Wednesday, November 23, 2011

and still more gratitude

51. School secretaries. Especially the ones willing to forge signatures to expedite things. (not naming any names, Ms. W over at PI who ROCKS.)
52. Bus drivers. Especially the ones who play the "cool radio stations" and wait at the end of the driveway for stragglers.
53. Cafeteria workers.
54. Imagination. I cannot imagine life without it.
55. Creativity. (I should give Pinterest its own spot now, shouldn't I?)
56. Pinterest.
57. In that event, Tom and Lorenzo, because they crack me up.
58. Patience. In particular, the patience other people extend towards me.
59. Self-control. It's underrated in a world full of explosive personalities and viral YouTube videos.
60. Kindness. It's everywhere in big and small ways and finding it leads to
61. Hope.
62. Along this list of intangibles, faithfulness and here's a special shout-out to Mr. D. (Yo! Babe!) (And God, of course. Yo! God!)
63. Peace. I find myself sitting back more and more often, keeping my peace, maintaining peace, reluctant to stir pots. (I hope this is the result of age and not apathy.)
64. Generosity. I'm on the receiving end of it so often.
65. Order. I remember when I began teaching high school just being in awe that traffic in hallways flowed; all of the "wild teenagers" stayed on their right, nobody shoved or pushed, people got to class on time. I love it when I see order, and I'm thankful when people respect one another enough to keep order.
66. Solitude. Space and silence to reflect without interruption.
67. Contentment. I am thankful I feel this far more than the sting of envy.
68. Butter.
69. I get to grow fruit in my own yard. Raspberries, pears, strawberries, apples. Such luck!
70. I know someone who cuts hair really well. (A shout out to Kristy! Yo! Kristy!)
71. Humor.
72. Sons of Anarchy for reminding me how good it is to be married to someone who does not run drugs and guns for a living because that seems pretty stressful.
73. How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, The Middle for genuine belly laughs.
74. Great movies. The chance to escape visually--with a box of Dots at hand.
75. My family is healthy. Our biggest concern these days is my asthma, for which there are adequate medications.
76. Reliable electricity.
77. The Momvan. You bet she's the ugliest thing in any parking lot, but she never has a hiccup.
78. Time. Even when I don't have it enough, lack of time prompts me to remember what's really important to me and that's worth noting, too.
79. Porch swings and hammocks.
80. That huge basket of blankets in the living room, perfect for cozying up with on the couch for late night reading or warming a bare-chested boy eating his breakfast.


  1. It's wonderful to read what makes you happy. Years ago I made a happiness list. Every once in a while I would update it. It's somewhere on my old laptop that will only start up in safe mode nowadays. After the holidays, I will see if I can dig it up. Right now I am in full on dinner prep mode. Gotta go!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Green Girl.

  2. Again, I love these lists. There's something for everyone, and many things that need a bit of attention called to them... Skater Girl would likely jump on faithfulness and butter in particular.

  3. Seriously, these lists make me so happy. I relate to so much on your lists and it is such a great reminder to me of all I can be thankful for. :)

  4. Green Girl? You are awesome. I'm thankful for you and your kick-ass writing.

    Also? I totally agree - I think it would be way stressful to be married to somebody who runs drugs and guns for a living. I'll take my software engineer anytime.

  5. I love your lists---we are truly blessed in so many ways!

  6. love it! your lists are so great to read. they bring back memories of things for us all. the hallway at high school is very much something that came to mind when i read it.

    hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  7. I love the last one. There's something special about a pile of cozy blankets!

  8. What a cool list but I would have added a flusing toilet and soft toilet

  9. I'm being thankful for children coming home from college and enjoying the break with mom and dad. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you and yours!

  10. I love the randomness of your list. From butter to the shout out to Kristy. Yo Kristy! To my favorite, being thankful for SOA to remind you that it's great to be married to someone who doesn't run drugs or guns! (I just finished watching and thought, holy moly, I can't take much more!)

    And I hope you don't get the forger in trouble! ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving Green Girl!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! Don't eat too much, okay?

  12. We do #80--even our guests get blankets.


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