Thursday, November 17, 2011

first of three promises

I did promise you video proof of the infamous throwing and catching of a sword.

I'm a woman of my word.


(And you're welcome--I managed to edit the thing so you wouldn't be subjected to the entire demo.)

(Good golly did I need a haircut.)

(I bounce a LOT when I walk. Note to self: work on that, eh?)

(Yes, those karate pants are the least flattering things in the world to wear.)

But. The important thing here is the CATCHING, right?


  1. You look GREAT (despite the pants) and I am TOTALLY impressed.

  2. You are such a bad ass! I LOVE IT!!!

  3. I am learning to love karate since my GrandLove Sy participates, but swords...geeez I think I'd freak if he got into that...but YOU are great!!!!
    Thanks for stopping and Yes, I was, operative word, was, a folk singer. I still sing but anything I want...mostly country and in the shower. LOL

  4. I just came back to watch again. You still rocked again the second time around. I'm totally showing this to my family tonight.

  5. Wow, it was just like watching a special dance. Great!

  6. I know one thing, after watching that video, I will NEVER mess with you girl!

    That was all kinds of awesome!!!

  7. That was awesome. Especially the catching! Who is going to notice the pants with the flashing, flying, shiney sword?!

  8. Darlin' you look marvelous...pants and all!!!

    WoW...this was just amazin'!

    God bless and enjoy this wonderful day!!!

    BTW: Remind me never to make you mad! Heeehehehe!!!! :o)

  9. I was thinking "where is she? it's a bunch of teenagers!"

    My KungFu pants had an elastic gathering at the bottom. Yours are cool.

  10. Love it! I twirled baton in grade school, does that mean I'd be able to pick this up too?

  11. Excellent catch! I am very impressed. Didn't even notice the pants.

  12. Wheh!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!! Great job!

  13. Love the bounce, don't let it go! You are amazing.

  14. I'm impressed! And you look like a teenager, btw.


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