or any of it anymore. Jax, who never did either, takes control of the situation, bundling Opie off with a promise to find the truth (to which Opie replies in stoic resignation, "Just what I need. Another promise.") and propping up Clay so it looks like an outside hit. And Clay, conscious enough to tell Jax to pin it on "the blacks." Really?

Trouble is, the one person buying this line, hook, line and sinker, is Tig, who translates it to mean the Niners and takes terrible (and implausible) revenge. (Mr. D asked me if I'd keep watching if Tig got killed. After deep consideration, I said that I would. Jax is enough to keep me coming back now.) Even when pushed by the police, Wayne and Jax are loath to drag another gang into their problems, which are mounting as they realize Bobby and Juice are MIA.

In one scene Jax tells Tara they're leaving town tomorrow. She's packing the bags while a New Patch feeds a baby and Gemma trots in wanting those letters. Those same letters Clay wants. In another scene Jax is taking control of every situation: the meet with the Cartel, the meet with the Irish, tracking down his MIA members, even going to prison to ask Lenny what he knows. (How does he have enough time in the day?) And then Tig needs an escort out of O-town because he's just knocked Laroy's girlfriend through a window and killed her. Of course they're on his tail--they don't know who Tig is until he leaves his car and jumps on his motorcycle and then in a high speed chase Jax shoots one of the Niners, leaving Laroy swearing the revenge due in next week's final episode of the season.

Wisely, Jax talks to Romeo, who insists they're a GO for the meet with the Irish at 3:00. Against Jax's better judgment. Jax tells Chibs and Happy that Opie's at the cabin, Piney's death isn't widely known yet.

And Tara, Tara gives the keys to the storage unit and Gemma gets the packet of letters--which she browses through before bringing to Jax. As if he doesn't have enough on his plate. Gemma's plan is for Jax to kill Clay and take the gavel. Tara's plan is for Jax to kill Clay and get the hell out of Charming. Tara hands Jax a syringe and explains how to do it so it looks accidental. Gemma realizes that Tara really IS smarter than her, a frightening thought.

For one week we hang in the balance. My predictions? Clay's dead next episode, but not by Jax's hand. Opie will not excuse Jax, the meeting with the Cartel and the Irish will be wicked bloody, Jax will not be able to leave Charming, Tara will not be happy and either will Gemma be pleased with Jax, the Niners will execute vengeance, and what remains of the SAMCRO boils down to: Jax, Opie, Happy, Chibs and Tig. The only thing that makes me a little happy is the possibility of seeing more of Happy next season because as I type this, I realize he's the only character Kurt Sutter has left unexplored and underdeveloped.

Fellow Anarchists, what say you?


  1. Well, then, I hope you get more Happy next season ;-)

  2. We are at least 5 weeks behind. I can't even remember Happy.

    We're planning an SOA marathon some day when we can stay home for the whole day.

  3. I don't watch SOA but your summary was entertaining. I like your Thanksgiving tradition on washing dishes. We are making plans to come north at Christmas. I'm hoping you have snow by then.


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