Thursday, November 24, 2011

one last serving of gratitude

81. Bacon! (Thanks, Small Town Mom for reminding me--what a thing to overlook!)
82. Which brings me to bloggy friends who give me the best links, belly laughs, insights and fellowship. Some folks complain about all the hate in the world, but the blogosphere is generally one of the most positive, loving places to hang out. I'm grateful to be part of that community.
83. My kids all have nice friends from families I like and trust.
84. We have good babysitters as needed, and nice teenage baseball players to help with the heavy lifting around here.
85. Ruth and Carl, such good mentors.
86. Cheese.
87. Forgiveness.
88. The way people smile at you when they catch your eye--people you don't know and people you do know.
89. Plenty of hot water in the morning and good water pressure.
90. The color green.
91. The sound of crickets in summertime, the glimmer of fireflies, the hum of bees.
92. Orchards. There is something so special about an orchard.
93. Poetry.
94. The miracle of the composting process.
95. My sister is doing OK.
96. My marriage is good, the foundation solid.
97. I have kids who love me, still need me to a large degree, and show every sign of developing into good and decent men one day.
98. We have awesome home teams to cheer for, in particular, the Packers, who are great athletes and men of sound characters, just the sort of role models I'm glad for Team Testosterone to admire.
99. I've inherited some great genetic qualities.
100. I took typing, which has facilitated my life in so many ways I never dreamed possible when I was a junior in high school.

Happy Thanksgiving.
I hope you all have a day filled with things you feel grateful for and people who make you feel loved.


  1. Aw shucks, you're welcome. I've loved your lists.

  2. Here's to taking typing!! Because way back then, who knew? We were the forward thinkers, I guess! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. I am indeed thankful for your writing on this blog.

  4. I am definitely grateful for bacon. You have built some lovely lists over the last few days.

  5. This last bunch, I think, is the BEST.

    I'm sending you a hug.

  6. I'm also proud of our Packers for their winning ways off the field. The stars on the field are classy off the field as well.

  7. Great lists. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I love your lists! I have so much to be grateful for.

  9. These are all great. I agree that the blogosphere is generally full of love and support.

  10. Yes! good water pressure is an absolute must to be thankful for. A good shower makes any day better.

    Love your list. Hope your THanksgiving was grand.

    xo jj

  11. I soooo agree with you about the blogosphere and boggers being so positive and thoughtful. It seems that to blog, you really have to notice all the little gifts in life.

    As for typing-that's where I could use some help!


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