Tuesday, November 22, 2011

more grateful

21. Flowers--all of them--lilacs and daffodils in spring, asters and coneflowers in fall, tulips and petunias, phlox and bee balm, daisies and sunflowers and begonias.
22. The crisp taste of peas and beans eaten while standing in the garden.
23. The smell of tomato plants.
24. The sound of the boys landing perfect cannonballs in the pool and cheering each other on.
25. Creative sons who think outside the box.
26. My writing group--Marni, Lauren, Nina and Mariana give the best feedback and advice.
27. Living close enough to grocery shop inside of an hour, but far enough away to wander the back yard in my pajamas without shame.
28. Frost, especially when it covers bare branches, highlighting the intricate design of trees and shrubs.
29. Birds. The flash of a red cardinal on the tree outside always makes me smile and their chatter wakes me up in the morning. Everything is made more pleasant with birds singing in the background.
30. Getting to bring my family to the OBX this summer and experience the most glorious summer beach vacation.
31. The Bumble Book Club--a great group of women who choose awesome reads month after month.
32. The parents who invest themselves in our community; those people who coach, volunteer, sell concessions, organize school dances, lead Boy Scouts and run the PTA.
33. The old man who picks up the litter along our county road this spring. Every day I saw him out there after the snow melted, every day he'd fill a plastic shopping bag with trash. When I run along our road, I don't see everyone's garbage and it's thanks to him.
34. My friend Sarah who is honest and funny and true.
35. My girlfriends, Nicole, Maggie, Cindy, Kara, Stacy, Mary and Kari--even if I only see them once a year or once a month, getting together with them is like slipping into my most comfy sweatpants.
36. Farmers. They work long hours in all kinds of conditions to feed us.
37. Public libraries.
38. Starry skies at night. No matter how many times I look up, the view still amazes me.
39. A phenomenal church where I can go and grow and raise Team Testosterone in good faith.
40. The Cubbie leaders serving with me on Tuesday nights. Their dedication and enthusiasm is a blessing.
41. Jax, who is a sweet companion as I putter around outside.
42. Because it's Tuesday, sanitation workers because even though we don't generate a lot of trash, I'm thankful they deal with it for me.
43. Wool. Really miraculous stuff.
44. Daily newspapers.
45. Royal weddings, because they're quite fantastic.
46. For that matter, all of England.
47. Rico's Family Restaurant.
48. Alice and Bud, who are such generous friends.
49. The smell of line dried laundry, and clotheslines made by my grandpa.
50. Yoga.


  1. Id love to know more about the Bumble Book Club..Im thinking of getting back into the habit of reading:)

    Twitter Tuesday is back! Come meet Keiko Lynn!!

  2. I agree with So many of these...and can I add:

    45b: Neighbors who get up at the crack of dawn to watch royal weddings together

    31b: book club members who understand the time constraints of young mothers and accept wayward members whenever they can make it

    41b: Jax, who patiently deals with a 4 year old's fascination and fear of dogs with calmness and patience

    36b: Farmers, for even when they are stubborn and leave cupboards open, still work hard at everything they do, and uncomplainingly work every single day for other's comfort. :)

  3. I'm with Smalltown Me, your thankful lists are wonderful to read.

  4. I think it's awesome you're thankful for England.

    Mmmm, tomato plants :-)

  5. Fingers crossed, hoping to make the top 100... :o) BTW - I'm thankful for you. Without you my novel would have just been an idea floating around in the back of my head. Now it's a book on the verge of being published! Your deadlines and insightful comments made this a reality for me. I'll never be able to thank you enough!

  6. It just makes me happy to read your wonderful lists!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a marvelous Thanksgiving with your family.

    Pop on over if ya get a chance...giveaway...my place! :o)

  7. Isn't amazing how many things there are in our lives for which to be thankful?

  8. Isn't it wonderful to have a long list like this? I'm very thankful this year - for my health, my family, and more.

  9. Your lists are calling attention to similar good stuff around here. Way to spread the joy.

  10. your thankful list is great. i agree with so many of these, too.

  11. Right now I am thankful for you list. :)

  12. Cannonballs and yoga - some of my favorite things too

  13. 29. Birds. The flash of a red cardinal on the tree outside always makes me smile and their chatter wakes me up in the morning. Everything is made more pleasant with birds singing in the background.

    Totally agree with this one. Love to see the chickadees at my feeder. And the occasional woodpecker on my tree.

    And #50 Yoga? Totally saved my back this morning.


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