Tuesday, December 13, 2011

in the air, on the air

It was a romantically inauspicious start to my run this morning--huge crows in the trees along our driveway. The air is briny, heavy and chilly and damp. I smelled paper mill, manure and that moldering greenish stench from the creek and some animal corpse rotting. The trouble with temps slightly above freezing is the sick dankness--add a cloudy haze and you can imagine the Black Plague spreading. It's positively medieval.

Glad to be back inside where I'm back in the throes of baking holiday treats. Something snapped inside me yesterday--perhaps it was finally finishing the Christmas cards that triggered it. This year was a bit of a struggle--the card concept did not go as planned. The photo is meh. Mr. D nixed the original Christmas card and I pondered--I'd spent almost 8 hours--how to use what I'd come up with? And then a ginormous lightbulb appeared above my head and I shouted Aha! (while wiggling my eyebrows and raising my right index finger into the air). Then I spent another 3 hours redoing the card that will go out in today's mail.

Trouble is, I've raised the bar unbelievably high for the annual Christmas card. No regulation form letter of the family's accomplishments (GPA, sports records, activities, vacations) for me. Oh no. It's got to be themed or cleverly formatted. Heck, one year I even sent out a one act play. The pressure is on and I've got nobody to blame but myself.

So, the card is done and I headed to the grocery store last night feeling all kinds of merry and joyful. I loaded the cart with butter, sprinkles, nuts and sugar and good golly if I haven't begun a frenzy of baking not seen since 2005. I kind of gave up cookie trays a few years back since we received so many, but now they've fallen out of fashion and I do like the variety on a pretty platter of sweets. Consequently, the recipes are all over the kitchen alongside the proper ingredients--I'm making fudge and caramel corn, cheesecake bars and Norwegian cookies, sugar cookie cut outs and almond thumbprints. Crank the stereo (Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby of course) and slap a Santa hat on my head. Christmas is IN THE AIR.

And I'll be ON THE AIR tomorrow morning at 7:45--over at 1010 AM with Scott Krueger. I've never talked on the radio before--well, except for calling in a couple times over at WPR. Happily, I only have to worry about what to say, not what to wear.

Spill it, reader. What's the mood in the air at your place today?


  1. Enjoy! Wish I could be home baking, but holiday teas at work keep me somewhat appeased. :) WHY WILL YOU BE on the radio??

  2. I did magazine parody newsletters twice and I've never been able to top them

  3. Good luck tomorrow! Very exciting :-)

    Happy baking. I went grocery shopping today and steered clear of the baking aisle - it was packed w/ mad hoards of bakers! Whew! Glad I didn't desperately need some chocolate chips or anything ;-)

  4. got a Christmas letter from our oldest daughter, it was written from the viewpoint of her youngest daughter, 5 mos old.
    rather cute!

  5. A one act play? That would be hard to top!

    Break a leg tomorrow!

  6. It's been dreary. Mr Sunshine and I just went to the library.

    I need to get motivated to finish the cards.I did a newsletter once and had to listen to my Mom tell me how tacky she thought it was.

    I already bought the baking supplies, but since we aren't having Christmas until Jan 4th,(when the Cape Codders arrive) nothing feels important yet.

  7. I did a 'our year from a-z' letter. I just wrote one line for each letter of the alphabet. I got some good comments on it. Good luck on the radio tomorrow!

  8. I'm downsizing Christmas. Simple photo cards. Very little baking. I'm keeping my expectations low. ;)
    I love this weather for running lately. It is perfect! I can't believe how warm it is around here. I dig it. :)
    So glad the Christmas spirit has caught ya. Hope it catches me soon too. :)

  9. You inspire me!
    I might have to make some cookies this weekend.

  10. I love home baking, it smells so good. How exciting to be on the radio. Good luck!

  11. Sounds like some spirit-filled fun :)

  12. My cousin does a fun letter for their extended family, with a different theme every year. One year she was a burglar, learning about them all from the clues around the house, and another year she was a news interviewer, asking questions of each person.

    How do you keep your first batches of baked goods from becoming stale while you work on the subsequent items? I hate to freeze (I'm always afraid they'll taste like freezer), and I hate to let them get stale. This year I just did four different kinds of fudge, and I'm packing it all up in little Chinese takeout containers with a big red bow. But now I'm afraid the peppermint flavor will overtake all the other flavors. grr.

  13. Decorations are up and cards are in the mail. Still working through what I'll make to give away. Homade candy baskets have been my thing. My son is here for five weeks and I am basking in the joy of having him home. Merry, Merry Christmas!

  14. This makes me think . . . if bloggers meet in person maybe they should exchange addresses and Christmas cards.

    Yes! Now I'm dying to get your letter.


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