Tuesday, December 6, 2011

holiday chores

I'm wicked late for this year's Christmas card. There are issues with content. There are issues with format. And then the camera batteries died. Above is one of the rejects from this year's session. Team Testosterone looks festive, don't you think?

There's been much talk about Advent calendars. Behind them you'll see a calendar my mom made for me. I grew up with a similar one. You velcro the ornaments to the tree and are supposed to put the star on top Christmas Eve. Try telling that to Mr. G. I keep reading about people putting together Advent calendars that involve opening wee gifts and trinkets and treats. The whole logistics of putting such a thing together (times THREE, natch) blows my mind. So reader, let's make a deal. I'll never tell your kids our kid-sized four-wheeler, pool and the boys' man-fort out back if you never speak of Advent calendars with daily gifts to mine, okay?

Blue jays and cardinals are hitting the bird feeder.

Had lunch with J and her darling baby T yesterday. I will so miss her when she returns to work after Christmas. Seriously, girlfriend makes me laugh so hard.

I awoke this morning to the sound of an ornament hitting the floor, but the tree still stands upright.

St. Nicholas filled stockings with tiny Lego kits and chocolates last night. This morning Mr. G informed me that "St. Nicholas gave me a Ninjago set, but it's okay because he'll tell Santa because they live together." It slays me how kids makes sense of these things in their own way. I guess I always thought St. Nicholas was Santa, on a teaser run to let you know where you stood on his Naughty or Nice List.

The hybrid is a GO! Squee! We don't do new cars around here, the hybrid is barely used, and the first new vehicle for probably 6 years. In our discussions about whether to buy this car, we realized that the Momvan is over 8 years old. That startled me for some reason.

Tonight is the season finale of Sons of Anarchy.

Nine days until the Stevens Point book launch party, when I hold a copy of Whipped, Not Beaten in my hands.

So much to look forward to. Spill it, reader. What are you anticipating?


  1. That was Our Christmas card last year! (except duct tape over their wee mouths....should have kept it on longer ;)) I hate trying to get them to all sit still and centered...let's just say that after pictures yesterday, I hit the New Glarus stash before it was said and done!

  2. Let's see... I caved (again) and bought Christmas cards. I will try and get them out the door this week, at the very least the overseas ones.

    The tree has arrived and quietly awaits trimming.

    I must send out a job application today or it's no use.

    And I have to find a way to pick up a dead snowmobile, a processed deer, a deer mount, and a chest freezer.

  3. I take thousands of pics a year and the only Christmas card worthy picture of our two is from July. (Luckily it was cold then, so they don't look too out of season). Three just ups the ante!

    I'm looking forward to going to my sister's for Christmas :-).

  4. I'm looking forward to my shutterfly cards arriving today. I never got a family picture of all of us together so I went with separate shots. It was easier on the cats that way!

  5. Love the picture - so fun!

    We have cheap $2 advents with chocolate in each door. But only because my mom bought each kid one. I kinda think your tree is much cuter!

  6. Loved lunch too! So much fun!

    I have decided that I am always going to take the easy way out and take the kids to Portrait Innovations to get the christmas cards. My mom likes a holiday picture of each family of kids anyway, so I'll be at the picture place anyway. I did it this year and last year and it was just so much easier than taking the picture at home.

    I'm looking forward to reading Whipped, Not Beaten!


  7. Happy St. Nicholas Day to you too! We are the only people that I know if in CA who celebrate it (From my maternal great-grandmother who came from Germany to WI). My kids figured out why St. Nick brings stuff only to them... we called him and told him we are part German, so that is how he knows our stockings will be hung and waiting. I do indeed love how they figure that stuff out.

    and this year? I had the kids each draw a pic of themselves and I combined it into one image. Much easier than yelling at them to smile. And they came out pretty funny and cute.

  8. I'll admit I really hate the whole holiday-family-picture thing. I love other people's, but my husband is horribly picky about the photo, and it takes forever, and often I don't like it (hated last years) but I just want it over with. Also, we never get around to it until so late, because he never gets around to anything until so late. And of course I have to wait to send out my cards until that picture is taken and printed out. Humbug :-)

  9. LOL! I promise not to tell your kids about our Advent calendar.

  10. Love the Christmas card reject! :)
    We are slow here too! Nary a picture in sight...

    We get chocolate advent calendars from Cost Plus, and my boys are thrilled every morning to get the little piece of chocolate Christmas joy. :)

    I need to order your book! But then, I'm behind on everything... :) I hope the launch is perfect!

  11. Having done one of those advent calendars with all sorts of wee gifts and candy, I can tell you that it wasn't that bad to put together for my two. Mostly, the girls are getting a piece of chocolate, but there are a few other things in there, just to mix things up.

    BTW, do your boys know about nanoblocks? (Teeny tiny Lego-like toys.)

  12. I love your reject card!

    I am anticipating having my boys home for the holidays next Friday.

    Also? Totally with you on the Advent calendar thing.

  13. That would make a practically perfect Christmas card... It's just so very Boy.
    BFF has four kids and does both the Advent shoe thing and the calendars. Not sure how, but thankfully her lovies are forbidden to speak of such things to our kids.


Spill it, reader.