Tuesday, November 15, 2011

busy and blessed

With the help of my two girlfriends Sarah and Jayne, I've devised neat things for the book launch. Soon I'll be off to the store for supplies...I'm a horrible party planner, but I'm bright enough to consult creative people and use their ideas! "Coddled Cuisine" recipe cards with the recipes from Sadie's first home party, chocolates wrapped in labels with the book cover and purchasing information, door prizes...so many details to take care of.

I've got my hair freshly cut and that pleases me.

I've got TWO new outfits ordered. The dress I fell in love with at Title Nine was OUT OF STOCK when I finally went to order it after drooling over it for three months. How frustrating. But then I went back a day later and found it "available after November 16" in one color. I went ahead and ordered it and can hardly wait to wear it. (And today when I went to set up the link, I see my first choice of color is now available after November 16th. GAH!)

9 and 0! Go Pack Go!

Last weekend I had NO black belt stuff which meant I had all kinds of extra time. About 6 hours' worth. I can get used to that. Combined with no more flag football and I had 9 hours of freed up time I haven't enjoyed on weekends since September.

Our woods are flooded like last year. This means it'll freeze like a giant ice rink, which is kind of cool, but I worry about how this might be hard on our trees. I cleared a path through one section for cross-country skiing and those wonderful green boots you see in the header kept my feet dry while I worked in 8 inches of water.

We had parent/teacher conferences last week and heard all kinds of nice things about our boys. They're a "pleasure to have in class" and "participate often" and "add personality." Mr. T's got a good handle on things and is demonstrating responsibility by getting help on his own in Spanish, his hardest class. He's taking care of his school work without prodding from me. Mr. G has merged into 1st grade and is reading at a 2nd grade level, little show-off. Mr. B took a MAPS test and when faced with a division problem (The red car gets 12 mpg and travels 60 miles, how many gallons did it need?) figured it out by using subtraction. He's never seen division or multiplication before, but understood the concept enough to reach the right answer the slow way. I love a kid who thinks outside the box and solves problems.

Reading Service with a Smile by PG Wodehouse, which makes me smile and chuckle every night.

Am knitting this while I watch the Packers. Cute, no?

Still working on getting a video of my sword mastery.

Mr. D surprised us by bringing home take-out for supper last night. What a lovely thing! All I had to do was set out plates, get drinks and slice apples.

Spill it, reader. What's got you feeling busy and blessed?


  1. Let me know when you get your supplies...Mr. Man and I will trek back and help you put everything together! We're free most days coming up!

  2. SO exciting, all that stuff.

    We're getting set for meditation, doing a lot of school, planting the garden, still putting things up in the house. Busy and blessed.

  3. Even if the dress isn't your first color choice, no doubt it'll be stunning! Very exciting about your book!

  4. I'm feeling blessed just because I'm NOT busy this week!

  5. The cowl is beautiful! Makes me want to knit one also, but first I guess I'd need to learn to knit. The party sounds exciting and fun!

  6. Any time that includes P.G. Wodehouse is blessed. And, take-out? That's excellent!

  7. Sounds like your weekly commitments let up just in time for your special occasion to-do list to need attention. Perfect.

    I'm actually less busy, but feeling very blessed, because the ice rink was closed for a week, two of the lovies are making three day camping trips (that I am not chaperoning), and there is a whole week of No School for Thanksgiving (which is in town, but not at my house, this year).

  8. I'm so excited about your book launch, but I think you knew that already. Makes me wish that VA and WI were next door to each other, rather than a time zone away.

    I'm excited about getting a huge jump on Christmas and preparing to send out four boxes of goodies to friends in Canada and England next week.

    I'm also excited about feeling good when I exercise.

  9. Both the dress and the bandana cowl are so nice. I can totally see you in that dress. The cowl inspires me, but it's been so long since I've followed a kitting pattern that I find it intimidating. Great website though.

    I'm definitely feeling blessed because I think life is slowing down a bit now. Traveling and party are over, and Thanksgiving travel has been canceled. The only thing on next weekend's calendar is honey extraction, after that it's clear sailing for a while.

  10. love the dress. i'm impressed with the cowl thingy. i couldn't do that at all. very excited about your book. my husband wants me to write one. he's full of ideas for me. maybe one of these days i'll have the time to get it done.

  11. Cross country prep makes me smile. I'm looking forward to the season too!

    Busy and blessed - just finishing up a huge project for work that I'm looking forward to launching, and the children are about to have a four day weekend to revel in!

  12. Thanks for stopping over. My busy is shipping out only son to college and learning to live with it. I'm hunting the full-time job to offset costs and fill my days. Will hate to leave my current position, the Friday Forum has been a wonderful refuge. Like your knitting. I quilt, working on my 3rd since school started. (Read empty nest issues here.) Blessing to you today!

  13. You have been busy and are always blessed, I would love to be able to get my hair cut and syled but that will have to wait......

  14. I am triple booked on the 10th, but I want to be at all of these!

    I'm feeling blessed because one eye is healed and the other is on the way. It helps me set aside the anxiety of my workplace.

  15. Wow! You'll shine no matter what the color of your amazing dress :)

    I caught a stupid cold and have been down for the count...going to try working out tomorrow..maybe...

  16. You've got a lot going on.

    Contemplating working full-time. Contemplating.

  17. I love Purl Bee :)

    I'm just happy to have my hubby home from Atlanta ..............

  18. Cute dress! And I LOVE PG Wodehouse! I think I'll have to put him in a future Friday reading assignment. I'm excited and busy because I've got two kids coming home from being away at school, for Thanksgiving. It seems more like a proper holiday when people you haven 't seen for months are coming home for it.

  19. I like that cowl! I bet it knits pretty fast with the circular needle too. I've been knitting tons if different wash cloths because people love them as stocking stuffers. I got a start on my Christmas shopping. Tonight's my boys last night of swim lessons then our Wed nights will be free! Yeah! 9-and-Oh!

  20. I'm lovin' my football free Saturdays too!

  21. A job I enjoy and that is new every day.

    Three kids, two dogs, a husband and a house that will not clean itself!!!!!

    An online class that I'm a week behind in.

    But I'm blessed to have these opportunities.


Spill it, reader.