Monday, November 21, 2011

really, really thankful

For the past week I've spent a lot of time reflecting on what I'm thankful for this year. I've asked Team Testosterone to give it some thought, too. Their list is actually pretty good: "My family," "My toys," "Our dog," and "When I flush the toilet, all the water goes down." I agreed with them that these are all good things--even that last one, as recently I walked into a bathroom and had to give it a pre-flush just to watch the water level rise (as well as gobs of toilet paper) to a mildly terrifying level. I recall well how grateful I felt when on the (very risky) second flush, something deep in the bowels of our home unplugged and the water vanished with a satisfying GLUG!

But I digress.

In the spirit of the season, I'm posting 100 Things I'm Thankful For--all week (because long lists give me a headache). I did this last year, too, but I'm not going back to look. There might be repeats, but I'm laying out here what's on my heart. You're invited to join me this week in doing the same...

1. Mr. T's seizures are gone.
2. Mr. D has a great job and enormous security in it.
3. My boys are at a fine school that challenges them and encourages higher-level thinking.
4. We live in the most beautiful place, every morning I wake up and look outside and deeply appreciate how blessed we are to have this property.
5. Books. And time to read them.
6. Finding a home for my book, a publisher to broaden the audience from 5 to 1,000!
7. Awesome neighbors who lend cups of sugar, receive my kids' affection with good humor and look out for one another.
8. NPR Morning Edition.
9. Staying healthy and strong enough to earn my 2nd degree black belt.
10. My kids are good friends and my house rings with more laughter than tears.
11. A safe community. We might not have a post office or a public library, but crime is low and there's much to recommend knowing almost everyone by name and stopping for a chit-chat when popping into the grocery store for a dozen eggs.
12. Clean air.
13. Clean water.
14. Good food--from our own back yard and from local producers.
15. Of course coffee makes this list.
16. And beer.
17. And wine.
18. The quiet time at night after the boys are tucked in and I can read and pray and rest.
19. God's grace, undeserved but always ample.
20. Music. The soothing notes of classical, the rev-you-up clatter of punk, the sophisticated crooning from jazz singers, the steady twang of country.

Spill it, reader. In long or short lists--your gratitude.


  1. I'm grateful to be able to pop over to a positive place for an uplifting read.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Grateful for electricity--This fall has been a fall of weird storms - Lost power twice--for long periods of time--Thankful when the lights are on

  3. That's a good list you have. As always I'm grateful for my cozy home and my family.

  4. Ooo! Your beautiful list just got me all teary.

    I'm thankful that the last three years have taught me to be thankful every day. I'm thankful that now, every morning when I wake up, I start my day by telling God what I'm thankful for and then praying for others.

    I'm thankful that I'm so aware of how important it is to be thankful. Probably sounds clunky, but it's true.

  5. I'm not surprised that you can find 100 think to be thankful about...your home seems like good place to be.
    I'm composing a blog post in my head.
    My #1 Thankful this year is that we were financially able for me to stay home this year when I haven't felt healthy enough to work.

  6. Damn, Cheri said what I was going to say. I'll add to that that I'm grateful for quite a few things on your list, starting with your #1.

  7. Liking this list... and looking forward to tomorrow's as well!

  8. I share many things that you have listed here on my own unwritten gratitude list. And yes, indoor plumbing that works is on my list.

  9. Top 3 at the moment other than family.
    1. a beautiful place to live
    2. good books and time to read them
    3. all the wonderful blogs I read every day

  10. My uncle passed away last weekend. I am trying to write about it but I cannot find the words. I was by his side when he died, with my aunt and my cousins. I am thankful to have known him, thankful for his love, and thankful to have been allowed to be there at such an intimate family moment. It may sound very strange, but it was a beautiful event and I feel privileged to have witnessed it.

  11. This is a very moving list, as it's genuine and honest and reflective. Plus, any toilet that flushes is a boon from above.

    My gratitude this week? That our family gets to do a non-traditional Thanksgiving, replete with enchiladas, as I hate the feeling of everything being the same year to year.

  12. You have a lot of blessings, that's wonderful!
    I have to think hard, right now, for something to be grateful for, as it is 7:03am and so far today my husband and I have had an argument, my older son vomited copiously into the bathtub and clogged its drain, and everybody is yelling at each other. I am grateful for an office to escape to.

  13. One of the many pleasures of reading your blog is that you nudge your readers to pay attention to the little things that make our worlds the way they are, and I'm thankful for that! (And love your lists, especially #1 :-).

  14. That is a GREAT list. :) Makes me happy just to read it.


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